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    A quick rundown of the flower room 2x 600hps air cooled with a 465 cfm fan through six inch day star hoods . The lights covered a 5x4 area giving me 60 wpsqf. Temps were perfect this time high of 78 low of 60 ,humidity average of 33% ( allways had humidity problems cant get them high enough ).
    Flower mix was 1 bag fox farms planting mix ,1.5 bags happy frog . 5 gal perilite , 2 cups blood meal 2cups bone meal 1 cup lime . 1 cup plant sucess.1med bag worm castings . Watered with phd water 6.3.
    The plants were rooted into a 2 gal container and trans planted into a 5 gal container were they lived a happy life.

    This one i wont spend to much time on, growth was outstanding big thick stems and buds . She flowered for 65days and looked fantastic frosty but has no real smell or taste. The smoke report to come later

    bare with me i am not the most organized person in the world and am having to find the pic's on disk due to having computer problems
    more to come !!!!!!!
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      This girl was a skunk hands down growth and buds were just like the sweet skunk i have done before with a slight berry smell. She trippled in size when she streched and packed on flowers with low leaf to calix ratio . No complaints on this one She was my fav she would reach out and hugg ya and leave her sticky sweet smell all over you .

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        This girl was really different can you say fox tail . She only doubled in the stretch . At first I thought oops i over dosed her with nitrogen look at the curl in those leaves . After giving out a few cuts to friends and seeing there grows i have found that the curl is a trait in this plant she is just going to curl her leaves . She has a very high leaf to calix ratio and a hashy berry smell to her in flower . I think this is what the breeder was looking for in this strain fast growth and sativa look with blueberry under tones and a pleasure to grow .

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          this girl was the keeper she was thick stemed and rock hard nuggs!

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            ok from what i can remember of her this strain was easy to grow and even better to smoke .
            pheno 4 was the keeper she was roock hard nuggs and berry smell !!

            smoke report well not real good at this but here goes nothing

            all the phenos high was real simalar . #4 had a berry taste with candy undertones . All of them would make you feel like your head was a balloon on a string and your feet felt like walking on the moon .very disconecting and not funtional at all just out there mentaly. Perfect for having to watch that chic flick with your girlfriend . You know you are there but not really !!!LOL
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                  beautiful buds. You can't complain when 3 out of the 4 make your top 5 Killer job with this one man...


                    Please continue this thread!!! ... How's the smoke?



                      great show! enjoy it to the bone!
                      .^???®??S ?®Ø? ?£??

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                        Wow, freaked when I saw a grow log on this I guess I missed it.

                        Great looking plants man you did a really good job. I have 4 of these going right now can't wait to see what I get.
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                          Hello everyone sorry for not being here family stuff in 08 struck alot of us on icmag last year so my best wishes to all you and yours may 09 be better for all of us !!

                          Dutchgrown sorry it took so long .

                          Chimera : to you and your family my best. I do apollogise for it taking so long !!

                          3ddream with a name like that you will love this strain
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                            damn ss those ladies in this thread all look so dank, been such a long time round this neck of the woods. im still in withdrawal all this time later :( whats goood on your end bro?