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WALKING THE GREEN MILE ...eating of gold cutlery

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    WALKING THE GREEN MILE ...eating of gold cutlery

    well certainly the one i,ve been waiting for ........

    quick run down on the whats now known as the "green mile" , humbled to have this space , its really a scratch on what some big guys in the states are doing ..... and i admire there grows all the time ,

    it was inspired by me to set this up , after seasons of seeing some plants destroyed by wild tropical weather .....there had to be a more satisfying way to grow ...... i thought it was going to be easy , when i fact its proven to be its own little unique learning curb greenhouse growing ,

    first season i grew , lots plants made seed for my outdoors grows and for greenhouse environments , second year was running the strains i thought to be a good option , which was last season that went into a massive amount of testing all sorts of strains and flowering times and what was possible and what was not , it really was the never ending season it turns out two harvests are more than possible of poly hybrids and then sativa hybrids and if your really keen a sativa harvest also ..... requires lots of dedication .

    seed was also made ......
    theres lots of info on the seed on another site , so i won,t go into that , it was briefly mentioned here , the madness collection which went into love child collection , and well a lot other strains i regard as special .

    anyway learning from all that information last season the first real hurdle was daylight hours being too short to run polyhybrids , so sup lighting has been added , hopefully it will be enough to stop strains pre flowering which did hold a lot size back last season ........ now the next hurdle was strains , i realised my love for all these strains didn,t mean they all produced , so taking a practical approach in all aspects ancient og has come up the better all round plant , taking into account light sensitivity all the way to growing break down and bag appeal ......its certainly not my nicest strain or the most potent ....but most practical not that its any sort of slouch in the smoke department .....that would be a deal breaker ...i wouldn't grow something just because it grew well , theres a acceptable level of quality needs to be met and i only ran a smaller group we are now talking AOG f2 being run .

    so anyway , they will fill the majority of pots ( large pots ) with others being filled with black lime #3 x dragons blood, black lime #3 x headbanger and headbanger x ancient og ...... some pretty spunky more boutique weed .....and couple banana Nigerians at this stage

    side pots will be later starts , i consider these my play pots , the handcuffs are off and get to run some gear that i,ve made and mostly tested in late season that i want a better look at semi proven strains we,ll say , then maybe couple wild cards ....... these pots are new and 100 gals ...... they weren't there last season , hence there been nominated as my experiments .

    so there you have ,
    bring you lunch dinner and something comfortable its going to be a long season ...... so put your fat pants on and undo the belt .....BUT most of all enjoy .same deal pics are invite only .

    who's says there no such things as pots of gold ....

    the new 100,s , will be planted late starts , germination will begin 1st dec ....running down both sides ,

    this years bench mark ...... as a growers will all know each time we strive to do better .....if everything can end up consistent to this , its win ....there was a lot hit miss last season due to strain selection , now its narrowed down the testing is done , lets see the results .
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    Nice beanz,
    The greenhouse is awesome. Sounds like you are going to do some wild things in there.


      I was wondering when this party was gonna get started!
      Pulling up front row to this one
      The Coughie House
      Breeding Escapades


        very nice.

        good observations from your experience, sounds like you are ready to apply the knowledge learned.

        i like how youve kept it symmetrical and clean of debris ect

        we need more growers like you out here in norcal, not enough passion around here lately.

        looking forward to following a great season

        give it up for the ganja farmer


          Subbed. I guess I need an invite to see pics? How do I get one of those.

          Will be interesting to see what you've been working on.

          Peace GG


            Subbed to this one too, hit me up beanz!
            Veni...Vidi...Velcro...I came, I saw, I stuck around...

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            The same thing happens when you are stupid.


              In on page one! This thread is gonna rule :-)
              Best wishes for a great season Beanz!
              Check out the Haze Hybrid action here:
              The Haze hybrid Thread
              My old oHaze grow:
              Everything x oBoy


                Certainly one to watch. I will keep an eye on this thread.

                all the best for the season Beanz.
                'It can all start from a seed'


                  Great to see summer starts at the other side of the world, while autumn is in full effect up here. I hope you will have a bountiful season and find lots of gems.


                    all the best Bro!
                    happy to grow


                      oh hells yes!! love it how your season starting as ours is ending... gives me something to think about besides shredding pow


                        About frigging time you started this thread......
                        Knock it outta the park bro.


                          The plants look so tiny in that huge pot and greenhouse but I know there will be no light hitting the floor when they get growing, going to to a good one to watch. happy to be along for the ride


                            firstly , thanks for the good vibes and the good lucks .......

                            lot you guys missed out on some stuff over winter and some seed making while its quiet and the plants are taking root lets have quick look .....

                            was a mild winter , but still dropped enough cold mornings to look for any stressy type plants to avoid , while laying down the pollen and selecting ....

                            everyone selects when they make seed right , lol well so they claim . you don,t see too many peoples give full disclosure though do you . i,m not breeder and i still like to select and i,d also like to do better ,

                            so i had two rooms built in winter and i plan to keep cuts from my grows and rare seed and make feminized seeds but mostly s1 seed for my grows . looking for more uniform grow is my target with seed i,ve made ......having strains unique to me i,ve selected .

                            some you know i did selection and made mullumbimby madness x thai 78 hybrids from f2 seed i had made ..... and also made haze x laos hybrids ...... tested seeds given to me from bushweed .....who had entrusted me to do them justice ..... some indica gear i made on the side also ..... my favourite probably being the blr#3 x headbanger .

                            anyhow some the plants that made it are in my 2017 album , they are small part of the gear i tested this winter ..... while my pots were getting some love and a re vamp .

                            anyway bit of history lesson for those who didn't know the go .

                            first thing on my list i,m looking for is" first to frost " thats my number one

                            quality and structure and smells

                            dont always like them too heavily stacked , i,m looking for air flow light penetration too

                            and you can bet your arse if they look like this in winter , with poor sunlight .....they will rock in grow season
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                              few testers from this season winter ,