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C99 X Blackberry First Run

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    C99 X Blackberry First Run

    Saw pics of this strain must be two years back and finally got a chance to pop them.

    Nine out of ten germed and six survived a fan failure which cooked three and are now at day 35 from seed and 8 - 9 nodes , last three days in the flower room in 12/12 and about to show sex.

    All are very uniform apart from one which is naturally far more bushy and a notably darker green than the rest , easy grow so far and are in soil/perlite with no extra nutes.

    Lookin' good foomar.

    All of Wally's C99 crosses are excellent, so i'm sure your going to like these girls.

    I'm looking forward to seeing more!


      Good Luck wiht the grow man,

      i grew out that Genetic a couple seasons back and was happy as a pig in shit with the end result. ( but then again, i have not grow any of Wallys genetics that i have not been happy with )

      Kind Regards, FT


        Cant wait to see those flowers Foomar


          have been looking for info on this one for quite some time. thanks for the info. will be checking for updates. can't wait to see her in bloom.


            Thanks for the interest !
            Two confirmed females and two definate males so far and the males are very vigorous and would have a nice shape if i had not stretched them to hell and crowded them in.

            One male in particular has a blueing on the unopened flowers that have never seen before and bodes well and all plants have a strong fruity odour.

            Looks like they could make use of higher light levels than current low levels.
            Faster than most plants to this stage of growth and a three day cloner is a bonus.

            Normally i do not feed anything in veg as the nutes in the JI compost are plenty but these look a little hungry.

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              Day 41 of a slow veg due to far from perfect conditions and a plague of mutant mites.
              Have three females and they are slowly bushing out for flowering in around a month or as gaps appear.

              Clones root eagerly in three days in the bubbler and are growing away well.



                Stupid keyboard....

                The males have been culled but are not dead.....
                Find i can collect enougth viable pollen for my needs by cutting off the tops and letting them flower in plain water , sometimes they root as well.


                  Cool foomar. I'll be watching...I might just learn something


                    Cheers Dr , saw your hashberry pics and well impressed.

                    The undead males are just about to drop pollen and will be bent over/broken into a plastic bag to collect a small amount of normally viable pollen.
                    They can take a month to get to this stage but if a few fan leaves are left on it usually works with plain water , add a tiny drop of nutes sometimes but see little difference.
                    These have drank over two litres since being chopped and look very healthy all things considered.

                    Intend to use some of the pollen on the best of the females to give me something to grow out over the late summer looking for something interesting , take the best few indoors to finish .
                    Done this a few times and around one in five of the seed are significantly better than the keeper from the first run and very few are worse.
                    Have no pretentions as any kind of breeder and this is a very poor method but works well for me and have found a few stunners along the way.


                      foomar, very nice grow you got going on... those c99 blackberry should be freakin' tasty man.... i know there'll be some awesome flavors in there! good luck and i hope your pollen works out for ya! nice technique by the way cutting and putting in water, never heard of that...


                      ps rep points to ya for being creative!


                        Thanks GP
                        Got the pollen idea from an old OG thread and took it to the minimilist extreme.
                        Allows a number of males to be collected and out of the way quickly in a small space.
                        These sit in a north faceing window and low level light is enougth to do the job.

                        The bag is carefully folded and taped to collect the pollen and some holes ensure no condensation to kill it.
                        This one is rooting as well and they normally reveg as the females do and have seen the occasional female flower.


                          looking great ,so far
                          ive got me a pack of theese, i ordeed the blueberry x c99, but they sent me the blackberry by mistake

                          ill be watching also - respect
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                          Up The Loft

                          ---The Grow Is Back On -----


                            Nice selection of seeds there m@rg.
                            Found an excellent keeper in the Head diesels myself.

                            The males are about done and it seems to have gone as normal , this way i can collect pollen from a dozen males behind a north faceing window in a seperate room.

                            Everybody wants cuts of this cross for some reason and takeing multiple cuts is slowing me down on getting any into flower but within a fortnight hopefully.


                              hey fomar ,, good to see you are having some fun there , cant wait to see some flowers, specially to see if they will colour up , ,lol ,,