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    With this number of metre high untopped plants under a 600 , this should be a sea of despair.
    If you create a box of green with stageing you can grow acceptable plants with half the light levels reccommended.

    The odd really tall one that goes past the reflector seems little bothered , strangely the trichomes are just as dense being underlit with reflected light.

    This top of this tall green MBS dominant girl barely saw a direct photon but is potent stuff , indistinguishable from the original MBS mother apart from the alarming stretch in veg.

    Other crosses with Wally,s plant have thrown very few individuals that show no Blackberry traits at all , the MBS male is far more dominant than a Geisha previously worked in this respect.


      But these two definately show some Blackberry pastel colours , though a blind grower would probably choose different expressions , they are more than eye candy.

      Potency is around half that of the Chem D x Casey running alongside , the original MBS are generally stronger than the Antipodes , which means i can smoke more of it

      This one is a real cutie , has the asymetric fan structure to the top from seed , another grapefruit smelling one in mid flower , seems common across expressions.

      Picking up some gold .

      And should end up looking like the C99 x Blackberry mother from years back in the thread that started the purple madness ......


        hey foomar, i wonder if i can bother you with a couple of pics on wednesday.... im nearing the time of my own project and as soon as im sure of male/female which appears to be two of each, im going to need your expert eyes to tell me the best female for my project. i can post the girls here or pm you.


          Hi jonny , would take moonunits or Donalds opinion on that if you have to choose just one.
          In reality its such a small additional effort to use both males seperately on both girls and label everything that i would suggest this option.

          Cant tell any real difference between males in my simple MBS incross , but run enougth and you probably will , all other well worked crosses have .

          This was emerald green a week ago and picking up normal cold colours fast.

          This is looking good , very like the mother without the bitch to trim structure.


            Two really cold nights and one has gone so dark i did not recognise it at first , still actively growing thanks to the relatively warm roots in a redesigned room.

            Mouldy fruit smell is alarming , close to the feared budrot odour and caused a minor panic.

            This one has a different expression of the colour traits , has gained a pronounced sugar leaf upcurl and a lot of trichs along with the important stem structure.


              Should be an easy one to trim , lose the fans and a light trim , will dry the main cola intact as it might look quite nice , 65 - 75 days guess in normal temps , running slow in the cold .


                This one looked to be just normal cold induced colour at first , lower buds showing a little genetic too.


                  that last girls a stunner foomar ,
                  leaf colouring looks almost black ?


                    looks bloody fantastic!..HH. =]-~
                    ....yea i think i'll have the fresh marijuana salad.



                      Thanks for putting up with a torrent of pictures and a thread which wandered off a bit.

                      The backdrop is satin black , leaves are now charcoal grey , a couple of the BG cross finished almost black with a metallic sheen but dont think this one will go that far.

                      Once they progress to dark , the growth rate slows , buds fill out and they finish fast.

                      Generally , the more colour the less yield , a few so far have both desirable traits.


                        Quite a spread of colour , all cute in their own way , odour very MBS with some odd fast changeing transient smells.

                        If the darkest leaves are crunched from the one on the right , there is a strong and unmistakeable whiff of cyanide , the taste is same as laurel leaves which were used to kill butterflys by collectors in jars.

                        Which possibly explains the limited damage such plants receive from mites and aphids , possibly toxic or inhibits feeding or egg laying cycle.


                          no apologies necessary on the torrent of pics ,
                          im sure i speak for everyone viewing ,
                          keep them up man ,
                          i look foward to every update here ,
                          and thank you for the torrent of lovely images and wordage to go with ..


                            yeah have to agree with the Don on that foomar, bring them on pics!! how are those casey mbs crosses going aswell mate. i love the amount of frost, colour & bud formation on this photo - middle plant looks like it has the great mix of both would be a excellent sog strain.. just keep staring at it....


                              Thanks Donald and ijdc , best looking plants in the room right now and nothing much comeing for a while after.

                              Should be some decent macros and bud shots , mrs foomar wants then for flower arrangements , constant battle in a shared room as she keeps stealing the coloured fan leaves before their time.

                              So many girls i want to cross with this MBS male , that it makes sense and its easier to do an open seed run for once , should add a kick to some local C99 based local stuff.

                              They look small but they are in 1.80 litres of soil and packed too close to really show the structure , they range from quite spreading and branchy with decent internode to bud on a stick , this level of stress weeds out many , all the MBS and F2,s have been solid.

                              Yield on the MBS and F2,s ranges from 18 - 30 grammes per plant under minimal conditions , this equates to average - high compared to all plants identically grown since 2002.

                              The MBS F2,s are from four seperate seed lots , all the really dark girls are from MBS (green) x MBS male (green) and not the obvious one.

                              Some of the Antipodes cross have an alarming pistill trait , where new ones in small clumps are yellow in colour at first and look like male structures to the naked eye , none have developed and it is purely a colour effect.

                              Will start a seperate thread for any other outcrosses to keep this one vaguely on topic.


                                These two MBS F2,s are defiantly green to the bitter end in a room that actually had frost on the reflector at lights on.

                                Reckon the last mites died of the cold , they certainly outlived the feeble predators that gave up a month ago.

                                This Antipodes looks different every day , a reasonable excuse for frequent pics , an old Asahi Pentax lense is reasonably sharp and a good colour match with minimal software adjustment , pastel shades are spot on.