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    foe....tko?im confused on who that is...LOL..???

    finally got around to reHomeing those 2 im running..N.Hindu,as well as that pineapplekushXtahoeOG..had them in some little cups for a few...

    Now moved them into bigger pots with a kick ass soil mixed up...gonna top both of them i can snag a few clones from each one..gonna wanna keep it around if it turns out something up my alley smoke/mind right wise..

    As well our *buddy*..will be up my ass for a cut as well if he hears me say i like and gonna keep/run again...he likes those LAGRE yeilds..dont get me wrong..who doesnt..LOL...but if I AINT DIGGIN it...its over with on my end..

    Well ill b more prone to update as we move along with these that i have a little more room...(threw that tote of 20 GF into FLW)...that outta be quite a show..(threw some pics up on that florida thread they have going)..
    Well heres ya babies my friend...first up is the N.Hindu... ...

    Next is that pineAppleKushXtahoeOG.. ...

    I know they look a tad beat up and maybe lacking some N for food wise..but that new soil and home..outta perk them up in no time..thks again for all the help...have you talked with our buddy lately...havent really heard to much from him lately...he did shoot me a text last night...but i was already crashed out..just was wondering...have a good one buddy..


      2 of yas NEVER LETTIN ME DOWN ladies




        hey bradda Buckets naa actually I havn't...I sent him a txt as well so he could tell you about TKO...but no werd so far...
        man the Butters looks great down there...she seems to keep a more PurpIndica form for you where with my method and ways she expresses a bit more Hawaiian here,...
        on the seeds your running I'd say if you want to get the best run and first test expression then never let them sit root bound in small cups..
        To me thats 1 of the biggest no no's when feeling a seed born plant out..It just leads to more problems so for seed born unsexed plants I start in a small container to but I trans it to a 6"in pot soon after seedling stage so it has time and room to grow freely..
        Then about 3wks in their in need of another trans and I know this sounds like work but its about the Health of the Plants not a Work load..
        and from seed its a whole new plant so in order to see its Purest form its a must to keep it very well till at least sexed..
        after it outgrows the 6in pot I go to 3gal which is large enough to house it til its sexed...from there clones can be taken and handled however you like,..
        The other part to that is putting them into to large a pot before sexing can also cause higher Male ratios ala RCClarks canna botany..
        So the theory is not to small and not to big and not to fast..
        Plus the taproot also plays a role cause when a Tap bottoms out in a container, meaning it hits the bottom and is forced to turn on a angle it also forces Male ratios..
        but the N.Hindu is just a new variation on NL lines so just keep your mind open to it cause now a days its not like NLs stand out anymore compared to all the options out there now..
        Im flipping the Pineapples here soon so we'll see how those run to..
        I just got dome with those Urks n Bubbas and man the just on the edge of dry sift hash I pulled from the trim n larf is mad nice..
        Reeks of almost pure bubba funk and super terpy...
        but keep postin up on progress and lets hope we have a killer winter run!....keep rollin
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        -- AB-Normal Info Thread --


          N Hindu..

          pineapplekush X tahoeOG..

          I hear ya about the container,never really knew about starting off IN TO BIG of a container...always killer to learn something thats for sure...

          I had them in some little cups,but not for nothing super long (what would super long consist of anyways??),now there re Homed in 3 gallons with a killer soild mixed up for you were saying let them fill out the container there in, fresh soil/compost (as in cooked)..add that into a bigger container and then transplant them.....YEAH BABY...they likes that...seems to almost/like starts a *jump start*...shocks jumping into a chilly pool but not REALLY KNOWING how cold it is...AND BAM...its a eye opener...LOL


            I ended talking with him and what not....gave me the info on the TKO and what not....
            Well im gonna go back and see what the other 2 he threw me were...but i wanna pop one of each of those....and just journel them pics and what not....and hopefully find a killer one...

            If anything like those others...URKLE,BUTTERS,GF,.... ill be stoked...
            Im a weed snob,thats for sure...soooo its gotta be pretty tight for me to keep her hopeing theres gonna be something NICE in there somewheres...:


              can't wait to see the next stage of the arch purple line.

              Originally posted by FOE20 View Post
              indeed should talk at TKO as he has that SPGxHaze pretty dialed in organic soil back in the day...she can put out like mad and was very SPG dom..

              I'm prepping our next set of hybrids and another crossing of the Arch Purple line...The Arch Purple is a mix of 2 of the best Purple lines Ive ever known..the Purple Urkle and Purple Indica...both have very unique and different smell/effect profiles and yet always carry purple flowers with it..
              Also been isolating a Pineapple dom phenom out of the PineappleTahoeKush hybrid...and these plants smell fantastic..
              then lastly the Taskenti's are doing great and they will be run thru and tested but till then we'll hope for some great buds..
              I only have a female of each the PineappleTahoe and Taskenti and the rest are Males so until the females prove themselves to be effective were just giving them a run...
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                Here we go...descisions descisions...


                  thnx bradda Luks!....hope I get some nice things to come of those...

                  sounds good bucketbro...snob works for me to...I love variety but Im a snob also when it comes to my herb...
                  out of those beans I'd try the Master/Raskal and MOre...or a cpl more Pineapples

                  Heres some Mishku(Maz), a lil beat up Butters and some Urkel..

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                  -- AB-Normal Info Thread --


                    I cant do any more pineapples....our BUDDY only gave me like 2 seeds...LOL
                    So thats why i have the one going to see if shes gonna be a keeper in the rotation or not.....i wish i could of busted like 4 or 5...but that just wasnt the case...LOL


                      Well got 3 yesterday from our buddy...gotta go back and chk
                      But ones a pale ale/hash plant...ones a pale ale/kush...
                      And theres another one,but gotta go and chk which one it was..
                      There super beat up thou, guess he did his classic super quick half ass transplant,then he gives them to think theh will bounce back..??


                        thk you!!!
                        That GF...tiny little sample piece...hmmmmmm


                          Wud up with the flip flop? Lol... adds dankness...?



                            Totally ...thats the new cureing wise...LOL
                            Little squirts flip flop right there...wouldnt focus on the carpet???. Weird???,...LOL


                              Well got those names...lets hope they pull thru...
                              OgKush X tres sis
                              Pale ale kush
                              Pale ale hash plant...
                              Do these sound correct...???


                                Bro these northern hindus r poppin off.... sweet work here... the odours r insane.... fuckin a.... the shorty is gonna fitt in perfect for my enviro.... ahh they all work cause of the short stature... just loving the dense stacking of the shorty..... lovely work foe!

                                Little overwater and just started maxibloom.... ph issues... lol

                                My shorty

                                One of the other taller.... shes a prayin to shiva....