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Testing new Strains

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    Testing new Strains

    Hello Everyone.
    I am starting the testing phase for STDxNYCD x SSHCDxAbusive
    and Yummy D x SSHCDxAbusive seeds.
    Please check in for weekly updates.

    I have a good friend who is going to take over the business end for me which will free me up to do all the upcoming testing.
    His nic is Melton Chomes and he should be showing up within the next day or so. Please make him feel at home.


    Hi Buck...Glad to see you back at it!...Melton Chomes ..Welcome to the Forum!!!
    Currently growing:

    Killer Chem
    Chem D IBL
    Dawg Jam 91
    ECSD x N.H
    ECSD x Chem D Bx 2
    Hey Dave!
    OG/Bubblegum x Sourbubble Bx4


      Yes VERY good news. What does the STD stand for? Abusive cut is some potent meds no doubt.
      Welcome Melton Chomes
      Looking for that awesome smoke from Hawaii I purchased from a surfer in 1991.No pun intended.Miss that weed.


        Hello Everyone.
        Thanks for stopping by.
        Uncle Melty has a few loose ends to tie up. He should be online this week.
        The STD stands for........well... if your ugly like me and your at the club at closing time and you manage to grab the bar fly and take her home.......well.....welcome to STDs...wait a minute!!!!! I'm confused......Your talking about the Strawberry Diesel.........NEVERMIND!!!!!

        let the testing begin..........
        The new StrawberryDieselxNYCD x SuperSilverHazeChemdogxAbusive seeds have germinated. They were soaked for 12 hours in regular unbalanced ph tap water and placed in rapid rooters which were pre-soaked 12 hours prior in regular tap water @300ppm with Ph balanced at 6.0.
        KLN was used at 1/4 strength with the rapid rooter pre-soak.

        I germinated 20 seeds for germ testing purposes and had 19-20 germinate within 36 hours.
        For the sake of space and upcoming testing I will be testing only 10 seeds of this strain.
        I will be running a simple hydro setup using a Ebb&Flo system during the veg and sexing stages and from there the ladies will be transplanted into GH WaterFarms for their flowering cycle.
        I have selected hydroton as my medium and they have been washed & cleaned and are pre-soaking in reg tap water @300ppm with the Ph set at 6.0. I let the hydroton presoak for 12 hours.

        Tomorrow I will start transplanting the babies into their 5" pots.

        More to come.
        Love to all.