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    I'm looking for another pkt.
    Can't recall how many years ago it was I grew a 10 pk out?
    Perhaps just as they were first dropped.

    It's a slow veg and the plants didn't stretch much at all for me.
    I had them in a friend's house and he never put the heating on in his house at all!!

    Can't recall the flower period but it was fast impaired to most of my other grows.

    Well all I can say and recall from what it says on the tin delivers on awesome taste of strawberries not over powerd by the diesiel/fuel hints.
    Rolled out the grinder after being cured like treacle and everyone loved it saying I thought the taste growers and smokers go on about is a selling gimmick.
    They were assured after handling the lovely colours, smell and taste of sweet strawberry but complimented with the diesel.

    It was very Hardy conditions they were grown in which most likely brought out the purples and reds almost like a plant in the fall.

    One of the most easiest and the tastiest bud I've smoked.

    So please people point me in the right place or has anyone got a pkt if Fractile has none please hit me up.
    Thank you