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    Disappointed in blueberry


    Scored a 10 pack of DJs BB a year or so ago. Very low germ rates (I have confidence in my technique - no probs with other breeders) and ended up with only 1 female. It was a beautiful plant, tall, heavy yielder, nice color. However, the aroma was very mild. It did have a hint of the "blueberry muffin" smell after a cure, but that faded quickly and then I just had a huge stash of very bland herb. It had a decent mental effect, though a bit "cloudy" for my taste.

    I've had plenty of good runs with other strains, I use organic soil (FFOF or Roots) and water with organic nutes (FF or PBP), know how to check pH and all that. The plants looked healthy - no yellowing etc to speak of.

    Are bunk phenos like this common? Or is there a technique I am missing to elicit the legendary aromas? Has this strain declined in recent years?

    I am chasing the flavors I was finding in the Eugene area in the mid 90s. Everyone called it Blueberry and it sure smelled like it... light blue almost grey fuzzy buds, almost looked moldy but were just coated in frosty sweet berry goodness.

    I am timid about popping another $100+ on this strain if I can even find the seeds again, seems every place is always sold out. However I really want to produce some of that sweet oregon goodness of yore!

    Are other DJ strains worth seeking? Wish I could find a local grower running some of them to give me a known good cutting to play with, but people around here don't look kindly on DJs strains due to the costs and "overrated" spotty quality.

    Would love any tips or experiences.

    wow I'm surprised. I have never grown his strain but I am running a cross of Nl5 & his Blue Berry & its great. I have also only heard good things about Dj. Sorry about your luck friend & hope you find what you are looking for.


      We do get Blue Dream around here which is nice and tasty and a joy to grow. I just dont like whats NOT blueberry in it, it has a thick, grainy "peanut butter" element to its aroma and flavor that I don't like. I want the pure berry... considering the other knockoffs (sagarmatha, DP, etc) since DJ seeds aren't even available anymore it seems. Also not sure if the "true blueberry" is any better, mine were the plain ol BB.


        BB x nl5 is one of the best strains for making bomb high grade hash(at least the phenos I have grown out were). I find the buds themselves are mediocre potency, but the bag appeal is usually AA+.


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          First off, pbp AND ff is NOT truly organic!
          Second, Eugene you say...?
          Third, I'm sorry about your luck...
          I too have been unlucky with BB, but, your best bet would of been to make f2's and dig through the progeny..
          Or buy a couple of packs, it seems the true bb smelling/tasting pheno is a bit elusive, so, strength in numbers I guess..
          That Oregon BB is awesome! I've smoked her plenty, but never got lucky scoring a plant...
          Good luck in your search brother. Kids in front of Lazar's Bazaar used to have that shit all the time. I never fucked with them though!

          Live Peacefully...

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            Hey Chappie..sorry to hear about this,..but this isn't the first time i've heard this either.

            But first of all Fox Farm DOES carry organic nutrients, contrary to popular beliefs...
            Second, I've grown DJ's Blueberry as well, lovely high, but not for me, (for my growing reasons) I grew Dutch Passions reworked version, IMHO the high was a little less intense, but MUCH easier to grow MUCH more resilient to torture and etc, and GREAT yielder. I got 4ounces off of 1 3foot tall plant.

            Will need to find my pics on another site..


              Here's a couple shots of DP's Blueberry.. hope ya don't mind...

              I am wanting to get some more of these if they're around..


                Ran three packs consecutively looking for a real keeper , a dozen good girls with a few interesting freaks , still popping a few of the F2,s when space permits but yet to find a stunner in 25 girls.

                Every original pack had a few really good plants that would satisfy most people and were worth the money , in many crosses the incidence of the very best expressions seems to be around 5% or one in twenty.

                If this is the case then probability suggests that five packs would be required on average to produce a signature keeper , could of course be two in the first pack or you might not find one in a dozen packs , bit of a lottery with small numbers and samples involved.

                F2 the best plants , run a good number in small pots crammed in tight , have had sixty plants under a single 600 and its good enougth for selection with a bit of effort , should find a real gem in a run or two , never seen a good clone offered locally which is odd given its popularity and level of demand.


