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    The thing about these narrow leaf cultivars, they look great when they're half flowered with full on white hairs but they all look the same. There usually aren't pictures of them flowered out 100% and entering senescence. Personally that's what I want to look at but maybe they aren't as photogenic. The truth is that until you grow a strain 2 or 3 times, flower it out and smoke it, you really can't know for sure. Especially with narrow leaf types that don't produce as much resin, the smell and the effects along with it's growth characteristics tell you a lot more then pictures. I've had a lot of red hair sativas, boring Mexican or Columbian types without a good high or terpenes that look great halfway flowered. They can't compare to the real deal Mex and Columbians but until the last 1/3 of flowering you can't know. Well, you rub the stem, the boring red hairs will smell like males. (that Timanfaya looks great however)