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    Lovely stuff foomar m8. We found a very very pineapple mbs1 f1 aswell, looked similar to the f2 you found. If so you will love the taste, the pineapple carries over very well into the taste with undertones of the dirty sock affie. I still have cuts of the pineapple mbs1 f1 and have a few beans of it backcrossed to the z99 f2(1) male, i reckon the progeny will be very interesting so i think any work you do with the f2 you found could be really really nice. Not sure how true the pineapple trait will breed in the first outcross but if it isnt evident in the f1 of the first outcross then it will definately pop up in the f2 of the first outcross.
    Again lovely stuff m8, love the work you have done and are doing
    Much respect
    spreading the word of truth like champs


      Hi jdc , would the bbc be big budahs cheese by any chance , going to do exodus x MBS as a one off next male run , could be interesting.

      Donald , very penetrateing and pervasive odour on many of these , some cling to your skin and clothing for hours.

      Thanks jonny , cant go wrong with these straight out of the packet and have been a pleasure to work further , all killer no filler.

      Hi moon , a couple of lower budlets taken early and fast dried had the most pronounced pineapple odour and left a good taste on the tongue , none of the coloured expressions have any pineapple so far but may change as numbers rise , all clone like in veg.

      One greenie has a definate grapefruit smell in mid flower , a single antipodes is similar , maybe still some grapefruit left in the line.

      Have kept every F2 girl so far and its getting chaotic , quite hard to choose but will have to cull out soon .

      All clone easily , M and F, reveg and chop day clones are reliable and quickly back in action , no intersex seen dureing the freakshow stage.

      Would seriously reccomend makeing some seed along the way with these , if this is not your usual practice it would be worth starting here and would reward the small effort involved.

      The (C99 x Blackberry) x MBS , (antipodes) cross is looking good , current 8/10 girls batch in early flower show mostly MBS traits , the blackberry cross was a drawf but extremely dark plant with floppy stems , the MBS has upgraded the vigour and enhanced the yield and flavours , some have deep genetic colour as well .
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        yes it would be foomar, im looking forward to seeing how they turn out.


          glad to hear and see how well they cross! im going to be picking one of the mbs and one of the z99 to be hit with my nightmare diesel pollen! should be some very interesting crosses!

          by the way, nightmare diesel(jack herer x sour diesel ibl(rez))


            Hi jonny , tend to overdo the pollen chucking when its fresh , have quite a list to run now , good so far.

            Lower bud pollinations which yielded 60 - 100 seeds each.

            Cherrychunk x MBS
            Geisha x MBS
            G13-Diesel x MBS
            Northern Lights (1990 ish) x MBS
            Casey Jones x MBS
            Blockhead Haze x MBS
            MBS x Blockhead Haze

            Two thousand MBS f2,s in total and a thousand (C99 X Blackberry) x MBS.

            Will be interesting to see how the MBS flavour traits compete with the diesel , the G13-Diesel used Rez,s sour diesel and is rock solid , that nightmare diesel sounds promiseing , wide expression potential there for sure.


              if interested, ill let you know when they are ready!


                Foomar - G13-Diesel x MBS, Northern Lights (1990 ish) x MBS, Casey Jones x MBS, Blockhead Haze x MBS, eyes lit up when i saw those crosses they all sounds great would love to see a og cross of mbs i think it would improve its overall structure of the og. When are u planning to do the exodus x MBS?? exodus with a dark purple black colour with a diesel taste yes plz!!

                Jonnyb - that nightmare diesel sounds like the kind of nightmare i wanna have, would love to see a cross like that


                  just thought ide give you an idea of what nightmare diesel is if you dont mind foomar..... that single bud had absolutely no stem, just the top knot of the cola and it weighed 9.5 grams dry! it is very dense, rock hard with thick stems to hold it up well! top single plant yield was 7 ounces from a 4ft plant


                    Id just like to say fuckin good show Foomar
                    your posts and grow logs are an inspiration
                    Squiggles Pics

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                    The Sacred Ghee

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                      The northern lights is probably Sensi in origin , was thought to be NL#5 from sag? but the timeline does not fit , whatever it is its the most basic boreing plant possible with no dominant traits and has only been kept around this long as an outcross testbed , expressions are far more obvious useing her.

                      From previous results i would expect huge differences between say geisha x MBS and MBS x Geisha , good to grow them out alongside.

