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    C-Plus Start to finish

    Hello everyone !
    I have been a lucky recipent of the C-Plus and Mental Floss, this thread will outline and contain the C-Plus.

    Breeder: Chimera/DJ Short
    Mothered by our legendary 25+ yr old California Orange clone, and fathered by DJ Short’s Blueberry. This large producing hybrid adapts well to most growing environments, and prefers a mild diet. The last 2 weeks of this plant’s life will impress with the huge swelling of calyxes into light green bundles of frost. Excellent daytime smoke with an inspiring and creative high. Pleasant bittersweet orange soda flavor.

    Flowering 50-60 days.

    I have 12/12 as of 30th that have sprouted, so I have perfect results so far.

    Stay Toned,

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    Bring em on Bro .Cant wait to see them.Peace DWW


      Looking forward to seeing these ladies. Good Luck and keep us updated!
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        ok, Im pulling up a chair for this one


          ¿ Super Soil ?

          I have decided I want to mix up a bunch of Vic's Super Soil, I am curious to know if this would pose any problems to the C+ as well as the Mental Floss? So if Red can get me some info that would be wonderful !!

          Going to use the revised mix almost the the T, here it is:

          1 Bale sunshine mix #2 or promix (3.8 cu ft) ***
          8 cups Bone Meal - phosphorus source
          4 cups Blood Meal - nitrogen source
          1 1/3 cups Epsom salts - magnesium source
          3-4 cups dolomite lime -calcium source & pH buffering
          1 tsp fritted trace elements * * * *
          4 cups kelp meal.
          9kg (25 lbs) bag pure worm castings ** ** **

          ~ *** Using premier peat, going to mix 7/3 with perlite.
          ~ * * * * Instead of these *which I have no idea where to find* I'll
          be using at most 1 time some EJ, microblast if needed.
          ~ ** ** ** Anyone have a suggestion for a substitue or a combo of this
          and perhaps some guano's ?

          Also if any suppliments are needed in Veg I'll be using Fox Farms Grow Big, and in flower EJ Bloom.

          As far as lights the C+ will be vegged under a 400W MH. The clones off the seed plants will be ran under 2 400W MH's with 360W Conversion bulbs, again if anyone has suggestions of input, lets here it !



            Good luck with your grow Veda Beta,

            I have started some C-Plus in hydro and they realy do like a mild diet so just be carefull not to overfert.
            Never have I seen first hand or read anywhere of 1 plant indoors yielding a pound. Can you prove this to me heath.. Have you grown 1 plant and got a pound +. If you can prove me wrong I will shut the fuck up indefinitely and find a new hobby instead of cultivation..


              Veg Pic Update

              Here are a group of the C+ I have in veg, just 3 doing well. The growth is starting to come on pretty fast I am sure they will be moved in a week or so to the 2-3 liters where I will keep them until a few clone rounds determine the moms i'll keep.

              heath robinson - Thanks for info, I hope the supersoil will work out I'll decide before the weekend is over what exactly i'll do.


                Hi look like a nice start.Good luck with your grow.



                  Thanks for the info as well. I just germinated 7 C-Plus seeds and am pretty excited to see how this one pans out.
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                    Any updates from the C-Plus folks? Maybe we need new testers..... hopefully they will pop in and let us know how things went.

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                      Chimera- Stepping up wavying hand in the air! I would love to be a C+ tester. Please pretty Please!
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                        I'll try and snag some pictures. But I will say that C-Plus is outstanding to grow and smoke. The orange flavor is lovely and the plant is very hardy and vigorous. It responds really well to training and will bush out like mad when trained with a substantial yield to come in around 8 weeks. The plants are very uniform as well and were just a breeze to grow and was easy to clone. This strain had to compete with SD IBL, Grape Krush and BlueMoonshine and I'll honestly say it's on par with all of the above for both taste and potency.

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                            yeah start to finish huh?????Just like about every other test thread!!!!