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NRV Boubblelicious x Ken's GDP

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    NRV Boubblelicious x Ken's GDP

    Yo yo, wanted to show u my little testgrow of 1 of my GDP crosses. I'm currently running test of 2x Boubblelicious x GDP
    and 2x Grape God x GDP. This was done open pollination.

    Here the BBLxGDP

    Pheno 1 - I hit this pheno 2nd lowest 2 buds with pollen from my Chimera's GF x BB male for fun, if the pheno turns out nice I'll grow them out.

    Pheno 2

    The pregnant boubblelicious mother: I smoked all of her that was possible, completely full of seeds she was still a solid 8/10 at least. Fast finisher as well.

    I'm looking forward to see how these do, as I got no females in my GDP pack, and I don't live in the states so I have never experienced GDP.

    Reason there's only 2 phenos of each is that it was originally just a germination test. I'm about to pop plenty more of the BBLxGDP cuz I grow mainly SOG, and these 2 phenos make me think there might be a pheno in these seeds that might just be perfect for SOG


      So wait, you bought a pack of GDP and got Z E R O females? That's what you are saying?
      ~DUNGEONS VAULT GENETICS est. 2014 #unlockthefrost~


        Yeah, I got all males from my GDP pack from attitude, I've always been very lucky on the female to male ratio, so this was a first.
        I was actually looking for a male that grow to do some amateur crossings for the first time tho.

        Pack was bought on attitude in february.


          Here is 1 pheno of my Grapegod x GDP, 10 days later than the Boubblelicious xGDP pictures


            Nice crosses bro,I have a male that I am flowering out .Gonna make some killer crosses for sure.


              Hi Kinger! Thanks man. Did your stud make any babies yet?

              I never got around to updating any of my threads, had some security issues, but I'm back at it.

              I did finish these and found 3 of the phenos to be average smoke, with the grapegod*gdp crosses yielding well above average.

              But pheno 2 of the Bubblegum x GDP ended up being some of the best weed I've ever smoked, tastewise. The taste was incredibly pronounced, almost overwhelming.
              VERY MUSKY overtone, slightly less pronounced candy grape taste, musky to the extreme, sweet, and with a subtle undertone hint of earthy/skunky/oriental spices. Very very thick smoke, simply delightful.
              I really wish I had cloned her.
              taste 10/10
              potency 7.5/10

              Tight dark green nugs with a slight purple hue to them, full on purple leaves after just a week of flush.

              Sadly I lost the seeds so this thread wont be updated, however I am propably getting some GDP seeds soon.