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annaC Strain Guide and Bio.

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    annaC Strain Guide and Bio.

    annaC Seed Strain List.
    Updated 01-2012

    Mind Boggle. no longer available.
    The base strain is a commercial Columbian that came from my personal seed stock. I crossed a female columbian to a male G-13x Hash Plant. I took those seeds and picked a keeper Male and Female. From those seeds I crossed a chosen female to BOGs Lifesaver and back to itself again to stablize it. She will give you that old Columbian choke from expansion in the lungs.
    Flowering time is aprox 58-65 days.

    Somatooth # 1. no longer available.
    Comes from my columbian strain seed stock. I did not stabilize the strain, I only back bred the seeds one time. I took a chosen phenotype female and bred it to Breeder Steves Sweettooth # 3 (male). I took 1 female from those seeds and bred it again to Soma's Amnesia Haze(male). There are 4 pheno's out of Somatooth # 1 and all are very good for medicinal use. The idea is that a patient can mix and match the herbs to get the perfect medical relief. The Columbian genetics are the dominant gene and you get some of height from the Amnesia Haze.
    Flowering time is aprox 60-70+ days.

    Somatooth # 2.
    no longer available.
    ST 2 is a female somatooth # 1 Pheno 2 that was bred to itself (male and female from the same seed crop). A female was chosen and then crossed to a male Lavender and then back to itself again(male & Female) to stabilized it. The original ST2 has beautiful purple fanleaves that start to turn from green to purple during the second week of flowering. The original ST 2 seeds are long gone (original release was in 2001). A clone was taken from the original ST2 mother and the original pollen was used from storage to create the second version of the ST2 series. The purple is not as dominate from the mother clone but it is as leathel as it ever was. These beans are very limited and there are still a few packs laying around that I will release from time to time. If you get these seeds then you are one of the lucky few.
    Flowering time = 58-65 days.

    Uncle Bucks Funk (originaly named Somatooth # 3)
    A female was chosen from the ST2 2nd generation seed stock and was hand pollinated with pollen stored from the 1st ST2 generation.
    Flowering time = 58-65 days.

    Montels' Pride
    The base strain I used began with a Oaxacan landrace strain(mexican Sativa) that I have been growing since the late 80's. I took a female and crossed it to a male AK47. I stabilized it by breeding the seeds back to each other. I took those seeds and chose my best male & female from the grow and pollinated again. I repeated the process one more time to Soma's # 10 Lavender. From those seeds I picked a male and female and bred it to each other once more. It is one of the fastest growing sativa/indica that I have ever had the opportunity to work with.
    Flowering Time = 59-65+ days.

    The X-NYCD crosses.
    a simple cross using the above strains with a male NYCD.

    Mind Boggle x NYCD.discontinued.
    Phenotypes: 2 Buzz Effect: A Solid Stone but not a couchlock. Great for pain management for all that ails you. She will put you in the right place and make you forget about the troubles of the world.
    Flowering Time: 60-65 days.

    Montels' Pride x NYCD.discontinued.
    Phenotypes: 2 Buzz Effect: Energetic, Euphoric. Great for the thinking person. Take a hit and put in your best Rock-n-Roll CD. This one is for Musicians and Artist alike. This smoke will give you a different perspective of the world.
    Flowering Time:62-67 days.

    Somatooth 2 x NYCD.discontinued.
    Phenotypes: 2 Buzz Effect: It's a heady buzz that gives you a bright pathway to your own enlightenment.
    Flowering Time:57-62+ days.

    Mind Boggle F2 (female) x ECSD V3(male) Flowering Time:60-65+ days

    Biko Bx1.. :Flowering time 58-65 days.
    A Biko Female was chosen and bred back to stored pollen from the ECSD V3.

    Biko II.
    The Sativa pheno was taken from the original Biko strain and bred back to another Biko sativa male pheno.

    Mind Boggle F2
    F2 seeds were created from the original Mind Boggle strain.
    Flowering time is aprox 60-65 days

    LLB Texican.
    Mother is ECSD V3 and Father is Mind Boggle F2.
    Expect several internodes and nice tight thick nuggs. The medical value is a bit more on the sativa/up side.

    Texas Twister F1.

    A clone was taken from the Mind Boggle F2 that was used to create Biko. A Second test grow is showing up to 3 phenos on this strain.
    Mind Boggle F2(f) x Montels Pride(m) x Sour Bubble(m)
    Expect up to 3 phenos with the SB pheno being the slowest to flower. Flowering time-62-67+ day.

    The X-Biko crosses.
    a Biko male was used to cross some the original AS strains.

    Mind Boggle x Biko.
    Flowering time 60-70 days.

    Montels Pride x Biko.
    Flowering time 65-72 days.

    NYCD F2 x Biko.
    Flowering time 65-70 days.

    Somatooth 2 x Biko.
    Flowering time 58-65 days[/b]

    Limited releases.

    Montels Pride x ECSD V3.Flowering time 65-70+ days

    Boggy Haze x Mind Boggle F2. Flowering time 65-70+ days

    Biko x Mind Boggle f2. Flowering time 60-70 days.


    Burmese Kush F2 Freebies
    The company that originally released these seeds stated that they were 7.5-8 weeks flowering time. This is not the case. I had females still stretching at 11-12 and up to 15 weeks.
    I used a early flowering male in hopes of bringing the flowering time down.
    Expect 12-15 weeks minimum flowering time. It is recommended to go straight into the 12-12 flowering cycle with these monsters.

    Strawberry Diesel x NYCD image courtesy of IC Member SiR-GrOwS-aLoT.

    NYCD F2 Grapefruit Pheno x Alpha Diesel.
    Flowering Time:70-80+ days. Images courtesy of IC Member krizznapp

    StrawberryDieselxNYCD x Alpha Diesel. Flowering time-75-85 days.
    Images courtesy of IC Member SuperBudz.

