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Blueberry @ 6 Weeks Bloom

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    just thought id put a little update about my 2 female Blueberry plants.

    I harvested them at 58 days (could have gone 1 more week) but they were mostly cloudy with a few amber trichs when i harvested.

    Both were different phenos

    Pheno #1-- My favorite! Absolutely beautiful plant. A mix of yellow and purple leaves and bluish buds. The smell during grow was sweet and berry. Yield was good with hard dense buds.

    Pheno #2-- This plant was slightly more sativa looking. It stayed mostly green with slight blue buds. Smell was more subtle but the buds were stickier to touch. yield wasnt as good and buds were more airy.

    After a month in mason jars i am very happy with blueberry. I also made seeds so ill have this strain for years to come. This strain is potent and the high lasts a few hours even after smoking it everyday now for over a month.

    Pheno #1-- Smell of jar is kinda sour rotten fruity smell. The taste is more berry of the two. The smoke is definetly Grade A. Smooth and slow burning. The high is my new favorite daytime smoke. A nice mix of head and body high that doesnt make me tired (unless i smoke to much) and makes your sight more "electric"looking.

    Pheno #2-- Jar smells more of coffea and earthy. Taste is slight berry and is a little more harsh. The high from this plant can be a little different. Some people said it made them dizzy and had to lay down for a I feel it makes my heart beat quicken a little and i tend to catch myself daydreaming a lot. Not my everyday smoke but its fun if your going out. Still top quality and i will grow these seeds out too because i like variety. peace

    Ps .... sorry no pics. I spend all my money on growing equipment not cameras . I do need one though because that #1 plant deserved to be photo'd.
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      i dont know where u got ur blueberry seeds from, but the first batch that hit the market back in the day were nice and plump. only 1 non germ and the rest grew into phat ones.


        I got them from Gypsy, that's the only place I ever have or ever will order from.
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          Mmmm, nice Sir Harry!

          Here are two bb from a first grow with bag seed at day 30 flower - don't know the strain or breeder as it was described as just "blue berry" grown by a friend of a friend.

          Girl #2: 20", flat/paper textured leaves, further along in flowering than the second, some buds starting to get sugary. Some leaves starting to show reddish purple.

          Girl #1, 26", glossy/wax like leaves. No red/purple/blue colors yet apart from stems:

          Ordered a pack of DJ's True Blueberry (Dr. Chron), but received DJ's "Blueberry" instead ... anybody grown both? Much difference other than height?
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            nice photos sir harry, like the lighter trick to give us all some perspective.. thanks for the good shots and sorry i cant contribute more
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