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C+ ... Better Late Than Never.

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    C+ ... Better Late Than Never.

    Hey Peeps

    Well after talking to chimera afew weeks ago, he and i both decided that these photo's of the grow should be posted.

    To make along story short, after Gypsy's legal troubles i left IC and all other canna sites for 18+months, so the photo's are from a grow long since past, but still the photo's and other info might be of value to others, so both of us thought it should be posted.

    So here we go.

    Up first is the 2 pheno's that i put into flower, they are the front and back plants of the three[middle plant is not really important] these were really great genetics folks! as a matter of fact, they[C+] were the best plants from the 9 that i flowered out that cycle.

    Here's a photo of the nugs turning a nice shade of Black.

    These plants were only vegged 45 days from seed, so what you see in plant hight came from mostly the veg, as they stretched very little when put into flower.

    More info and pic's to come, i just want to get this up before the server crashes hahahaha.

    Here's a shot of the top of the plant [Black Pheno] filling out, if you look you can see how tight the tops formed and how thick the resin coverage is, even the undersides of the leafs are totally frosted.

    I need to U/L more photo's, and the server is acting alittle strange, SO, more to come, just not today

    Be back tomorrow.

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    Those are great pictures of beautiful plants!

    Please tell me more about this smoke. I am so ready to get this... I am thinking C+ plus something like johnny blaze would be a nice blueberry cross mix. Does chimera have any soaring sats with a clean taste? I was thinking C+ would be a nice party/daytime smoke. Does the high last long?

    What I am looking for is something with a powerful high and no skunk, diesel, or hashy notes to it. I vape and I am about the taste almost as much as the high.

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      3dDream, thanks for stopping in, I've got alot of photo's and notes about the grow to go through yet, so hold on tight, i think you'll be pleasantly surprised, most of what you were saying will be covered in detail, this round of plants consisted of C+,QMD,Strawberry diesel,satori,SD, and afew others, but i can honestly tell you right now, GET THE C+!, you'll be glad you did!

      More tomorrow when I'm done croping the photo's[it's time consuming]



        Update 01/17/07

        Well, it seems that uploading in the early morning hours is the way to go around here, with that thought in mind for next time here's.

        More C+ Nug shots:smile:

        I really like how with some of these shots you can see the plants doing their thing and turning a deep shade of black, it's been afew years since I've seen plants with this much color,which is without a doubt a trait of the DJ Short Blueberry, very pretty and very impressive IMHO.

        More to come, stayed tuned.


          black beauty!!

          wow...what great eye candy!!

          thanks for sharing, OH!!
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            Pics are looking great! I ordered some just about 2 months ago and it still hasnt showed up....Hopefully they will show up sometime, I would really like to get in on this C-plus also!


              Sleepy Bro!!! So good of you to stop in man, it's been a while i know, thanx for thinking of me when i was gone and hitting up my guest book, also glad you liked seeing the plants, it was a beautiful run before a shut down, so these plants were kind of special to me, as it was my only smoke & grow for quite some time.

              Aaron143 Sorry to hear of your troubles, who did you order from? seeds never take longer than 2 weeks to get to me, so you should diffently contact the company you ordered from & find out whats up!

              Well today i'm going to skip the pic's and put a little of the grow info in here from my notes..

              So here we go.

              All of my nute mixes are to 25 gallons! if you want to try this and you have a bigger or smaller rez, do the math :wink:

              From day 1 of flower untill day 40 these plants were fed the following mix

              2 OZ's PBP Grow
              10 OZ's PBP Bloom
              6 OZ's Liquid karma
              4 OZ's Europonic Fossil Fuel

              I run a drip system with 4x4x6 coco cubes inside 8" net pots surrounded by hydroton, and run my timer so that the plants recieve 1 hour on and then 1 off 5 times a day and change my rez every 10 days, so they were only fed this mix 4 times and in between i just top up with plain PH Adjusted Water .

              From day 41 untill day 78 all these plants recieved was PH Adjusted water Nothing else.

              Well, that's all i've got time for right now, i'll add more photo's and other info some time tomorrow.

              Untill Then, Happy Growing!
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                I got um from the seedbay, ive talked to them about it, they havnt seen anything....I'll just take it as a loss and re-order them again. Oh well, enough about that though, I'm here to check out your goods!


                  thanks alot OH. I have been keeping a eye on the C+. You have now pushed me to get them on the next order ( gonna be a while im stocked/brokeLOL) But im gonna run the calizahr next run UMMMMM orange bud.

                  Thanks for the pics keep them coming. I wanna here about the smoke

                  Thanks OH
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                    Great, the dude got banned before he could complete the report.






                        i know you don't discuss banned members, but...

                        Sleepy Test Chemmy Jones

                        Sleepy Tests Jolly Bud from Mountain High Seeds

                        Killer Chem Freebie grow

                        Sleepy Tests OJD...>>>
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