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    Day 14 of flower and starting to bud up.

    The nominal two phenos have turned into five as each plant has an apparently different set of characteristics.
    Sense of smell gone due to hay fever but am told the stems smell fruity , some more than others.

    Might as well have asked the cat.

    Three random plants in detail.

    Fan leaves look different on every plant.

    Some of these fans are a foot across.

    All in relatively small pots and not fed as yet , will have more space as other plants finish over the next few weeks.
    No signs of any hermies and have closely checked every plant.


      Day 23 0f flower and no more stretch.

      This one is representative of three taller more open structured plants which reached four feet in height.
      There is considerable variation in internode , leaf stem length and odour amongst them but are broadly similar and markedly different to the other group.
      Trichomes are building up on all newer leaf surfaces and the pistills are a pure white with the first now starting to wither.
      Odour is sickly sweet with something harsher in the background , a peculiar smell which i noticed on a certain plant in a MOD cross recently and that turned out nice.

      Starting to yellow and drop fan leaves and i estimate 60 days or less.

      Small pots , no feed and low light levels and still look happy.

      Cuts were taken well into flower but have rooted well if a little slower and the ritual hermi inspection of all plants following my SD fiasco have found nothing .

      This plant would be stunning in a greenhouse or conservatory and some clones are going outdoor this weekend on my best site.


        Looking good Foomar!
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          Thanks Grat3fulh3ad , despite some rougth treatment these have serious potential and an easy grow so far.

          The other two plants both finished at three feet and have a much tighter structure and wider bladed fan leaves on a shorter leaf stem.
          By comparison they are almost indica , with more trichome coverage on more of the plant than the first group.

          Odour is candy/perfume and the two plants are identical to sight and smell with no variation between them now.

          Plants have retained more fan leaves for longer and have always been a darker green than their sisters.


            The taller group are filling out well , visibly more bud every day now.
            This should end up as one huge cola three foot long with loads of lower buds adding weight and an easy trim.
            The structure should allow some airflow in late flower and mould should not be a problem , the original C99 was a budrot and mildew magnet for me.

            Even low down things are getting sticky.

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              Takeing cuts well into flower has worked well but will need a few weeks to move on.

              It has the one advantage of showing any hermie tendencies the plant might contain.
              Going from 12/12 to 20/24 whilst trying to root and reveg is a stress test that many fail but no problems so far.

              Clones did nothing for weeks then many roots came overnight , clonex was used on these but do not bother on vegging cuts.


                Looking good Foomar. I can't believe how wide those fans are, all mine are so skinny.
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                  Thanks blynx

                  Looked at yours and most others and you are right.
                  All of my five have very wide fans , even the ones with the most sativa bud leaf shape.

                  Mine are restricted in a small pot and running untopped with no feed yet in soil , relatively low light levels around 30 watts/foot or less under a sodium/halide mix.

                  Maybe the large fans are a response to one or several of these factors.


                    Good show Fumar...DD
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                      nice foomar very nice. Your going to do these ladies well. Typically viney look of the TW...

                      Also I have a gift I promised for you please contact me by PM when you can!
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                        Thanks doobieduck and Kinderfeld , they seem to thrive with little input.

                        Day 60 and they need a little longer than i thought.

                        These are the shorter pair and dropped their fans a while ago.

                        Surge of fresh growth at the top and will both finish bottom up.
                        Smell is standard C99 and very sticky.

                        This is one of the taller more open plants and is the likely keeper for me.
                        Smell is exotic sweet/perfume/over ripe and very complex , best trichome coverage and the best colouration as well.
                        This one gets hit with pollen from all three males on a clone just gone into flower.

                        All plants have been mostly side lit as a wall of green down one side of the room and have impressed me with their vigour with no nutes in a small pot.

                        They all stood a nasty dose of spidermites that would have trashed the original C99 and suffered no damage from tobacco fumigation used to remove them.

                        Flowering cuts grew away well with few losses and no hermies found to date on any plant or clone suggests it is a stable cross , had some on original C99 years ago.


                          Day 70 and the first plant is down at 20% amber.

                          Geisha 4 was quite open structured and sativa in form , finished at just under a metre.
                          Good trich coverage and fairly dense buds with a loose main cola which i prefer.

                          Upturned leaf margins on this one and many trichs on undersides.

                          Loose enougth to allow good air circulation and the inner sides of buds stay green and healthy.

                          Colas have been taken apart leaveing mostly inch long buds that are very alike with a distinctive odour of Burmese.
                          If you have grown some of MOD or Reefermans strains/crosses you will know what i mean but hard to describe.

                          Initial test smoke is complex and unstable and needs a bit of a cure but very promiseing.

                          The remaining four plants will all be down within day 80.


                            Nice job Foomar :-)


                              Day 72 and Geisha 6 has reached the end.

                              A good structure for avoiding mould , buds are rounded and heavy with a strong C99 smell of mixed fruit.
                              This one reached 750 mil and was the least vigorous plant from the start but has more bud than the first.

                              All plants have heavy trich coverage and dry sieve will bring out the individual flavours.


                                Managed to get some pics in sunlight and geisha 6 buds are very resinous and spherical in shape.
                                Budlets weigh 20 g each wet and feel very dense , pineapple odour present but faint uncured.

                                Two probable keepers now and the best is still to come .........