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Anyone Run Highland Mex x BB?

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    sounds like this plant could really create some legends around it! That's what I need because I set the bar prety high when I started growing and still havent found anything to replace that first one.


      Whoa. The Highland Mex x BB is still stretching! I hope we get the stretch phase over with (like today would be good) and these plants start to pack on pistils...

      The tail end of Ike (the hurricane) swept past last night and a preliminary glance toward the patch this morning showed a broken tree. Probably fell pretty close but I think it missed... Stressing... I'll have to investigate after work... The winds really whipped all vegetation here...

      Best I can figure is the fact I transplanted late in the season and delayed flowering 2-4 weeks? Actually, I simply lifted the rootbound plant out of the container and placed the rootball in the container's hole- sure I chucked in some EWC and potting soil around the thing but I don't count it as a full blown transplant... Light green vegetative growth continues to appear in quantity...

      This strain eats well. I feel it consumed the FF Fruit & Flower by July as the container was solid rootmass- where did the dirt go? hehehe. I top dressed with a homemade Budswell consisting of EWC, a bit of N guano, and a bit more P guano and mych- I let that 'bloom' until nicely covered with fungi then applied it... If I am in the patch, I hit it with PureBlend Pro Bloom for soil- I am using about an ounce to an ounce and a half per gallon- one gallon per plant... It looks like they could easily consume more as leaves start to yellow and fall off if I miss a fertilization.

      These plants are 10' tall. I think they grew a foot in two weeks... The tops are exploding with sub-branches which I hope signals the end of stretch. Flower clusters are becoming visible with 6-8 long thick wispy white hairs per cluster- some clusters becoming very dark purple...

      Cover is falling fast and I'm desparately trying NOT to leave an evident trail right to the patch- plants this tall often get spotted/ripped and/or busted but you'd have to have a sharp eye and know exactly what you were looking for and where... Someone looking for a sliced ball or their damn dog could stumble right into them without the wall of weeds screening them. At least 2 months remain for full flower...
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        anything with highland mexican in it will be sweet. if you ever get a chance to grow some pure mexican sativas you will see the foxtail/wheat growth was standard in the seeds I got from LMN (peace be upon him) you dont have to have old stock to get that 70's groove just connections in that part of the world.


          Hey Ulysses how about an update? Ya still with us bro?


            Smoke and Grow Report Highland Mexican x Blueberry

            Thanks for the interest- the results are in...

            These plants came down a bit early. Somewhere in the 8-9 week range…

            The storm that felled a branch near the garden was pretty strong and flattened the field in which they grew. Three glorious 10’ Highland Mex trees where the only thing left standing!!!

            I also had to cross that field to ‘tend’-- and while originally following a deer trail, it became clear a ‘road’ was forming- used by both me and the deer… I made a management decision to pull them- too obvious. Stood in a deserted field at midnight on a full moon and limbed them with clippers and sawed through the stump and distributed the pieces widely. I grew these for soo long, it was like cutting down my pets! Ouch! The trash can liner puffed open like magic with a warm wind and received the long branches—And I was outta there! Hehehe, I could barely carry them!

            Growing Highland Mex

            As you may remember, I only sprouted 5 beans. Grew one female indoor and 3 females and one male outdoors. Yes, I kept the male! Separated of course… These plants spent the majority of the veg in three gallon gro bags in a mychorrizae heavy ProMix, Earthworm Castings and Perlite type mix… I LSTed them a bit to promote branching but this may not be nessesary- they love to branch! They migrated outdoors into #6 deep procans with a similar soil mix . Outgrew the pot by mid July and went right into the soil and just took off from there. Easy to grow and easy to clone. If I can clone it, it’s easy!

            I had trouble keeping these happy later in flower. Lots of leaf yellowing at the bottom of the plant. I began feeding them PureBlendPro bloom for soil and a bit of Liquid Karma mixed- they loved it but it was a chore getting it to the site. I attribute the yellowing to Cal/Mag defieicney. I used pelletized lime and got uneven distribution through the soil. Next time, I’m using pulverized dolomitic lime… I feel these plants ate everything I threw at them but start light with the nutes as always and work up from there.