                  Originally posted by chappie View Post
                  We do get Blue Dream around here which is nice and tasty and a joy to grow. I just dont like whats NOT blueberry in it, it has a thick, grainy "peanut butter" element to its aroma and flavor that I don't like. I want the pure berry... considering the other knockoffs (sagarmatha, DP, etc) since DJ seeds aren't even available anymore it seems. Also not sure if the "true blueberry" is any better, mine were the plain ol BB.
                  There are some on the Boo right now, and I think I see them there every time I check DJ's stock.

                  And I am also searching for a nice Blueberry smoke I had a couple years ago. But it seems finding an exceptional Blueberry plant isn't as easy as it used to be.
                  Darlins F2s for Great Lakes Gen fundraiser.
                  Hitting up Dans #6 and my keeper(s) with my stud male.

                  Elroys OG
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                  1.Searching thru Karmas OG seeds for a stud male.
                  2.Searching thru GHS SLH for a lemon candy mom.
                  3.Bring the 2 together and create something I've been envisioning for a long time.

                  *Elroys OG will be available to the community. Will need testers. Then they will be available at either Great Lake Genetics or Seedbay*


                    I have to say that is not encouraging. Not to bash DJ, but his status is that of an expert breeder. Wouldn't one hallmark of that be to breed a relatively stable strain? Otherwise, he's not selling strains, he's selling "interesting genetics which maybe, especially if you spend $500 on seeds, might contain a keeper".

                    Is the DP version more stable?

                    Sure wish DJ would do some of his grow clinics in Oregon, why save the love for California? I assume a Eugene clinic would be immediately sold out.


                      I have not personally grown the BB I have grown some great crosses. I think that since DJ tries to stray away from backcrossing and reaching a genetic dead end, he always leaves room for future lines hence he has so many lines all originating from the original landrace stock. Another thing is that the Blueberry has changed, he informed the class in Pasadena that the "original" Blueberry was culled in '85. Also when discussing the use of his blueberry male he said since 96' which leads me to believe it may have been reworked again around '95.


                        Seems that more and more breeders "exquisite strains" are unstable IMO.

                        DP's version has been reworked..I can't remember what was crossed with it to stabilize it..but then they backcrossed it again.. my run was very stable, 2 distant phenos, no off the wall mutants or variations, that you are almost now expecting to get from these ridiculously priced "Breeder Originals."

                        It's not bashing, it's the truth....

                        But be careful, lot of IC'ers think it's cool to sell mutants/unstable freaks at absurdly high prices.... I don't, but that's just me.....they'll swear it's your growing ability


                          I think you just got unlucky. But hey out of one seed at least it was a female. I got 10/10 germ


                            I think that with only one female you were just unlucky.

                            I havent grown BB but have grown grape krush and F13 also have a pack of vaniluna. There were some amazing phenos in the GK and F13. The grape krush had one pheno that was sweeter than any ganja I've had with a deep purp/blue colour and the F13 had flavours that I've never before experienced. Both had unique highs but this is subjective and what maybe good for me doesnt mean its for everyone.

                            I think that some people just prefer the more direct high of todays herb, I dont, I think that ECSD isnt very nice at all, and wont grow out any more chemdawg og diesel varieties again.

                            With all that said the variation in phenotypes isn't acceptable for the cost of the seeds. I will continue to buy DJ's stuff but I think that he is taking the piss with the prices. Not everyone sells their produce and just because the street prices are ridiculous doesnt justify the expense. It's obvious he isnt looking to release stable genetics but is working towards something else, but if your going to charge sky high prices then you should be giving people a truly finished product. Its not an excuse to say that its illegal and that the risk should be rewarded, the reason for breeding should not be financial it should be for the love. Don't forget everyone that there's lots of unique and amazing strains being sold for a lot less.

                            With that said when you do run a whole pack your guaranteed to get something unique and special, it just may not be a very good example of the strain description though!
                            Don't believe everyfing you fink


                              I believe that DJ should sell his seeds in lots of 100 for $2000-$4000 only.
                              Ten seeds is exactly that ten seeds. It does not matter if those ten were free or thousands.
                              When you start working with upscale genetics and want a large variety of females you will have to invest serious money in finding those. I am talking 1 in 25 keepers.
                              Seeds are not clones. Don't buy them if you don't understand that.
                              DJ is selling breeder stock.
                              Very few seed sellers do that. He has been ripped off by three major seed companies.
                              If you think that he is making a fortune off those beans think again.
                              Perhaps he should take a hiatus from any seed selling and you can rethink how bad having to spend boohoo $175 on beans and only getting one plant.
                              Grow up and get some class.