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    Thanks moon , there are plenty of distinct flavour combinations here on the two basic structures , some seem unique to this line and are not present in other C99x , haveing grown out most of them.

    Two from forty could pass for DC , no real stretch , one like hash and one very fruity , not found in the original.

    Two have a strong strawberry smell , barely carries into lit flavour but an unexpected terpene , tempted to self this one if i can get over my instinctive distrust of it.

    This male is representative , 3x stretch with big fans all the way up , this chap stood a serious frost and general winter greenhouse abuse.

    The line seems very strong , this girl has had a hard life , dumped in a cold greenhouse in early flower , random light hours around 10/14 , finishing stable with some nice cold colour.

    Glad i kept the MBS trim seperate , lovely fruity stuff even with a coarse screening like this.


      This is a particularly interesting F2 male , compact at a metre and fifteen nodes , dropping pollen at 30 days flower , preferred structure and a rich medicinal stem odour , has to be tried.


        Nice fat producing male from the looks of it.


          Hello foomar,

          Wanted to say great work on your MBS and crosses... I am very interested to hear more of your thoughts on this male...
          View Imagewhen you have the time...I'm curious as to how many have you seen with that leaf trait?? Every plant Iv got has that same leaf. Especialy the male...thank you and keep up the good work


            Hi GanjaRebel , always difficult to form any valid opinion as to a males worth , but this one has the look.

            Flower placement and density would be good for a girl , no stem clusters to cause mould , long fan stems help airflow , deep odour and a showering of capitate trichomes , all would be positive traits if passed on.

            Thanks Greyybeard , these are proveing wonderfull material to work with and have found some real keepers here.

            All the MBS and female outcrosses seem to need a little more Mg than usual for their type , a dose or two of epsom salts avoids premature inter vein yellowing , calmag or similar would achieve the same result , yield is not effected and it makes for some nice late colours.

            There are at least five identifiable leaf traits in the line , the single blade here seems unique to males so far , and would allow early sexing if true.

            That male had been in an unheated greenhouse and had been airfrosted at least three times , in a litre pot it survived to produce pollen but shows nitrogen and magnesium defficiencies from low temps and poor light.

            The girls indoors are a healthy green , and benefit from a shot of Mg.



              What an amazing thread ! Such a nice variety !


                looking amazing as always foomar, if u dont mind me asking i was going to ask wat size screen u use for the sift mate?


                  Thanks Hippy , glad you found it of interest , if you like C99 type things then MBS should be on your list.

                  Hi ijdc , have around thirty industrial sieves made by Endecotts for soil and particle analysis , used in various combinations on a powered shaker.

                  That batch was one pass through a 250 micron lazer cut stainless , the round holes give a relatively pure product compared to normal mesh , enougth leaf material goes through to give a strong flavour , about 50% trichomes by volume and will just turn into squidgy black if worked by hand.

                  Find it a good compromise , and a vastly better smoke than the over refined tasteless products some brag about.


                    This compact F2 male has very red fan stems and a smell of creosote , first plant with this distinct heavy odour.


                      Originally posted by Nebu View Post
                      lol! My PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      View Image

                      View Image

                      I can see why!

                      Long time no see brother Nebu, been since the days of OG/CW since we last spoke! Good to know your still working your magic!

                      By the way to this day Jackie-O is one of my all time favorites , hurts talking about her cause i lost the cut katsu had sourced from one the original seed listings of JO!

                      Never got to show you the pics of the Budzookas, they didnt yeild much but they had a crystal coverage that was unreal!!!

                      OverGrow & CannabisWorld refugee
                      aka O.G.(OutdoorGrower)

                      Oh BullRider, P91, CatPiss and HogsBreath, where art thou?


                        Has been a pleasure checking out your grow foomar - thanks for sharing. The MBS's look and sound brilliant as do your crosses. As well as enjoying the budporn theres always lots to learn from journals like this so thanks again.


                          Thyanks craw , these are good genetics that have done well under poor conditions , every plant i document is in two litres of soil and none have an easy life , these stood out as many failed.

                          Sowing a few F2,s every week to fill in gaps , not a poor plant yet and some stunners , this is pure grapefruit Diesel in taste and a fast sub 50 days soggers dream , flowered in a greenhouse with light hours controlled , three crops a year possible this way and should have done it decades ago.


                            Fantastic thread, info,presentation, and most importantly plants.Best hour I've spent in a while..Much thanks.
                            Looking for that awesome smoke from Hawaii I purchased from a surfer in 1991.No pun intended.Miss that weed.


                              Hi Foomar, been taking a back seat for a while, but still here admiring your great work.


                                Originally posted by luvaduck View Post
                                Hi Foomar, been taking a back seat for a while, but still here admiring your great work.
                                same here mr duck,
                                always checking any updates,
                                one of the ritual threads to check ,, hehe,

                                blessed to have mr foomars skillful photography and excellent descriptive posts in our forum ,
                                thanks man , and glad to see you still enjoying that erb and its progeny...
                                ps, tried some mbs x waf (afghan from aussie return soldier) the last few days ,,
                                darn delicious erb , and a jolly fat nugget of a thing,
                                bit sleepy for me ,
                                but for an indica dominant ,, i quite enjoyed it ,
                                something potently sweet about it ..
                                ill have to get a shot of it before i toke it all , ,hehe ...