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Cherry Lime v Cherry Magnum

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    Cherry Mags and Cherry Limes.

    Got some big ole fat leaves.
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    Double OG.


      So everything's vegging along.
      Starting to get some size.
      The Cherry Limes have some oldskool wide leaf
      Traits in there, one pheno looks archaic.

      Like a pureblood Kush like Bubba.
      The other phenos show more the normal hybrid look.

      Cherry Magnums are looking good too.
      Lighter green but also has chunky stems and traditional
      Indica hybrid look.

      Just starting to show preflowers.

      Male and female ratios to come.
      Double OG.


        got 50/50 males and females on he Cherry Magnums.
        These things reek. (in veg!)
        love the structure and Dieselly leafs.
        males are quiet hard to tell apart.
        make sure you give them time and dont throw away too soon.
        really looking forward to this one in flower.

        cherry limes, these have a great structure, from the black lime from the picx ive seen.
        Prob my fav structure as they have that big and strong indica hybrid look
        with nice dark green fat leafs, fat stems and most branches go for the canopy.
        already has a limey smell in veg.
        slight variation from tighter indica look, (almost like a bubba)
        tto more stretched out, which i prefer as they get better light penetration.

        everythings been repotted to 10L pots, clones from cherry lime no/1 rooted in 7 days flat.
        no/2 a couple days behind.

        they about 3ft tall and getting flowered very soon.
        Double OG.


          Hi there Mack, how are your cherries doing mate?


            yes im very curios, any pics?

            thanks bro
            give it up for the ganja farmer


              updates to come.
              they had to wait for space in the flower room.
              which is why no updates
              some have just gone in.
              love the structure on these cherry limes.

              got a male and female cherry magnum that look exactly alike.
              screaming f2 is the issue here.

              Did I mention the stink on the Cherry Magnums. The male reeks of funk.
              Double OG.


                Getting like a gdp smell from the cherry Mags.
                Dropped everything into flower now.
                Cherry limes about a week in.

                Both the male and female Cherry Magnums have the same GDP like aroma, the male is maybe slightly sharper nose.
                They will make a great match.

                Both strains cloned easy.
                Double OG.


                  cherry lime #2 needs good de leaf.
                  it has a proper kushy (Bubba) structure
                  so soon as stretch is done im gonna strip em back.
                  smells great.
                  mostly that cherry/GDP type sweet funk.
                  also showing some early purp colours.

                  cherry lime #1 Has more black lime structure with slightly fatter leafs.
                  better structure,
                  def has a lime smell in there.
                  will only need slight de leafing.

                  cherry lime #3, almost same as #1. slightly thinner leaf.

                  time will tell.
                  Double OG.


                    Hey Mack I just chopped 3 more cherry mag, yes they have that GDP aroma and the buds are all purpled out to the max. Good luck buddy
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                      Cool. The smell is great.
                      I was just smelling them.
                      Def some grapey funk going down.
                      Plus you can see flecks of purp already.
                      Post up some pics if ya like.
                      Double OG.


                        Here's some terrible dark pictures of
                        The Cherry Lime #1.
                        Lovely fluffy calx's stretching out to the light
                        I'll edit in some better pics later.
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                        Double OG.


                          Slightly better pic of the Cherry Lime #1.
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                          Double OG.


                            still watching mate , been trying to see one these cherry lime finished for about 12 mths . few guys I,ve passed them too to test


                              wont be long now Beanz mate'

                              The Cherry Limes really putting out some Chem funk
                              in mid flower, some real greasy phenos.

                              The Dad seems to give the stucture,
                              as most have the look of Black Lime Reserve.

                              Also Cherry Magnums looking good.
                              they really put the colours out.
                              They seem a bit quicker too.

                              The GDP type smell now has evolved into its own thing,
                              will be interesting to see how they finish
                              (and see what they actually smoke like)

                              really enjoying growing them.
                              Double OG.


                                they are black lime #3 x cherry chem male .

                                #3 is very lime chemdawg plant .