                      Have made a few (sandstorm x columbian) x MBS , a monster sat from Raco that needs downsizeing a bit for the conservatory and could do with a flavour tweek.

                      Pretty much everything that flowered over two months got pollinated on a few buds at least , some oddball ones for sure but all have hope.
                      Would make some strange freebies for the brave.

                      Two MBS males used were all tagged seperately , running the dark one first with the green as backup , main traits are desirable regardless of colour but i prefer attractive plants over max yield.

                      Never really liked the cheese , let it go twice when it did the rounds way back , was just called skunk back then and impressed few locals at the time , took a while to track the original down again and have three in early veg from a plant i gave away in 1995 ish , no loss of vigour as expected after 50 or more consecutive cloneings.

                      His plants in full flower look quite different to pictures online and my own dim memories , should have a good argument with the usual suspects in a couple of months time.

                      Hopeing it kills that bloody awfull smell and adds some quality , several locals have kept big budahs version and prefer it as i do , the extra odour control and paranoia is not worth it to me.

                      That nightmare is a stunner jonny , with that genetic mixture i would be happy with any expression that came out , good yielder too.

                      Thanks Squiggles , have reread them as memory loss has kicked in , happy with most but the early pics could certainly be better.


                        Great work Foomar... if it was me id be dieing to test as many of those strains as possible.. all i can say is Northern Lights (1990 ish) x MBS sounds very interesting to me... always been a huge fan of NL since i was younger and a mate pulled off a monster season with about 20 NLs outdoors... best of luck for the your future grows


                          Thanks Joeski , we had two NL clones , one was outstanding and one nothing special , my idiot brother binned the good one in a mixup , exceptionally stable but bland , has been usefull as a tester of males.

                          Managed to line up the two original with the promiseing F2 in the middle.
                          Standard conditions so a valid comparison.

                          This F2 is stubbornly green in the cold despite being the progeny of the dark girl on the right and a very coloured male.

                          In detail , original green MBS , average yield , 65 days to finish from clone , stalls at lower temps.

                          Original dark MBS , lower yield , 70+ days to finish from clone but stands the cold with ease.

                          F2 green MBS , higher yield , 55 days to finish from clone , slightly better leaf/bud ratio and a little more frosty esp underleaves , getting cold and going strong.

                          Not seen real sunlight for ages and the pics look crap taken under artificials , going to have to get some decent lights , hope cheap daylight spectrum cfls are enougth.

                          Am useing up a box of nasty chinese sodiums and binning them every six weeks , cost four quid each but strangely work fine on a digital ballast , just lose output faster and are a little yellow , cost effective till they are gone but will go back upmarket then.

                          Mate uses one of those retro white phillips ceramics in flower , was expensive but a very good quality of light that renders colours quite well , could drag out the old ballast as they dont like digitals.

                          He proudly brought it round to show me how white the light was and melted it in two minutes flat , he thought i still had magnetics and i assumed any new product would be digital , arguments continue as to who was the stupidest.

                          Probably the supplier who replaced it FOC.


                            belive it or not fumar, it thows only two main phenos, both kind of strange. 1 is a sativa leafed pheno(my favorite) that grows more squat like an indica, and 2 an indica leaved pheno that can get way out of hand if not treated with respect very fast grower and major stretcher.... both great yielders and strong smoke, but the sat leaved one is slightly smoother with a citrus tang and will put you to slepp on three hits! two hits and youll be watcheing a movie 20 minutes after it ends!


                              Sorry, Mispost

                              Stop! Drop! and Roll! don't work in HELL...

                              PD's CHERRY COOKIES F2 TESTERS

                              PD's BANANA FIRE COOKIES TESTERS


                                Hi jonny , both sound really good and would expect some stunning minor expressions to surface given the numbers and all good bud whilst finding them.

                                Two originals and two F2,s , little to choose apart from the darker genetic coloured ones yield lower but have stronger sharper flavours , all the green F2,s vary slghtly in yield and every flavour is unique so far , persisting well into a cure.

                                Two have been distinct grapefruit , strange after selection for pineapple to be there in quantity and an unexpected treat.

                                Sorted the F2 seed from that tiny plant and have 500 or so good full term ones , threw ten that squished when pinch tested into soil and five came up , plenty of vigour in this line.

                                Popped ten MBS (dark) x Casey Jones#3 male , expect some interesting variants and hope the casey does not dominate the subtle MBS flavours.