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    lilly outside lat 51

    I've got 1 lilly on the go outside and so far so good. She's a bit small but has increased in size markedly the last week and she's getting ready to flower (my other 2 Indicas have started) hopefully by a weeks time. How tall do people think she'll get and should I train her a little (I've tied 1 and topped the other plants) or leave her be? i can do 2m and from what I've seen this shouldn't get over that?



      Lilly nearing harvest

      This is my first grow of Lilly. Kinda weak grower with mutations. The flowers smell like candied pineapple funk, they glitter with resin. I am very interested to try a smoke!
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        Lilly 2012 preserved

        This rare diamond was found in a 2012 package, sugus de piña or piña-calada and amazing pineapple taste sweet & cream textures and a glorious smoke with a soft but powerful sativa congo experience,
        Only two or three pure shots and you start the travel, with a effect as in sativas that go to 12/14 weeks, lilly has a delicated relax tspecially on the face and eyes. I hope much succes for Mario the breeder in his new adventure in USA, without any ties as in Spain, this cannabis is true special work, congolese ans special sativas with a vision difficult to see nowadays,

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          I grew Lilly out about three years ago and lost her . I been tring to find a source for her .

          Who is Mario Portubong ?


            Originally posted by BlackBart View Post
            I grew Lilly out about three years ago and lost her . I been tring to find a source for her .

            Who is Mario Portubong ?
            Hi BlackBart

            Mario Bellandi the breeder of Reina Madre (Queen Mother) Lilly and everything from the seed bank Original Delicatessen, he was living in Spain and he decide leave here and go to USA to I believe starting everything there from scratch but free of law and problems, so I hope he can bring even a batter work of this special cannabis, here in Spain as Cannabiogen and ACE are the very best, we were very fortunate, Mario, Charlie Garcia (Kaiki) made an awesome work





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                  Your Lilly looks similar to mine from last year. I'm growing another this year from the last of my seeds. After that, I only have some S1 seeds of her, hoping for some seed from the current one I'm growing too. Hope to see OD making seeds again
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                    Originally posted by Mustafunk View Post
                    Hi there,

                    Indeed both are from Original Delicatessen strains and quite well known around Spain besides the underground nature of this small seedbank that CBG seems to be supporting and helping out a bit. Here's some info on the genetics:

                    Queen Mother = (unknown sativa from Spain x Zamal) x Congo1
                    Dream & Honey = Congo1 x Congo Banghi
                    Her Majesty = Queen Mother x Mexican 70s.
                    Alice = Queen Mother x Congo1
                    Lilly = Dream & Honey x Queen Mother.
                    First Lady = Mexican 70s (in theory gifted by Robert Clarke).
                    Edy = HH (north indian or pakistan strain?) x Congo Banghi
                    Upstream = Lilly x HH.

                    They are known because they are very fast finishers, frosty and pungent strains. In an inteview the breeder told about how he always chose the faster flowering and best plants for years until he got what he wanted. The lilly is renowned because of the pinneaple smell. Most are pretty stimulating and electric as well excepting the strains that have the relaxing HH and the Mexican strain, which tends to be warmer in effect and not so potent.

                    Hope it helps!
                    Musta; Reina Madre (Queen Mother) no era [ (España x África Central) x Congo] ?

                    Saludos de MiG.


                      Oh man, Lilly! It's one of my favourites.
                      I didn't even know it existed in seed form?
                      I've been badgering Moppel from Monami for more info and a cut hahaha
                      Love the taste and electric up AND that it is the most paranoia suppressing and confidence instilling weed I have smoked to day.
                      It's the stuff I want to smoke before I go on stage to speak to 400 people on matters of great importance ;-)

                      I was super loaded on it in Barcelona, which is still a very clear and outgoing high when talking about Lilly, and deliberately tried to trigger some neg. vibes walking through the streets at night alone... no chance. It creates a shield that lets no evil forces fuck with you hahaha
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                      cbd is where it's at - 250w organic blumatized cbd skunk haze grow

                      super silent mode organic blumatized hans panel grow - 80gr from 65w of LEDs

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                        Take a look at canna pot they have new OD seeds in stock. I learned this myself recently.


                          Last seed of Lilly

                          I'm sad to see this last seed go, so I figured I'd grow a big gal. Already packing on trichomes and smells so sweet and delicious. She's in a 45 gallon. Looks to be over 6ft across
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