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    I got impatient waiting for my order and started some subcool Querkle beans I had. Then my Cherry Jet Fuel came in 2 weeks later.. haha so now I need to finish off my Querkle plants before I run the Cherry Jet Fuel. I have a small tent..
    but I have the beans and I am running them soon! Really looking forward to it. I will be sure to post up pics.
    I feel lucky to have them!
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      Sweet, I'm sure that Querkle will be dank in the meantime. Purple Urkel is my favorite.
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        Originally posted by TheRealHash View Post
        haha I got your help for that kash, Cherry Jet Fuel is a great name.

        Maybe I'll go with 'Grapes and Gas' for Urkel OG
        I gotta try both these,
        They on the bay you say?
        Double OG.


          some guava pie , chem4/tresdawg x cherry pie

          omg all my cherry pie crosses rock, anything crossed to cp comes out superb
          shawkmon enterprises™

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