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    Many thanks for the kind words , try to keep it interesting in a thread thats gone a long time , these genetics are a pleasure in every way and have been very stable even when abused.

    Two F1,s cannot be turned by stress , and are candidates for silver when i give that a whirl , half the space is MBS or crosses and i would not do that if they were less than excellent.

    tried some mbs x waf (afghan from aussie return soldier)
    Made a small batch of MBS(original) x MIS afghan freebies , useing a very odd chemical reeking male , the five i have grown were all males but uniform and strong smelling , huge fans and very bushy , will pop a dozen this weekend and squeeze them in somehow.

    British troops seem to have no worries bringing back seed from active service , hopeing for local genetics untainted by commercial seed from Pakistan , which i think the MIS was.

    Wild plants from uncultivated areas could have a better chance of being older

    Have two selections from this source to run outdoors next year , both have GPS location of the plant they were collected from and date , very indica hash strains but could be interesting to cross out , hopeless in an indoor room as is.


      Hi Foomar m8, i love the work you have done, and hope you continue as i believe you have the gift m8, thank you again for all you have done with the mbs1 line, i love all your descriptions and pics.
      Anyways m8 again a huge thank you from over here for all your work
      Much respect always
      spreading the word of truth like champs


        Thanks Moon , still popping a few F2,s at every opportunity to fill in gaps , eight just gone into flower , still finding individual expressions of interest and more potential keepers than most produce.

        A single trial MBS F1 clone survived and finished outdoors midlands UK first week october after a poor summer and being eaten by assorted animals , medium yield of high grade for outdoor , will displace a couple of local clones for sure.


          hi foomar
          congrats for your grows and beautiful pics etc .. sincerly .
          i'm growing mbs and z99 at the moment and i have to say i have pretty much the same feelings than yours with those strain .
          i v'e found some "cheesy socks and mildew" and "rooting fruit" plants in mine .
          and as you know i received my antipodes few weeks ago.
          i will post my grow report of the mbs and z99 soon . i've not tested the smoke at the moment but it's really promising ,interesting and smelly
          and thank you wally to gave me the opportunity to grow those amazing strain and moon for his work.
          thank you moose for the rainbow X too

          it's not because the weed is bad that the strain is bad. grow and processed it yourself to be price personal experience


            This F2 has an odd odour , almost pheromone in effect it atracts and repels at the same time , enougth variation here to keep turning up goodies.

            Hard to tell some of these from the Antipodes cross by sight , some overlap of indistinguishable expressions when smoked , still no signs of intersex in the originals , F2,s or several outcrosses , in a harsh room designed to weed out the crap by stress.


              Thanks Manivelle , could grow the F2,s out for years without getting bored with this one.

              This is as colourfull as this girl will go in a cold room after five days in the dark over xmas , shiny leaves but no genetic colour here from dark trait parents , has a near diesel smell with rotting fabric , tall sativa leaning 70 days or so in a better room with heat.

              The particularly desirable pseudo diesel odour/flavour seems to only be strongly expressed in green plants to date , a dark one may turn up if not mutually exclusive as not all the punnet predictions seem to exist.


                This is looking to be the highest yielder so far looking at the fat top bud , staying green to the end , the green ones dont look as cute but are a better bet for straight yield.

                The left bud was in full shade and almost done , the right one in direct sodium , quite a difference in pistills.


                  Took the top a week ago and the lower plant has done all it can in the cold , interesting flavour on a fast dried sample , kept as clone for now , see how she takes a reveg.

                  Same expression as one of the original F1 , but looks to be significantly faster with a more pronounced flavour , will run them side by side soon to confirm.

                  Touch of cold colour , heavy solvent/medicinal smell.


                    This is a little different to anything found so far , looser bud structure and the only one to have a hint of pineapple amongst the fuel.

                    Not the most colourfull but a probable keeper , natural branching and a good yielder too.


                      Another slight oddity , many smooth edged leaves throughout flower , waxy top surface and more trichs underneath than on top.

                      Smells faintly like MEK or similar solvent.


                        nice one foomar they look great
                        Squiggles Pics

                        Organic Fanatics - Australia (SilverSurfer OG's work in progress)

                        The Sacred Ghee

                        Sweet Tooth Society



                          Thanks Squiggles , still finding an interesting variety in every ten started , this is the fattest one so far , lower node five bud in a 50 cal case for scale.

                          Could use another week in the greenhouse but the weather has turned cold and gloomy with potential budrot issues , a few catterpillers on them so not risking bringing them indoors to finish this time after last years hitchikers ran wild .


                            Looking great as always foomar m8
                            Much respect
                            spreading the word of truth like champs



                              Some lovely looking photos there foomar. I have 2 MBS on the go atm. One looking very Indica and the other very Sativa looking in it's leaf structure and overall growth. I haven't ever smoked much of this strain and when I did get to try it, it was way over ripe. Not my doing hehe. Can you or anybody tell me what to expect from the two different variations I have in terms of what the finished cured bud will be like in the effect of their highs looking so different from each other. Peace