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Foomar,s Basic Geisha Grow

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    Looking good Foomar :-)


      Day 30 of veg and filling out well with no further stretch.
      By my standards they look very healthy and relatively undamaged despite minimal attention , soil based compost is so forgiveing of random waterings.

      To save chemical cosmetic damage i removed the mites and most eggs with a brush by hand and its a poor way to spend an hour but seems to have stopped them for now.

      All now at 6 - 7 nodes and very alike in form , any phenos present are too close to call.
      They all look pretty much like this one.

      Not decided wether to flower at nine nodes or when they naturally show sex but hope to let them flower in their natural shape first run.


        Day 37 of veg and most now at nine nodes.

        No obvious differences between them and they vary only in stem internode distance to the eye.
        Stems all smell strongly when rubbed and is a fruity skunk , better than most finished bud.

        No traumas after the original suicidal stretch and they look lush and healthy in sunlight , a few hours in the greenhouse has visibly helped.

        Satin matte leaf surface is distinctive in a very mixed veg room and suggests the alternative name " green velvet "

        Just potted them up into their final 3.5 litre deep pots , these are the commercial plant pots square at the top and round at the bottom.
        Have found by rootball autopsies these are the best compromise for my needs and the rooms have been redesigned around them.
        Standard square pots tend to split and flex too much when moved and these resist that damage.

        Starting to show signs of sex under current 18/6 lighting , males get moved to a chilly greenhouse once shown and will also be flowered out untopped.

        Removeing the mites with a brush has been surpriseingly effective and have seen no fresh damage or mites since.
        Would not rely on it for more than a light infestation on a few plants.


          Looking good foomar! You gonna make some seeds with your males?
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            You gonna make some seeds with your males?
            Few seem to grow out males and as it is a test grow thought it worthwhile if only to see what they look like.
            If the females are as good as hoped for will hit the best with selected or all pollen mixed and look for something interesting in the seeds.


              Day 39 and lots of sex going on.

              Two definate females and two more obvious males , looking to be a 50/50 split.
              Few show this early but need a 10x to find it.


                Looking good, glad to see you can sex them already :-) Mine should be showing soon now


                  Nice pix of the sex showing Fumar....great to hear you've got some girls...........DD
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                    Day 45 and will have to flower soon as space becomes available.

                    Every plant is running late due to the cold flower room and plants in the heated veg room have overtaken them causeing something of a log jam.

                    Three of each sex confirmed and two still stubornly refuseing to show under 18/6.
                    Will rely on takeing clones in flower which i seem to have dialed in , none have been topped yet and will be left.

                    Red is male , green female and these two are representative of the group as a whole , all at 10 - 11 nodes with minimal sideshoot growth on any.

                    They have a nice healthy look about them and are quite pale but not underfed at all.

                    Small footprint so far but that may change.
                    Doubt they will reach more than four feet high.


                      Looking Nice Foomar, How tall are they now? unless you are looking for a single large cola, I will say that they have topped nicely and bushed up when topped, I am interested to see what untopped does tho :-) I topped all mine starting early to get more side growth and I prefer smaller buds to huge ones, but thats just me :-) My humidity is always high so am afraid to get them to big, bud rot is a bitch :-)
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                        All went into flower after 48 days veg and are now at day five under a 600 sodium with some halide overspill and seem to be stretching a little , now between 20 and 30 inches .

                        See little point in huge colas as i usually dissect them to avoid mould and speed drying anyway so just for the interest this time really running untopped.
                        Also feel the smaller lower buds have the best taste and smell which makes up for any loss of potency and are my choice of smoke.

                        Next run gets topped/scrogged/ect but they can have six feet if they need it this time and more lights if required.

                        First up is a male and i cannot tell the three males apart in any detail so this is a random example , leaf is ten inches across.

                        The five females show more variation and fall into two types.

                        Type one , taller with more branching and very long preflower pistills and more sativa leaves and canopy.

                        Type two , shorter with minimal branching and short preflower pistills and denser canopy.

                        Males will have to go outside ASAP as am pulling flowers off them all now and would have naturally dropped pollen from day three of flower.
                        Will collect pollen in the way described in my thread in Wally Duck,s forum and the plants will hopefully finish outdoors as well.

                        Some similarities between the Geisha and the C99 x Blackberry and i am popping Verite,s Holy Grail to add to the clone confusion in the next few weeks.


                          again...great images of the test...grow... Foomar..DD
                          Please join me in my 2020 now 2021 Doobie's Still Kicking
                          ...a bunch of new girls 2021


                            excellent photos and details...
                            What do you have in mind for the pollen?
                            Do any of them smell distinctly yet?
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                              Nice photo work guy :-) plants are look fine


                                Thanks for the comments , wish i could photo them in sunlight and do them justice.

                                Of the males this one has a far stronger odour of sweet skunk with a hint of turpentine on stems and tips.

                                Slowest to reach nine nodes but all dropped first pollen together , the other two are broadly similar in structure but lack the pronounced odour of the first.

                                Grown out a number of males in the last four years and have pollen stored and used from several with some good results , love to grow out large numbers when i can .

                                Males have been decapitated to collect a couple of grammes and the stumps will go outside to finish naturally.

                                Used first pollen on a couple of lower buds on a Bogglegum and it is viable and set seed well.
                                The Bog clone needs a kick in the yield and a little stretch added and this male might do it without looseing the flavour , will know in three months.