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ducksfoot thread ......

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    ducksfoot thread ......

    hey there my icmag mates , i thought it was time i filled in a few empty boxes and showed you all some of my work and a few other relavent pics , comments and threads ... please join in and ask whatever you like , or add your own experiences ....
    lets begin with a few pics so we can clearly identify this plant and its unusual traits ... firstly some leaf shots ....

    like dinner plates some of those leaves ,, the pictured ones were around 9 or 10 inches long , heres the top of that plant ... well one of them ....


      well those pics didnt turn out too badly given they are from a 1.3 megapixel cam , my old one .... have a look at these studly duck boys ....


        i think its time we took a look at a few flowers ,,, who s for it ???


          well after all those request i guess i ll have to give in and show the wares ...


            Hi Wally,
            Do you find that there is a particular pheno that is more “duckfoot” in leaf appearance than others? The first five photos do not visually, in my opinion, look like MJ, however, pics 6 & 7 somewhat do. Will these DF characteristics diminish over the life of the plant? Will it ever be possible to create a consistent, single bladed, a-typical leaf pattern for the MJ plant? You are the Master of Stealthology Mr. Duck, and I am a great admirer of your work.

            Has anyone seen my lighter?


              hey fourfingers , some of these pics go back a bit to when i was in the birthing stages still , however the seed available at seedsdirect will be one of the more uniform strains available ... i did manage to get them pretty uniform looking and quite stable , with the odd differences in some individual plants , ie , some smell stronger than others .... the leaves do , as the plant matures , get thinner and look more cannabis looking .... thanks for your comments buddy much appreciated ...
              heres the seeds that are in stock at seedsdirect .... and yep every one will produce a webbed plant ....


                lets have a look at some full plants and some bud pics ,, excuse the camera quality .....


                  horses for courses ....

                  id hate anyone to go wrong , or make a wrong choice for their grow situation , so here is what i wrote for the overgrow strain guide to be sure that doesnt happen ,,,,
                  growing cannabis can be like cooking a meal ,,, just follow the recipe and you should be right ....

                  Breeders report on Ducksfoot.

                  Plant structure:
                  Up to 8 ft in height and can be as wide, average around 6 ft. Very large, bushy webbed leaved plant . . . tends to like to spread with training to produce masses of large tight and very heavy, smelly buds. Buds have been as large as my leg... The Ducksfoot seems to be a very hardy plant. It begins to show its webbed traits on the second set of leaves, that come out quite wedged shaped and usually single bladed. The following leaf is the typical 3 fingered Ducksfoot leaf. Successive leaves will continue up to seven apparent points, and can be very large, dinner plate size. The leaves progressively lessen in points as the plant ripens as with other varieties.

                  I have yielded huge amounts from my ducks, up to and over 2 pounds, due to its quick growth it is able to support hundreds of fat buds.

                  Maturing times:
                  I am still working on what sort of time it matures in climates different to mine; in my climate it is planted anywhere between October and December, and is harvested late March to mid April.
                  I have seen a few plants grown in the U.K. that veged well, but I don’t believe the ripening time was long enough to produce the same thing I get here, he said it was still going into November. Climates similar to Australia have had no problems at all, as far down as Perth in western oz...

                  I have grown duck indoors a few times, they veged very well, but the buds were wispy and airy and didn’t seem worth the trouble. We had 2 plants that were successful out of 20 tested, the successful ones were very good, but I haven’t seen another suited one since and would recommend that it is not grown indoors, after all why hide a plant that has its own camouflage specially suited for the outdoors?..

                  Bud size and form:
                  Some of the fattest and weightiest buds I’ve come across, green in colour... Bud formation can vary a little . . . have had them up to 4 inches in diameter and very solid, sometimes causing problems here with mould due to that fact...

                  All plants are webbed, but some variations can occur in bud formation, i.e. , some more looser Sativa type buds, and others will resemble the tighter Indica formation... All plants have a similar smell and taste, a little stronger in some than others. It has not bothered me to have some variation in the plants, but will breed out the Sativa-looking ones and stick to the tighter fatter buds in the near future. It is nice to see all the characteristics though and all plants have performed very well in my location.