            The plants were remarkably similar in appearance including the male. Each developed into 4 dominant branches including the plant that got accidently topped. On my plants, the buds that faced the tree line side of the grow- partially shaded- didn’t develop as well as the buds at the top and the sunny side. The very top of each branch began to sub-branch and very long white pistils appeared everywhere. I was surprised at the solidness of the bud- the calyces had just begun to swell… Some branch tips went dark purple- almost random on my plants- should I attribute this to the Blueberry influence or some deficiency possibly??? In any case, when hung and dried these upper buds appeared as long bird feathers- very interesting…

            Does It Taste Like Blueberry?

            Well, no it doesn’t. Possibly better. This Highland Mex leans heavily to the Guerran side of the cross. Yet, the Mexican genes in the selected Blueberry male melded flawlessly to that regions genes. The resulting taste and smell catapults your mind to 1969 concerts, a thick, rich incense-like cloud of blue smoke...

            The Blueberry adds RESIN! Tall, clear, standing trichomes with bulbous heads. Like millions of lollipops... I don't remember seeing resin on any Mex strain I ever smoked! Some of the sticky smaller buds got smashed in transport and turned into little hash-like clusters... Yummy... Bud structure probably didn't suffer much from the introduction of the BB genes either...

            The Experience

            I get a very trippy high from this pot. Like a good mild mushroom ride. If you are active and doing something interesting you will be very in to it-- but if you sit down and veg out, you can space for hours... The high is long lasting 3-4 hours with a smooth touch down. Mixes well with alcohol- doesn't knock you out... There is virtually no tolerance build up as far as I can tell. However, the intensity of a good bong session may cause you to hesitate from non-stop smoking the stuff... Connoisseur head stash category. Special occassion stuff- like a concert, party, holiday...

            I got alot of mileage from 5 beans. The other 5 are secreted away as my f2s failed- but a few stray seeds continue to be found- probably from that male Original Flo I set loose... Properly grown, Chimera’s Highland Mexican x Blueberry is among the best Mexican strains currently available…
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              Congratulations Ulysses, that's a wonderful report. Very concise and descriptive. It sounds like you certainly reaped the rewards for all your effort

              8-9 weeks huh...How much "too early" do you reckon you had to take 'em down? Your mid-September post hinted another 2 months were needed. Would 11-13 weeks be a good window? The Blueberry sure seemed to influence that finishing time. Irregardless, the quality you describe is worth waiting for

              It's a shame about the F2's (what happened?, if you don't mind me asking)...but good fortune you still have 5 beans left since they are damn near impossible to find nowadays.

              Thanks again for the report and let us know if/when you start the HM x Blueberry again.


                Waw nice thread, where have i been till now
                I was lucky to recieve some oaxcan seeds from mexico and i already crossed them with deep chunk, but yesterday i put blueberry polen on oaxacan cuttings. Now when i saw your results i know i cant miss

                Crazy Sativa for Patient People


                  Let me address some of those burning questions before I get back into that sweet funky goodness... This stuff is one of the best smelling/tasting stuff I've had- I'm talking about the burning product mind you, not the dried bud! Anyway...

                  I indicated that the plants may need more time. However, I was looking at the budlets on the shady side of the grow and low on the plant when I made that observation... I couldn't clearly see the development at the top of the plant- that's where the magic was happening! The flowering in that one month interval was vigorous- long white hair puffs everywhere- the flowering "caught" a little slower compared to other strains I have grown out... Easily could have done the additional month... Essentially, the top 3 feet of the plant was productive- silvery black tipped lime spears- the rest was 'popcorn-ish'. Now, if I were thinking more clearly, I would have topped the plants and let the lower branches develop more... Full sunlight practically a must for this strain...

