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    Vale Vale quick report

    Vale Vale -

    Not a whole lot written about this one. I bought a pack on a whim when they were on sale - willing to try every breeder's wares once. It got put on the back burner but I finally popped them when my Goji's ended up being male and my ISS seeds didn't germinate.

    This is some strong and excellent weed! I've been growing off and on for about 20 years and this is probably the nicest stone I've grown. It hits quickly with an intense euphoria and an immediately elevated mood. Muscles relax, things get a little dizzy and you drift in to an uplifting, non-racy, not paranoid, slightly face numbing stone which lasts a long time and leaves you with that slight dizziness/hangover the next day. It's an extremely pleasant and kind weed suited more for couch based activities after 4:20 - not really an all day weed, although it doesn't stupify you too much - you can be coherant, just a litte red-eyed.

    The haze leaning pheno is the strongest affecting and strongest smelling (tropical mango/lime but with a minty undertone), but needed many more weeks to really finish and I lost the cutting. Being early and hazy it's more rushy - but still has the dizzying effects of the other phenos.

    The least haze looking pheno is the most balanced and enjoyable weed. All the bud pictures are of this pheno. Everyone who has tried it loves everything about the high and smell (mango/pineapple/lime) though taste is a little lacking during the smoke. Those who are sick of the high octane weed that's strong as fuck but somehow not at all fun should seek this one out. It's not the most dense (7/10) but the buds are huge and the yield was pretty decent.

    The third pheno is surprisingly indica. The buds are a different texture, the growth structure was much tighter and indica'y and the effects are heavy couchlock with lots of tingling and muscle relaxation. This run I haven't done this one justice - next time it'll
    be better. It was basically in the shadow of the haze plant for most of the grow.

    All plants wanted to stretch, with the haze pheno carrying on slowly stretching for the full 10 weeks flowering (see pic with the haze plant on the right stretching from the back of the tent forward). The balanced pheno would have been done at 9 weeks, the haze wanted about 12-14 weeks the indica pheno I really don't know.

    I know that lots of people bought this strain when it was on special offer and have been waiting for reports before giving them a shot. I urge you to pop these if you want some strong, recreational, stony, fun, sativa based weed. Every pheno has shown incredible potential - really - some of the best weed i've ever grown for the quality of the high.

    Thanks Moonshine!

    b8 -
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