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Fabvariousk's N.F.A. Organic Composting Fertilizer mix

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    Fabvariousk's N.F.A. Organic Composting Fertilizer mix

    Here is what I use and how I mix the organics I use to feed my plants.

    This is the Not Fucking Around Organic Composting Fertilizer mix!

    People have been known to say that using fresh animal shit will burn your plants. Nuts to that! You want shit in there at all stages of decomposition because then you will have all the organisms that break down that stuff and your mix will be alive!

    The important thing is blending it with stuff that isnt so hot and then putting it in the bottom of your finishing container that you transplant your vegging plants into. This is not to start seeds in.

    Here are the ingredients.

    Llama and cow shit! I have hippy neighbors with lots of animals....why should i pay for all my organics? I had such good luck with the horse manure this time I got more animal ass goodness!
    Llama poop is supposed to be awesome and not as hot as the cow poop. The cow is a pampered milking cow who is fed quality stuff that plants love not just tons of grass.

    I like to add layers of this stuff when i mix everything up.
    I also added a gallon bag of ash from my pellet stove with the azomite layers.

    I mixed about thirty pounds of various bagged organics into this potion in order to get a nice variety of stuff and cut down the heat of the cow manure.

    I had a few gallons of my previous mixture that i used as the start of the mix.


    I just do a layer at a time and mix it up as I go along.
    easy and inexpensive.

    2 or 3 scoops blended in the bottom of a five gallon bucket is all you need to finish your plants. I just water this mix and don't add to it.

    Hope you enjoyed this mini guide.
    Please feel free to ask any questions!




      This is my secondary compost fertilizer container full of the same ingredients of my main on but more cow and llama shit.
      It will cook a long time and I will add fan leaves periodically as well as other ingredients and then turn it up!

      Here is how I supplement it.

      Dried up horse shit balls that are essentially balls of alfalfa.

      This is a new organic product i found made from human shit by the good people at milwaukee sewerage!

      Gallon bag of ash from pellet stove from organic pellets.

      Mixed in and turned then left to cook until needed.


        I also supplemented my main fertilizer container I use currently with some nice bagged organics.

        I like to keep my main compost fertilizer about fifty/fifty bagged organics/fresh organics.

        This stuff smells like a zoo on the ocean!



          My secondary compost is eating fan leaves now at a good pace.

          Here is some mushroom compost and perlite in my mixing hole ready to do some transplants.

          I transplant from the five gallon buckets to these 7gallon containers and add a shallow layer of compost perlite and a cup of my fertilizer.

          I leave some buds on the bottom of the plant to regenerate and try to remove as much of the root mass from the bucket as possible.



            I put this back in the veg room and in a few weeks have a nice bush started.

            I like to start to seed plants in an airpot and then remove any males when they show sex. This allows you to use seeds and not waste space vegging a container that does not get flowered.