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Wondering if anyone familiar with M.O.B.

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    Wondering if anyone familiar with M.O.B.

    Hey up here in the North East we have an amazing i believe clone only cut referred to as MOB, ive heard a bunch of diff names the most popular being, Mother of Berries, also Money over Bitches because it finishes quick, and my personal favorite Millions of Berries.
    I was just wondering if DJ Short or anyone involved in breeding the original blueberry knows or has smoked MOB and can tell me if it is truly a unique berry cut or its just a super fire cut of some oldschool blueberry?

    All the good cuts ive seen have a nice darker green bud with hints of purple throughout bud and leaves, a very dis organized looking bud that isnt uniform shape bud almost looks like its got a bad hair day. The bud has humoungous calyxs as well big ol' grapes. Well any help would be appreciated just for my benefit no sort of issue or dilemma.

    I will say its got a great high definetly a nice hybrid and goes well as a wake and bake before work strain, or a late night relax and watch a movie smoke. As far as i know it hasnt gotten to cali, ive heard of it in michigan so probly sooner than later.

    Have a nice day guys much love

    Sorry this is old but I would guess it is maines own blueberry. Highrise seeds sells selfed seeds via rcmc.
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      Originally posted by seedstasteyum View Post
      Sorry this is old but I would guess it is maines own blueberry. Highrise seeds sells selfed seeds via rcmc.
      It is [IMO] the one and same... really well-suited to the local climate (fast as hell,
      ... altho perhaps not everything here in the Dawnland that calls itself MOB is the same exact strain (I've run into several that seem to be slightly diff genotypes)...

      It is not a DJ blueberry cut... it is a Freezeland (Friesland x Pluton BX2)...

      The cut we got has, I believe, had some additional tweakingwith an unknown Afghani... we're considering further tinkering with it to try to improve on:
      - flavor (mob's not quite as pronounced berry, fruity, sweet as some bb's I've tasted),
      - potency (I like more psychedelic),
      - bag appeal (buds are li'l fluffy for my taste, and the purp is subdued/erratic) &
      - smoothness of the smoke (mob's not harsh, just not as creamy smooth as I'd like)
      ... so, maybe x w/, e.g., Skunk #1, some sort of G-13, something more purply (CPK?), and Jorge's Diamond #1...

      Yeah, I know, way too many moving pieces there... but this is for pers use not cash cropping, we're kinda mad science experimenters, so don't really care about stabilizing... and we got all time in the world in the world...
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        ive got m.o.b.awesome yield and done super early like 3 week of sept.i keep her around just to put outdoors because she does so well.i also noticed a more subtle berry taste than some blueberry ive tried.she will not make a top cola but rather 4 or 6 tops of very large deformed looking bud.very erratic growth and final product when grown in different enviroments.the outdoor m.o.b. looks much dif. than indoor and from grow to grow.i have know clue on her history and i am very lucky to have got the cut i was by far the hardest cut ive tried to get and i almost lost her a year or so ago.i cut off an outdoor branch maybe 5 or 6 week into flower and got her to root so id say shes easy to clone,an i dont use root hormones.she will produce quite well if grown in part shade. i have never seen her go over 4 feet even when given a lot of veg.all in all i would def recommend her to grow at least once.ive grown alot of strains and id have to say ive never seen anything that resembles her.i will admit i havent grown out many familiar with blueberry kush and oldtime moonshine.m.o.b.looks nothing like either of those strains. i hope i was helpful.


          i have grown dj short blueberry and def agree that MOB is its own strain. The MOB is the biggest yielding strain ive seen... (out of over 100) !! , ive heard there are crosses of it that float around so tough to say who has what. Ive heard Maine Only Berry, Money OVer Bitches... whatever either way this strain crushes ! makes great hash, not the biggest fan of the herb, sweet flavor, slight wine or berry smell kind of... def not blueberry smell though its different . The top colas are bigger than fore arms , almost football sized, crazy density from top to bottom. even first time growers get 4 zips or more per plant


            Ive had it, grown it. We all call it mother of berry. BigBozat - where did you get that lineage info? Ive been looking for years and neither 1 of the parentals you put down have ever been mentioned.

            Theres a member here who claims to know the creator. He says the guy has kept the lineage a secret - of course.


            Do a thread search for MOB, there are a few of them.
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              D.J. Short when shown the buds in person at the 2014 cannabis cup in MI stated that this was not the one he used to breed with. The pheno he used was the skunky one not the berry one.


                heard it's somebody's initials in vacationland


                  Ya it was someone’s initials originally, then changed to MOB to protect identity . I’m pretty damn close to source and got story from like one person down. It was just a bagseed found though , so no one will ever really know exact lineage