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Massachusetts Super Skunk S1 and Teacup regs grow journey

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    Massachusetts Super Skunk S1 and Teacup regs grow journey

    Going to do an outdoor run of Teacup regs and Massachusetts Super Skunk S1 in Edmonton Alberta.

    I'm passionate about developing an outdoor photoperiod cultivar that can stand Edmontons summer weather. I have been informed by Dave Scott that this is a very sought after cultivar from BC and it tests at 20% THC outside. The Teacup will be going in the ground beginning of June. I have started them already inside so that the cultivar will already be mature in veg before I plant directly into the ground. The Massachusetts Super Skunk S1 will be grown outdoors in a pot because it will not finish outside in time.

    I dropped 8 beans of Teacup into water for 48 hrs then transferred to seedling wick water feeder on a heat pad. 1 bean cracked in 48hrs soaked in water. 3 out of the 8 popped so far in day five of being on the heat pad. I ordered 12 regs and Dave included 4 extra when I received them.

    I dropped 1 bean of the Massachusetts Super Skunk S1 and it cracked and had a 0.5 centimeter light green tail with a white stripe on it. This the first time I have ever seen a green taproot and not white.

    I also have Dave's Ultimate pink and will be running it this winter indoors.

    I will also be getting Xmas in Cambodia and Rage Killer to do future reviews on.

    Here is some outdoor grown Mass Super Skunk grown from the s-1 seeds these were harvested Oct 10 Last year Click image for larger version

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      Here is a tea Cup Picture from last Fall Click image for larger version

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        Some updated photos. Getting new boots soon.

        Will be sowing directly into ground soon. Gaia Green dry amendments, Worm castings, Bokashi L.A.B.S, Humic and Fulvic acid, SST, and Microbial Mass will be used for grow. Hoping Dave will stop by and let us know feeding habits and any special tricks that the plant likes.


          Hey Sugarland , looking great and looking forward to some more updates. I will post a grow diary soon, growing season is around the corner.


            Sugarland I have this strains as well. Really like this thread so far. Best of luck to you.


              Outdoor s1 mass superskunk looks great. Proper chunky.
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              Double OG.