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Poll: What Existing Blue Strain Would You Most Like DJ To Tweek?

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    To be honest, i don't really want a pure indica or a pure sativa, i want somethign that lies right in the middle drawing the best from both worlds like the True Blueberry is supposed to, tho i havent' tried it yet, i would lean to towards a hydbrid more in the middle
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      Blast From the Past

      I'm looking at an old catalog from 'The Amsterdam Seed Company From Canada' circa 2001. On page 10 they had what DJ was then offering: "the Delta 9 Collection" ...

      Blueberry $125 45-55 days 70-100 cm
      Blue Heaven $95 50-60 days N/A
      Blue Moonshine $95 N/A
      Blue Velvet $95 6-7 weeks 100-150 cm
      Flo $95 55-60 days 100 cm

      Those were Canadian $ dollars. On the order form at the back they say "If you are paying in US currency, deduct 25% from the Canadian prices". Remember, this was 2001.

      I don't know the current C$/US$ exchange rate nor how much the $s have appreciated re the cost of living. The Amsterdam Seed Company appears to have closed so no prices from them to get a 'then and now' comparison. What seedbank has DJs genuine Flo and Blueberry and what are they asking $wise these days???

      This historical information ^^^ is for entertainment purposes only...

      Blue Heaven...priceless. Are ya listening DJ??? I hope I hope I hope.....
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        Originally posted by rabid
        Blue Heaven...priceless. Are ya listening DJ??? I hope I hope I hope.....
        I keep hearing this.
        Blue Heaven, Blue Heaven, Blue Heaven...
        Well, I've never grown or smoked it but everyone so far has raved about it...
        Saying comments like,... every female was a keeper and so forth.
        The Description from Dutch Passion says," a very consistent purple variety."
        Here's the DP pic, grown by ZigZag...

        Then Again, This guy named FireWalker grew it too, just raving and raving over it...
        Originally posted by Firewalker
        From my current run...
        Bring it on back DJ, we need a male or 4.

        "A very productive plant of high value as a medicinal herb.
        Bred for its euphoric, anti-anxiety high, this mostly sativa (approx. 75% Sativa 25% Indica) produces a comfortable and enjoyable, yet powerful, experience.
        The plants have long branches, making this beauty a great plant for "sea of green" gardens.
        It's a very consistent Purple variety.
        The quality is in the experience, not so much in the yield, which is average. "

        Also on the Dutch Passion website...
        The 'other' consistent purple/red variety...
        Original Flo (pic by Greenborn)

        "The motivational "high" produced by the "Flo" is quite unique, the flavor is like Nepalese Temple Hash.
        A most pleasant and enjoyable experience."

        This is the coolest stuff ever huh guys???
        "Your Small intestines needs to be Alkaline,
        Your body needs to be flushed with Alkaline foods....test your urine.....Is it Alkaline?"

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        [Favorite Quotes]:
        "Most, if not all, hybrid plants, if regrown, will not be the same as the original hybrid plant, thus ensuring the dependency on seed distributors for future crops."
        "...If you're not finding good plant lines, from today's available lines, you're not growing the right seed."


          i would blow my savings on the blue velvet if it ever surfaces again. i guess i missed the train on the otm as well. hopefully i wont miss the next great addition to the dj legacy. i think i would compeltely satisfied with my garden containing strictly dj genetics. plus maybe a rez strain for a stench factor. it seems like intermating any two dj varieties would produce an awesome cross. i will continue my hoarding of dj beans as i can afford them.

          R.i.P Spaceman... We will miss you brother.


            How did you know

            Originally posted by swampdank
   seems like intermating any two dj varieties would produce an awesome cross.
            Yes, you are 100% correct.
            Just reference what other vendors/pollen chuckers have done to repackage the BB product...
            They took three sources of Orginal BB((DJSx D.Passion)x Sag)) and re-combined them.
            Or even Flo for that matter (DJS x Hawaii Flo?)
            Then DJ and Steve collaborated with (Blue Velvet x Blue Moonshine)
            DJ did it for Blue Heaven (Flo x BBS)
            Reeferman did it with (OPT x BBS)- Which only sold for a few months CW before pulled!!!

            All of the Blue Family combines well together
            "Your Small intestines needs to be Alkaline,
            Your body needs to be flushed with Alkaline foods....test your urine.....Is it Alkaline?"

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            [Favorite Quotes]:
            "Most, if not all, hybrid plants, if regrown, will not be the same as the original hybrid plant, thus ensuring the dependency on seed distributors for future crops."
            "...If you're not finding good plant lines, from today's available lines, you're not growing the right seed."


              this is good information to remember mr alkaline. lately i have tossed around the idea of making a few crosses of my own but my trouble are that it seems that all of the dj line has somewhat similar parental background. how else could it be that all of the varieties sport purple stems and have a tendency to mutate? it also stands to reason that intermating two strains could possibly give a like offspring. now its just down to mapping the project and trying to predict the end result. if i mate f13 with ck will i have f13xck or will i have an even balance of offspring showing individual traits. i.e: 50/50 ck f13 offspring or will it be a blend of the two? these are the questions i ask myself when im standing in front of my hobby like merlin and the cauldron. i really want to try crossing two dj strains but where to start is the biggest obstacle. now i have four flavors to choose from but picking through them and predicting which avenue will be the most rewarding proves very difficult. maybe my decision will get easier as i research male selection. my brain goes 90 to nothin when trying to decide this and frustration sets in. i have a female that i want to mate but the male is a little more difficult. well, at least i have a few weeks to decide. and in the meantime i think the best road would be finding the most sativa looking male. i guess. this is all new to me as i have just realixed the importance of fine male selection. also i am wondering if the f5 bb i was gifted will still hold all of the bb trait that are so apparent in the f4 parents. maybe i will ditch that and try for f2s of all of the lines i have, provided there is a decent male for each. its a toss up now between that and picking the best of all of them to mate with all the females. maybe open pollination is in order. hell i dont know. how do you guys keep up with all of this stuff?

