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    need input

    hey all, a buddy of mine has some ogr seeds, he has a pack of

    white fire alien and fire alien romulan and said i could grab one of them to grow out. Was wondering which one is better then the other? is one more potent or better yields?

    The FAR is fantastic heavy resin smooth lemon flavored smoke. Can't go wrong with either considering they are hard to come by these days.
    "Ok this is how i know what real og kush is. I have a special nose. Gifted in a sense. Before I even smoked weed My brain had all ready knew the smell of real ogk."

    The beast is the system, the money is control, the military is global enforcement.


      You've a good buddy right there.

      Why not test his generosity a little further and ask for a half pack of each, best of both world's.

      Good luck with whatever you end up with, ogr seeds are hard to come by.