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    Looking better by the day , this one is starting to show a little colour and a real hint of diesel when fondled.

    Dark cycle temps will be in the low 50,s or worse by the finish , i keep the roots warm so this should be a real beauty at the end.

    Missed a watering and these and others were in total collapse , the MBS recovered with a loss of fans but are otherwise fine , another cross has gone fullblown intersex from this stress.

    This less branching one is more mouldy socks and decay , in a good way.

    Lower buds are stable in the gloom , quite low light levels as tightly packed in a huge tangled scrog of sorts.


      Nice pictures foomar , im surprised at the rate they are chunking up , looking really good ..


        Hi foomar m8, looking great. Looks like you have a sativa z99 phenotype and an intermiediate affie type( the mouldy gym socks is a good description of it), but it smokes and taste lovely and not of mouldy gym socks. We have seen some late nanna's, but no other intersex reguardless of stress, and the late nannas did no damage and where very managable.
        From here on out is where they will really distinquish themselves, packing on weight and trics.
        much respect
        spreading the word of truth like champs


          Thanks for the comments , these really are gaining bulk at a faster rate than usual for their type , one is going to be very dark soon as leaf margins blacken.

          Two variations side by side.

          Love the look and structure of this one.

          This one looks pretty good too , will probably not show colour but possibly the keeper.

          Good trichome coverage in low nutes regime , equivalent to average UK soil outdoors , would take a lot more K if desired , prefer a less forced product myself and yield is not important.

          Follow up clones going into properly fed soil and an ebb and flow later , reckon both will yield very heavy if pushed .


            Looking very nice foomar...
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              Thanks Benji , six other similar C99x alongside are not performing as well as this one.
              Considering i topped it a week into flower , yield will be good with tight hard buds.

              The large top clone following on will be vegged well and trained for yield in a twenty litre pot , these are in only two litres to run the numbers in a repeatable way.

              Smells more dieselly than a chemSD at the same stage.


                MBS day 70

                Looking good there foomar. My MBS is 1 of the intermediate pheno's leaning to the ZC side, hence the colour without cold. Currently at day 70.

                More pics in my album.


                  cool colors


                    well i just choked on drool for the last few minutes lol


                      hey foomar ,, i think with a good veg like you say she should yeild very well , your s indoors is very similar to how it peformed for me outdoors so far ,, pic included ..

                      very nice hippy , excellent pics and bud ...


                        Looking lovely foomar m8, i look forward to seeing how they finish for you and your thoughts on the smoke and effect.
                        Lovely pics hippy(especialy love the mummified fly one lol), great to see you around also m8
                        and as usual, lovely outdoor shots there don, you are getting better and better with that cam m8 , i love the contrast of the focused plant color, and the red dirt non focused background, awesome photography all round by everyone, i really need to get a new cam and lift my photo skills to keep up with yall lol
                        loven it
                        much respect
                        spreading the word of truth like champs


                          Thanks for the positive comments , this is a stunning plant and stands out in a room full selected for their visual appeal as much as potency.
                          On past experience with C99x i have halved the yield by topping too late , still a good return for space consumed and she will train very well , sparse fans and branching structure help.

                          Very dark leaves low down and a seriously strong odour in the gloom.


                            The other girl has an odour of cheesy socks and mildew , its actually quite nice.

                            Same heavy trich coverage on minimal nutes , plants are not fussy or sensitive in any way unlike many of the cutest ones.


                              Very nice looking strain there this MBS, glad i finally found the forum post about it, saw hippy's on YT as a seedling and couldn't wait to hear how this strain smokes out once its done. keep it up guys.
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                              250w Mini Scrog completed.
                              250w Tallboy Dresser. Fail Males.
                              250w double wardrobe.


                                Nice colours on both now and the smell is strong and distinctive amongst mostly C99x.

                                Ancient computer finally expired , these pics were just cropped on a glorified PDA with a tiny screen so might not look too good , the plants are quite stunning.