              R.i.P Spaceman... We will miss you brother.



                thx for listening

                "Art arises when the vision of the artist and the manifestation of nature agree to find new shapes"

                "As the most important basic input in agriculture, the seed should be of very good quality, and the most vital attribute of that quality is viability"

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                  Originally posted by Mr. Alkaline
                  Having a medical grade strain that calms, soothes and relaxes the nervous system is vitally important and beneficial for today's generation. So many people live an 'adrenaline rush' lifestyle: having late night issues with their nerves and REM sleep. There are so many chemical alternatives advertised that it is very commonplace with a lot of folks to pop pills, morning and night.
                  The ritual of stacking speed with Xanax...amping up the body in the A.M. , while taking a downer at night. Synthetic drugs can deplete the body faster than it can repair itself. When I first read about the 'acid' test DJ had conducted with the H.O.G. and its subsequent generations, I was a bit puzzled as to the strains efficacy/worth, outside of psychedelics.

                  After my first Flo grow I noticed that the herb did display a highly attuned calmness that my circle undoubtably and unanimously enjoyed. It is a priveledge to use nature to re-attune the bodies natural rythm of rest and relaxation. The facts are in and, adrenaline has a mildly toxic affect on the body, lowering immune function and dopamine levels. The latest research on SSRI's, we know them as anti-depressants....states that the drugs inhibit deep states of REM sleep. It seems that the harder we try to obtain side benefits from synthetics, we find them largely ellusive; leading us closer and closer to taking more drugs to solve new health issues.

                  Medical Marijuana will be taking giant leaps forward and in tandem with the eventual and professional cateloging of stable strains having standardized benefits and potencies. -I love this website partly because it is full of strain and smoke reports. Fortunately, the Highland Oaxaca genes are notorious for providing many side benefits without side effects. The uplifting effect of the high brightens the mind and calms the body without causing forgetfulness or making drowsey. It is an awake daytime high that potentiates a good mood and disposition. It encourages a type of productivity that's under the influence of a relaxed mind. All of the various attributes of the High, work synergistically....helping to lower blood pressure while providing the clarity that is needed to make firm, on the spot, day to day decisions easier. I am grateful to DJ for not hoarding this fine medical grade strain that helps thousands to feel better while lowing the need for toxic drugs.
                  -Mr. Alkaline
                  I was rereading the HOG thread and thought that you pretty much explained the interest in Blue Heaven right there. Understanding that these effects can be found in a variety of progeny from the HOG line, none the less Blue Heaven seems to be tailored to the exact needs brought on of consequence from our media blitzing, hectic paced, and stress inducing modern society.


                    Ask not what DJ can do for you. But what can we do for DJ? Find the purfect 1/40 or 1/100 plant for you then clone the hell out of it. Share it with your friends and get them started to finding the purfect strain and pheno. Try to win a local cup with one of DJ's blues. No better way of saying thanks, keep up the good work that I know of. At church I have only seen a confesional not a sugestion box for GOD.


                      Revival of an old thread...

                      I must have missed this one the first time around so here goes..

                      I would personally like DJ to submit or resubmit the following;

                      The Flo with the Nepalese Temple Hash flavor and smell. I grew it out back in 2001. It was advertised as having this taste/smell characteristic and I was not disappointed. 3 ft. tall from soil line with LONG, irregular side branching, the plant almost wanted to topple over when I put a good fan breeze on her. Stems/branching were quite thin and could not support a lot of weight. Practically went horizontal they were so thin. Side branches had little conicle buds sporadically popping out in various places. Fairly dominant top cola which matured first before the lower buds. Not a lot of yield, but could be multi harvested,as the lower buds would be 1/2 as mature as the top bud when it was practically ready to harvest. Best tasting and quality of high was in the green phenos. Euphoric and uplifting, but not a bit racy. Anti anxiety qualities. Superior quality to the high. I have grown some Flo out since, but have never seen this type again. What a plant she was. Had pics, but lost them when OG went down.

                      I'd be very interested to hear from anyone else who remembers this pheno and their impressions on it. I swear it tasted identical to Nepalese Temple Hash!

                      The Blue Heaven is another I would love to see again. Superior anti anxiety qualities to the high(the only strain my ex would smoke for some time) and a very nice spicy old school flavor. Not strong but QUALITY in the high.

                      I'd also like to see what this rosebud is all about. Sounds VERY interesting to say the least.

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                      The grower formerly known as bigislandbud


                        F13 without a doubt. But I would also like him to release some very pure Sativa's 90-100% if it's convienent to him. I heard about something called rocket fuel, but it could just be a rumor...
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                          i know it's not directly from the dj catalog, but there's this strain around the bay area called "Blue Dream"
                          In terms of yield/quality it is superb, but I know DJ could make it better....
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                            Of course, a Swiss BB sativa would be very high up there too!!! :smile:
                            The grower formerly known as bigislandbud


                              My vote would be for a Flo or Blue Heaven I realize that the F13 and Vanilluna are those efforts, however I am looking for the consistent sativa versions that are closer to the heritage strains they are based on I would like to experience the 7 hour ceiling less high that he makes mention of




                                id love to see a stable rosebud...