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SF S_a_H Affie x Vitality

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    SF S_a_H Affie x Vitality

    LT reader, FT poster

    Recently bought these from Gypsy off Seedbay, wondering about the Affie part of the cross. I've read all about Vitality on the forum but curious to know more about the Affie part.

    Waiting to run them until I learn more about them.

    Any helps would be grand.


    Pertinent info, albeit scarce:
    Auto Afghani x Vitality pictures Once again here trying to imitate something similar to DJ's early crosses by adding in some Afghani but by using the Auto Afghani ( Not a true Autoflower ) and was crossed to Mr. Alkaline's F1 Vitality. I am hoping not only to shorten that flowering time but add the Afghani to the mix. These are untested seeds and should put out a cross needing in the area of 8-9 weeks flower. The original Vitality (F1) was a hybrid of a select Kalimist F8 female and a Dutch Passion Flo male, also an F8!!!!

    Good luck with your grows. Pop those seeds sooner than later they are around ten tears old.


      Unless someone else made those seeds they are old as fuck.

      Originally posted by djzed;
      This has nothing to do with ‘owning a plant’, such a moot point. It does have to do with protecting the integrity of a brand, trademark, copyright, etc. Again, I have no problem with people playing with my work and finding unique and effective samples, or the sharing of those samples among friends and associates. I thoroughly hope that the medicine from said unique and effective samples is making its way to people in need of said medicine. That is the true reward in this field. I encourage such experimentation and appreciate posted results. But the marketing of borrowed genetics and reputation without permission, for a high profit, crosses a line. It saddens me that I even need to come here and point this out, again.