    Yummy Ds Flowering time = 60-65+days.
    Yumbolt f2 x Alpha Diesel.

    ELE x Chemdog Bx2 limited release.

    Apophis (Freebies)
    ChemDog Bx2 (f)x ChemDog Bx2(m) x Alpha Diesel(m)
    Expect to see 2 or more phenos from this strain.
    the image below is the CD Bx2 mother pollinated with CDBx2 male and AD male.

    Updated 2012.
    Currently testing & scheduled for release in Late Summer 2012.
    SSHCD x Abusive Kush.
    LUI x SSHCD x Abusive Kush.
    LUI x Alpha Diesel f2= LUI D
    Alpha Diesel f2 x SSHCD x Abusive Kush.
    Alpha Diesel f3
    (for Server Funds)
    Strawberry Diesel x NYCD x Alpha Diesel f2 = Triesel II
    Please check out the albums for more pics.

    See ya soon!!!
    love to all.
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    looks like some killer hybrids to me AnnaC!
    Keep up the great work!
    Take care.....................CC
    ~Cannabis is the messenger but resin is the message~

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      i look fwd to trying some of your nycd crosses soon!


        lots of love for the med seeds Annac... thank you!!!

        Grow and be free...


        BubbleDust released



          Originally posted by Growdoc
          lots of love for the med seeds Annac... thank you!!!

          and a big thank you right back at ya GrowDoc


            Hi annaC, I've been growing your MindbogglexNYCD and Montel's Pride x NYCD for the past year, and they're some of the most popular and healing gals in the garden. Thank you for all your work, and many blessings on all your endeavors.

            a side cola from a recent MBxNYCD:

            Combat terrorism -- grow your own.


              Looking good Wildman. I hope your feeling well and getting some rest. Nice to see things are moving forward for you.
              Take care,


                Thank you amsterdame.
                it is nice to know that others are benefiting from the meds in the same way that I am. You are right....It is a healer just as much as it is a helper.

                Hello BG.
                it's good to see you.

                I am away from my desk for a few days so I will be keeping this one short.

                love to all.


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                    Originally posted by GR8shoeBaDizzle
                    hello annac, i always wanted to try some of your meds, i was wondering what would be your best strain for pain and Arthritis? I have been throu 2 knee sugerys on both knees and have a steel plate in my hand, and a very, i repeat very bad back. i got these injures from old sports injures, and a car crash(I was hit by a drunk driver and received a spinal injury) some days life is real hard. i do not, and can not take pill form meds and do not take shots with needles, this wonderful plant helps me throu most of my pain. i am trying to go to find the right mix , hopefully u have something that would be of some Beneficial for the symptoms that i have. this mindboggle? gotz me boggled? it sounds tasty and soooo stoney. would this be a good selection? and if so will it be on seedbay soon? what about this blinko? i grow in hydro using general hydroponics 3 part seires, i also use floralicious plus and kool bloom, thank you so much for your time, and for all the work that u put into making your beans for people that could afford them without Sacrificing Quality.

                    may 1 jay take away my pain
                    gr8ness from seed
                    hello GR8shoeBaDizzle.
                    I am sorry to hear about your medical problems. It is amazing how I hear story after story about someone getting hit by a drunk driver and it is usually their 2nd or 3rd offense. All the while we are getting thrown under the jail for a little plant.

                    The Biko is excellent for pain management and also the Mind Boggle F2s and any of the xNYCD cross strains are all great for muscle/bone pain. The MBF2s and a few of the x NYCD strains should be back in stock and listed on seedbay by next week. The biko is in stock now and I will re-stock biko and Biko II again this weekend.
                    I hope we can help ya out.
                    love & compassion to all.


                      thank you annac, i am gonna try and get the biko as well as the MBF2. ive been wanting to try that nycd. thank u.


                        i just bought the biko, and i would love to get that mbf2, any chance i coming up in a buy now form in the next couple of days or so? i would love to score that mbf2 for some reason. i like would fill out my order before my i sent out my money order. thank you for all your help.

                        " It is amazing how I hear story after story about someone getting hit by a drunk driver and it is usually their 2nd or 3rd offense. All the while we are getting thrown under the jail for a little plant. "

                        for real, the dude that hit me got no injurys 2 him, and was walking around after the accident, while i was lay'd out and k'd out. the dude got a way with a slap on the wrist, as for me been left in horrible pain for the last 2 years or so. i do not hate the guy who did this 2 me, the way i see it is that god put me in this accedint for a reason, it may have really messed me up, but it might of also saved me from something worse that could of happend 2 me later on in life.... gotta find sunshine somewhere right?

                        thank you very much.

                        the plan my seem a bit fuck'd, but it's the plan for a reason....
                        much love


                          I saw a post from Annac earlier that some MB F2's would be released sometime in the next few days, so keep an eye on Seedbay.

                          I'll tell you that the MB F2's are just gorgeous frost factories. They have more gooey goodness at 4 weeks than anything else in my garden. They smell lemony wonderful, too.


                            Biko is excellent for serious pain...a true frost factory from both it's parents...and as Ambre said it shows early signs of frost just like it's MB f2 mom....Now the MB's i've never tried but am growing 2 females now and they far exceed anything else for frost at their age...or a close tie with the Kodiak Gold..My sleeper strain this run....Buck you hit a homer here just on tric production..a must try IMHO....some pics while you wait....stay safe

                            some MB's

                            here it is at 30 days

                            and a Biko shot @30 days

                            ...stay safe and best of luck...
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                              wow thats some nice looking stuff man. thanks for all the info

                              " They say the early bird catches the worm, but it's the second mouse that gets the cheese... "

                              aint that the truth

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