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    who has said its a SPG rip off i stated SWT, if you'd read thru earlier i stated SWT 1.1 = Chims Grapefruit x Blueberry (Post 79).... I also believe NGSC Dynamite to be close to grapefruit.. this was in relation to somebody mentioning a taste of grapefruit in C4 and since CC is used in C4 all makes perfect sense to me

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      Hot Cargo really deserves kudos for those buds.

      Going back over this thread makes me want to get a couple of packs...yum

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        Was skimming over the breeder forums and happened to see this post. I popped 4 of these seeds back in Nov. I got 2 males, which i culled. I got 2 females and i was lucky enough to get a very blueberry pheno and a very grapefruit pheno. The blueberry is rock hard golf ball nugs and the grapefruit is taller, fluffier, but that pungent grapefruit smell. smells a lot like that c4.

        I recommend a pack for the price Oct


          Federations C.C.
          Cotton Candy is no SWT tooth Knock . The orig. is from 20+yrs of Breeding
          Afg.,Haze,Blueberry lines . The orig .sativa pheno also makes ya cough w/out control .
          Even the best fully flushed versions.



            Very nice plants&job........


              Mine are about 3 weeks in to flower and I cant wait for them to start to put on some weight
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                Originally posted by HOT CARGO View Post
                thank you guys,hehe

                whats up with the ic photo upload?, its still bad? hehe

                ok we geting close to finish. buds are hard and sticky.

                sorry for the white balance correction on the photos,little too heavy,hehe

                here are the two perfect twins

                and here are the tallest and the shortest,hehe


                I need to get some gf x bb, just ordered the schnazz#2, now if i could only find them online!


                  Yea I find myself wanting to try to find some more packs to buy

                  Really bad heh.
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                    Sweet as grow report, sweet ass genetics. Those buds look just ridiculously amazing.


                      All I can say is I was hooked from the first post and have had watched one of the best Journals on ICM and want to give a Special Thanks to Hot Cargo for All his labor and time taking photos for us to see and learn from his experience with a test grow from seeds given to him to grow out from one of The two best Breeders around > Chimera & DJ Shorts

                      Special Thanks to Hot Cargo + Chimera + DJ Shorts


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                        Indeed a fantastic grow report which obviously resulted in some fine smoke I grew Chimeras BB x GF a couple summers ago.It was very easy to please and some strong tastey smoke.I found it to be a bit narcotic.I thought the high would be more sativa.It was very strong smoke..Great insomnia medicine..
                        Looking for that awesome smoke from Hawaii I purchased from a surfer in 1991.No pun intended.Miss that weed.


                          GF X BB AT THE BOO!!!!!


                            I got what I strongly suspect to be a gf x bb in an ultimix pack a year or two ago... I will say though I had many top notch strains available... I had a special craving for this strain... much like one craves fine quality bubble if they haven't smoked any for a bit...

                            got some nice cuts... waiting for round 2.. I appreciate blue crosses that express the best of both lineages and so far have been very happy with Chimera's gear..

                            The selected structure seems designed to yeild well as well as not need much if any reinforcement


                              got mine ans swt4 finally waitn on 3 gonna pick my fav to keep or knowin me all 3
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                              "JUST KEEP LIVIN THE DREAM"


                                Just popped 3 GFxBB will post some pics in about a month or two when there's something good to show (knock on wood!)
                                Enjoy life