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    Hi Donald , have seen vastly better , crisper pics than these that show red veins running through the stem of blackberry genetics.

    The ones that go black from cold alone do not show this trait , the genetic ones have red trichomes and a burnt rubber aftertaste , i assume blackberry dominant.

    Holds true for the rare male true black ones whose sparse trichomes are also red , along with the pollen.

    Thats immature pollen squeezed out , a spider mite fills a large screen at this resolution and was takeing pics of all kinds of tiny stuff to try and scale them , higher power with a digital than on the old film setup and a relearning curve.


      The nicest coloured plants tend to hog the lense , but this original MBS has the higher yield and would be the logical keeper if had to choose just one.

      Fast veg and a high yield for space , sogtastic stuff.

      Just potted up another five MBS F2,s , they are remarkably uniform and yet to find a freak , every one so far has had a slightly different flavour and odour , just down to personal choice.

      Took a ounce of MBS to the new year smokeout , went down well with serious and casual tokers , really got the party started , giant bonghits eventually caused a fair bodycount , looks like really cute alcopops but has a hell of a hit behind it.

      This replaces the existing C99 clone from end of january on the local list , via the OBN or TOG , would be nice to see some pics for once.

      Another antipodes shows colour , far more than predicted which shows how hopeless a small sample often is , red leaf stems do not unfortunately guarantee a dark expression , this has the grapefruit smell again , very welcome if a little unexpected.

      Massive mainstem construction is overkill for expected height , thin weak stems is the worst downside of the mother , no stakeing required here , that MBS male is proveing usefull.


        Smells like a mouldy laundry basket , all new growth should be dark from now on , suprised how much this trait carries crossed out.

        Looks to be a greater number of genetic darks here than predicted , far more than in the (C99x Blackberry) x Geisha cross and more compact plants on average.

        No plant from that extensive test had any grapefruit odour , several of these do , dark and green.


          Even the greenest pick up a little colour when air temps go below 40 , not bothered as long as the root zone stays warm , heat from veg box underneath does the job.


            Prefer to run them untopped first time whenever possible , most antipodes are a metre in a two litre pot , high yield within this limitation and overcrowding.

            This is the best looking one so far , Blackberry genetic colours , MBS terpenes and a mixed structure and bud form , pretty much what i hoped for and looks to be a decent number in the mix.

            Two like this , one has MBS pattern fan leaves , one has C99 , if its like the geisha cross its mix and match on several minor traits , four main expressions.


              Just stripped and cleaned an antique large format picture lense from a wooden bodied glass plate camera built in 1905 , held on with hot melt glue to a long suffering canon , would love to know the last picture it took in sepia before this Antipodes , not been used since 1914.

              In excellent condition once the fungus was removed , glass is slightly opaque which is common at this age , slightly fuzzy image is still comparable to the kit lense.

              Original MBS on the edge of selective harvest , mosly milky with a scattering of dark , sweet taste at this stage , more medicinal the later within 55 - 65.


                hey foomar ,,
                antique lenses hey;
                man thats almost a 100 yr rest between pix ,
                very cool mr foomar , and looks like she still takes a good shot ,
                thats the first pic ???
                always something interesting in your posts , thanks for sharing the lense ..


                  Turn your problems into new solutions.

                  Here we go again (MIS, Kritical Kush,Motavation,Suicide Cheese, OG Pest, Blues and many others)

                  Adventure in Morocco

                  Wizards of Oz Testers MBS&Z99

                  Ganesh Deep Strawberry Diesel

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                    You can probably guess one of my other interests is restoreing old equipment and getting it doing something usefull again , optical kit is fascinateing as the basics are unchanged by progress.

                    This one was more to prove a point , this huge prime lense was hand polished and would have cost more than its high end equivalent today , a few pounds from a boot fair was a bargain.


                      Foo I'm lurking along here as I have some of these started. Might I say you've done an excelent job so far with them and the presentation, images here. Good job on giving that old lense another chance at capturing light. DD
                      Please join me in my 2020 now 2021 Doobie's Still Kicking
                      ...a bunch of new girls 2021


                        Thanks Doobie , was a keen photographer many years ago and still getting back into it , feel more at home with old glass and full manual cameras , slowly getting better.

                        Just ordered the chemicals to make glass plate images , cant be any worse than the colour developeing i used to do.

                        Have rediscovered pinhole cameras , incredibly sharp image if you get it right , next stop woodcut of the month !


                          This one has the colour and a tight internode , low dark temps dont bother them much , some crosses are struggling to finish properly but these look pretty lush still.


                            These two look similar but quite different in the finer detail , one is particularly well triched even down in the gloom where the devil makes hermies , thought it was PM for a second and nearly wept.

                            There are enougth grapefruit smelling plants to be a common expression , and throws my predictions out the window , no intersex found on any so worth sending some in.

                            Both node five sideshoots , quite different at 40 days in.


                              i would definately try those in a heartbeat!


                                Hi jonny , the MBS male is crossing out really well , worth hitting some clones if you get one in your test grow , anyone who just grows these out is missing a lot , my simple incross has yet to produce a plant thats less than very good and turning up some tasty variants.

                                These two Antipodes reached four feet and fifteen nodes , tight packed and untopped , very few are much shorter and none taller , in two litres and no feed.

                                Will not finish outdoors in time locally , look like they would thrive under glass , good fan stem structure for shedding water and no pest insects feed much off the darker leaves , guess the tart taste is bad to them.

                                Late flower cloneing is very reliable with this cross and the MBS parental line , handy if you miss the normal window , not lost an MBS yet includeing chop day clones.

                                This one is a heady mix of grapefruit and mouldy socks , not sure if its nice or nasty.