                  I passed the field the other day, and it is flat and dead brown. We've already had frost here as well. I took a second look over there hoping I missed one ... Glad I got what I did when I could...

                  Yes Rabid, consider Highland Mex x BB a 12 weeker... But as I am sure you are aware, sativa heavy strains have several harvest windows- and I hope I caught one- seems like it... I'd like to see a late harvest with this strain for comparison... Also, I feel the Blueberry male father selected leaned heavily toward the sativa side IMHO...

                  F2s failed due to the fact the male plant didn't fare the drought well. Stuck in a lousy 3 gallon bag, it grew a shocking 8' tall with 4 main branches in minimal nutes and recycled soil- the flowering was not vigorous and transporting flowering tops in my shirt pocket to the females was not optimal... Foolishness on my part, I should have treated the male with all the due respect I treated the females. However, there are a few seeds being found- almost certainly from the sole Original Flo male that didn't autoflower- that was the only male within miles (that I know of)- quite potent pollen as one of my OFlo females was rather heavily seeded... Sooo, on a GOOD day, I'm a pollen chucker!

                  Respect for Chimera and his growers- perhaps another batch from the tropics will find it's way to the 'bay!!!
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                    Thanks for the additional info. I reckon you would have posted some pics if you had them. It sounds like you would have needed a skycam though

                    Kudos Lasko, looking good...

                    Is ANYBODY ELSE out there growing these??? C'mon guys, post some pics/reports...
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                      Well, not much activity here unfortunately. And old Ulysses reckons these are some primo genetics and I agree from the two plants I have. I tried germing all 10 from my pack over a 2 month period and went 2 for 10. Old seeds? I don't know but I usually have a much better success rate than that.The good news is I got one beautiful structured male and one girl so it wasn't a compete bust.

                      Let's see if I can figure out the "new, improved" photo upload...

                      Well, that only took about 10 minutes and 5 trial & errors. So now there's a great big honkin' enlarged out-of-focus pic instead of a thumbnail. Congrats ICMag for making things even worse than before...
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                        Hey rabid. I had similar bad luck with my Mountain Jams...10 seeds, 1 female, 2 males. Just the luck of the draw, sometimes.

                        I'll be interested to see some pics later in flower. Good job so far.

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                          I hear ya Octavian. I searched all over for those beans and found what might have been the last pack for sale anywhere. They weren't cheap either but thoroughbreds never are. So I rolled the dice and was pretty damn disappointed with the germ rate. But c'est la vie as the frogs say.

                          When we need a few boys what happens? All girls

                          Next time, when we do everything correctly to promote females, Mother Nature shows us who's boss and we're lucky if we get 50/50

                          I prayed for a male when growing EMans HOGs and got 5 for 5 females...

                          The pic above is the young male - almost ready to shoot his load. He was 3 weeks ahead of the one and only female HM x BB but it seems he was super-fertile and I see withering on the pistils I dusted.

                          So (if I can upload the pic again, it's a struggle these days) here's the female (2nd pic up) hit with some HM x BB, Flo, Blue Sat 2.2 and Panama. She ain't much to look at now but in a few months I reckon she'll be a beauty...I'm a sucker for the tall skinny gals

                          This new double-gallery, drag-n-drop photo system SUCKS!!!BIG!!!TIME!!
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                            Hey rabid,

                            that germ rate is terrible. I checked these 2 months ago and got 10/10... so I'd like to send you replacements and see if you can get a better strike rate on the next batch.

                            Please pm me and we can sort it out.

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                              any chance these will be restocked?



                                Great to hear from you amigo. I sent you a PM a few minutes ago. I'm thinking the poor germ rate was due to the vendors 'storage' situation. I better shut up and not say anything more...

                                The two Guerrerans are a joy to grow and I hope for everyone's sake you can make this line available again. Do you have any more 'joint projects' with DJ in the pipeline? Those last collaborations were awesome...

                                HM x BB ~3 weeks flower