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    I love "budlets"....great job Fumar...DD
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      Thanks doobieduck

      Geisha 6 has a wonderfull taste after a weeks cure and is well suited to smoke fresh.
      Five people have sampled it and all have described its flavour as very strong marmalade , pure and simple.
      No subtle flavours that are hard to describe and no fancy aftertaste , just straight burnt orange start to finish and for an hour after.

      Buds dry out to a very high density that almost require a grinder and resist damage well.
      High is stronger than expected from the mix of trichs and is very clean with a little body effect mainly depth perception .

      This plant alone makes the whole grow a sucess ignoreing the others , one of which is potentially even better.

      Geisha 3 reached the end at day 77.

      Very loose bud structure here and an average fruity smell make it the least impressive of the five but it has a very high trich coverage and flavour may well come out in glass.

      This was the only plant in the room which suffered from a leaf mould and see no obvious reason for this.


        Awesome grow Foomar!
        Did the 'budlet' density greatly vary from plant to plant? or were they all on the denser side?
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          Cheers blynx , large variation in density between the shorter and taller plants from fluffy sativa to almost needing a grinder.
          Lots of differences in detail and these are all distinct visually and in taste/odour/structure.

          Geisha 7 was taken down at 84 , possibly a few days late.

          The lower buds show the shape which is conical , trichome coverage is extensive above and esp below the leaflets and the plant is particularly sticky to the touch.

          Similar to the original C99 i grew out with a strong fruit smell with a hard edge to it , test smoke suggests the best of the bunch and very strong too.

          Though invisible from the outside the top cola contained some early budrot , an unfortunate problem with Cindy and other super sticky dense budders.

          The clone is being trained into an 8 cola shrub to avoid this second run , and with a little work and some ferts this should give a high yield of the highest quality.

          Thanks Grat3fulh3ad this just gets better and better.


            After smokeing them all after a decent cure with friends there are two stunning plants here.

            The one with the burnt orange taste retains it in glass and is a fine social smoke with a nice giggly high of fairly short duration , has a harder edge to it than the original C99 and a better plant in every way.

            Distinctive round buds and good colouring add to the experience and the unlit taste is extreme orange and an earthiness when lit which tastes better than it sounds.

            Good all round daytime smoke and the highest yielder not that it matters too much.

            The find for me is Geisha 7 which is a keeper by most standards and the best plant this year so far .
            One of the shorter pair of plants , it was vigorous in growth but the buds themselves did not look impressive and the odour came out right at the end and more in the cure.

            Buds are loose and open and crumble away clean from minimal stems , pale greenish tan in colour they look poor to the eye but with a lense the trichomes are small but extensive and nearly all are capitate.
            Freshly broken the smell is an exotic mixture and a pleasure in itself , very complex and large variation between individual buds means a slightly different smoke every time.
            The taste is hard to nail down but predominately fruit with hash and almost a diesel edge with a slightly cloying perfume if that makes any sense.
            The high here is much stronger and brings a conversation to a standstill very fast , mind drifts off and a warm relaxing body effect make it a good evening chill out smoke and it dulls muscle pain quite well.

            Will be growing these two for a long time and would recommend the cross 100%.
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              Cuttings taken in mid flower are normally slow but these have took two months nearly to give six cuts each.
              All the original plants died in early reveg for no obvious reason so glad i did not rely on it alone.

              Nice lush plants growing away fast now , males wer cut back after pollen collection and are still around and will be in flower at the right time this run.

              The flavour is really improveing with a longer cure in glass , if a taller plant seems bland at first the change within a month is astonishing.


                Wow Fumar...Nice work!

                I dunno how I missed this thread, I thought I had surfed through all the Geisha test grows...

                Either way those "budlets" look great, and they all look like winners to me! Glad you found some keepers...The tastes you describe are making my mouth water!

                Keep up the great work!!
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                  wow, if you dont mind me asking what did your friends think of them.but, very nice grow
                  :canabis: :joint:




                      That was fun reading and watching
                      Live Long and Prosper and Make someone smile.


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                          nice looking plant there Beta!

                          Going to be popping a few geisha seeds over the next few weeks. These results are great! can't wait to start sorting through phenos... thanks for sharing!
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                            Hi beta , looks like the high yielding top heavy expression from here , one of the best from this mix , half the girls from the second more restricted cross are like this , some very weak stemmed ones will finish with buds upside down unless well staked.

                            Fine looking plant , with the natural yellowing process it will be a stunner at the end , thanks for shareing , is it perfume or dieselish ?

                            No idea why your thread was axed , they were done with Head,s approval to fill an unexpectedly long gap between the testers and commercial release , some server fund cheap BINS and lots of freebies.

                            Despite haveing an ounce of my own F2,s i picked up two more original breeder packs from the recent release , haveing grown out pretty much every C99 cross around i reckon Heads original Geisha is one of the best lines available and has been a pleasure to work with , looking for the expressions i missed first time round that others have found , and a male with even more trichs.


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                                What is Geisha? Can we please get an updated description?

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