                  Smell and taste:
                  The duck has a very strong smell, even when quite young and a mature bush can be smelled from many meters away, kind of lingers in the air... Fresh buds smell very strong and will stink your house out, when dry and cured it has a very pleasant, to strong odors; a sweet hashy, spicy smell. The taste is the same as the smell, lingers on the palate for a long time afterwards and is very sweet and refreshing.

                  Nice smooth stone, very steady up and relaxing and happy, very little couch lock, but still quite the powerful smoke, happy weed would describe it perfectly...

                  My opinion:
                  I really love growing the duck, it’s a really fun plant to grow and I always have some growing. The taste is just amazing and the stone brightens my day, even if it starts a little glum. I have bred many generations of this wonderful plant, and am really taken by its unique structure, growth pattern and fantastic smell...

                  The duck has shown a huge potential in the area of hybridization, its vigor is added to the cross very well, as well as the smell. The hybrids have been of good size, up to average of 1 pound, with huge heads, some up to 5 inches in diameter and tight; some buds were so robust they looked as though they were growing inside out... The recent addition of a webbed Indica to my seed collection may realize some fantastic potential with webbed plants... Spare a thought for the many Ducksfoot plants that gave their lives to bring you this report.



                    Great stelth!

                    Hey Wally

                    I'll be in amsterdam next week til 6 september and want to buy 1 or 2 packs of Ducksfoot... Gypsy said you have some new strains avail in a couple of weeks...

                    I'm very interessed in your guerrilla style strains.... what are this new beans?

                    Hope to get them @ seedsdirect



                      thats some killer plants wallyduck

                      this duckfoot is some unique shit, very nice looking wow.
                      got to try this strain


                      Its not what you can do for your plants,
                      its what your plants can do for you.


                        Ducksfoot, a guerillla growerrs dream plant. I am goin to have to nab me a pack before next season, how does ducksfoot and your mango sativa sound?



                          thanks for the support fellas , be nice to see some successful grows of ducks , i see a few , but would like to see someone realise what i have ...
                          yes i have some new strains coming , just finishing packing the afghani x mango that ill be donating 20 packs to be auctioned on seedbay for the ic mag fund .... i have these ladies in now for a test run , with the afghan influence im hoping she will be much shorter to harvest than the pure mango sativa ...and still deliver some of that ripper sativa high , almost makes me feel a little edgy ....
                          im into a nice looking plant , not to mention a good harvest , and with that in mind ive also crossed afghani with ducksfoot , .. with the fatness of the afghan leaves and ducks together , youll be able to pick these to fan yourself during those hot summer day s while your peeling a few grapes and relaxing on your hammock ... the end result will be extreme in smell , as is all duck crosses and will no doubt make a top quality smoke ...
                          ill be adding a few test grows in that section of my forum over the next few weeks as i test these seeds ...
                          im also really loooking foward to seeing how a pineapple cindy crosses with a duck ,, .. mmmm pineapple duck ... should be an exteme sativa to say the least ...


                            Originally posted by wallyduck

                            im also really loooking foward to seeing how a pineapple cindy crosses with a duck ,, .. mmmm pineapple duck ... should be an exteme sativa to say the least ...
                            Pineapple duck- Sound stellar, maybe the cindy will bring a sativa inciteful soaring high into the ducks potent corner?

                            Cool beans,


                              NICE, Wally!

                              Yeah man!!!
                              I really dig the pink hairs in that one budshot. I'd like to see some nice closeups of some dried buds if you have some in the Wallyduck archives.
                              As always, your duckies are beautiful. Crossing the Duck with the Afghani seems llike a good call. Like you say, the Afghani is already short and squat, so should be a good cross. AND strong
                              Keep em green Wally.

                              unless... you cross a purple strain with the duck for some purple duck. Hmmmm

                              Culinary Apothecary