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Anyone Run Highland Mex x BB?

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    Floral, earthy, choco-lime! M313, you are killing me...
    How am I going to let them cure with a flavor description like that! I've been smoking the same ThaixSkunk for 2 years and I am sick of it!!! I'm already salivating and flower is months away, let alone dry and cure...

    Did you top your plants? What do you feed them?



      Topped them like crazy to keep the size down, untopped I think the Mex dominates they... would be huge. Feeding was with a strong organic soil mix, with Guano top dressings later on and the odd top up with Plagron Alga bloom. How are yours coming along ?



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          Well guys, they look great! I stretched them a little by adding some FF Plant Mix which contains guano. I got a torn bag for $10 thrown my way- couldn't say no... This went into the transplant mix- maybe a bit N heavy for them at this stage... They are on molassas, ewc, and a bit of maxi-crop and plant success mych...

          I have prepped buried 6 gal pots growing mycorrizzahe in the wild. I fill a 2 gallon grow bag with ewc and mulch and put that right into the pot so there will be a hole to receive the transplant. Then cover the whole mess with old rotting landscape fabric and dirt for cover... I'm shooting for monster bush! At least one will be straight into the ground- the old fashioned way...

          I want to take clones! I can't tell which one is the winner, they all look remarkably similar- not leaning toward Mex or BB either way, and giving off just your regular 'plant in veg' smell from a stem rub... Gonna have to take a cut(s) of all them. You can tell these plants want to be great- I hope the deer don't think so as well...

          The male is already on site and unmolested


            I had an opportunity to visit the Highland patch yesterday evening for an update...

            During veg, I bent the apical tip downward and fixed with a twist tie for a week or so to encourage branching... Well, branch it DID!!! These Highlanders are all over the place! I know I said I wanted a monster bush but I meant at Harvest!

            Transplant shock appears minimum but one got accidently topped high up (and I got a clone)... They are nearly 3 feet long and the branches about a foot long... I am in a dilemma as to whether or not to pinch the tips or just let them go freestyle... The 6 gallon pot size should limit the height somewhat... Also, there is heavy mychorriza and half doses of Fox Farms Fruit and Flower 5-8-6 already in the soil mix- I hope that's not too much nitrogen...

            The most interesting thing is the main stems are green-the fan leaf stems and side shoots are reddish purple... Makes good camo in the thorn patch! These ladies are still remarkably similar in appearance... They are exuding a subtle sweetish veg smell now that they are under the sun- it's distant and faint at 10 feet yet you can't pick it up with your face in the crown... This teasing scent alone sends my mind reeling with the potential taste, smell, and high of the finished product!

            I am having trouble with what I have identified as "Milk Weed Bug" nymphs sucking the sap from the new growth on my Love Potions- I'm smacking them down with Neem and Diatomateous Earth-- they are thus far ignoring the Highland Mex... I hope this bug resistance is a genetic trait... No deer problems yet, using human urine in half full gallon jugs stashed near the base of the plant as a repellent...
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              hows that HM x BB coming on ?


                Thank you for the interest...

                Chimera's Highland Mex x BB is a winner in my book. Man, I love great genetics! I am already looking forward to my next run of this strain, and I haven't even smoked it yet!

                All outdoor plants are remarkably uniform in growth pattern and genetic expression. The True Blueberry influence is quite evident yet has meshed flawlessly with the Mex genetics... My phenos are branching wildly, having a reddish purple branch coming off a green woody mainstem. In fact, on several, the mainstem has lost dominance to the branches... Keep in mind, I am bending these back at a 45* angle to hug the sun... Growth is strong from top to bottom, most plants didn't even lose the growth from the first 3 nodes- until I took them for clones, hehehe...

                As you know, I only sprouted 5 beans. 4 female and 1 male... I keep the male plant in a special isolated male garden- a spot I had previously rejected due to less than optimal sun exposure. This spot is fairing the worst with the damn bugs sucking a 1mm diameter area from the leaf and then moving over a short bit and sucking it again. This eventually creates a 1mm hole in the leaf- leading up to a swiss cheese effect. Neem may prevent the insect from molting but the damage is done. I am happy to report of the strains in the male garden (BB, LP#2, HMxBB) that HMxBB is showing respectable insect resistance suffering only slight damage and it is only 3 feet away from the most damaged plant (a BB)... I have high hopes for a second generation!

                Indoors, HMxBB is a bit more tricky- it became necessary to Scrog this plant around a tomato cage (Crog, ToCrog, Carog, nevermind)... I was able to 'snake' the mainstem around the outside of the cage having one branch of each node on the inside and one on the outside- they all grew straight up and almost form an even mini canopy... New growth on this plant is very rubbery like most landrace sativas but unlike blueberry which can get woody one node from the top of the plant. This strain would therefore make an excellent Scrog candidate- it think I am going to wrap the next run around cages from the get go...

                This sole indoor HMxBB is in the 3rd week of flower and it's a bit nitrogen starved... Each feeding the plant grew 6-8" I swear! Stretch indoors will be a factor... I tried to limit it's N to just EWCs but it's eating N faster than I can pour it on... I'm going to hit it with some FF Fruit & Flower and hope it doesn't crash into the light again... I continue to rub the stem for that lovely scent which is only just turning from astringent to slightly citrus- I hope I get the subtle sweetness I can smell surrounding the garden in the plant itself! Wow! 7 to 8 weeks to go??? Whew!!!


                  Nice up date Ulysses,

                  She is a beautiful plant isn't she ? It's interesting the citrus astringent notes this beauty gives off and they carried right through to the flowers in my experience.
                  Also I feel in retrospect that the cross carries some similarities to how DJ describes his Highland Thai and Purple Thai X Afghani F! crosses, woodsy, citrus and potent. Add the subtle sweet earthy floral /choco notes and you've got her nailed down. I bet the F2's and beyond will be unbelievable.

                  HAve you ever read the book "Weed" by Jerry Kamstra ? A friend of mine found a copy and passed it on. It is an account by the Californian author of his involvement in the mexican trade as a smuggler in the late '60's and 70's. In the book is a 30 page photo essay on the cultivation and preparation for export of "Dynamite" MJ by one of Guerrero's biggest producers of top shelf grass. These pictures were taken in '74 I think and Chimera states that the mexican used in this Cross was a circa '73 top quality Guerrero landrace.....I bet the chances that descendants of these specimens are the same that ended up in Chimera's lab are pretty high! . When I get a chance Ill scan the pics and upload for you to look at , it's a fascinating slice of history. Another interesting point is that in the book Kamstra indicates that Acapulco gold is a guerrero cultivated strain.

                  anyway best of luck with the quest



                    Well I guess Acapulco gold would be guerreran being that Acapulco is in Guerrero!!, what I meant was a highland Guerreran....

                    over an out m313


                      Wow! You are a wealth of information M313...

                      I would love to see those scans... I bet they would be very informative for the crowd here as well...

                      I am very psyched to hear about Acapulco/Guerreran genetic connection... I was looking into Reeferman's Apple Pie (Acapulco Gold x Highland Nepalese) but now, what's the point!

                      My outdoor girls have wet feet right now, and they are not loving it but the indoor dame is getting sticky 3 weeks into flower...


                        So I'm waiting for a pack of the highland mex blueberry, and right now I was going to send an email to and find out if the had received my registered and insured letter with payment. So what do I find but a notice that as of 6/25 ceased to exist and gypsy got the site back and has nothing to do with it. Check your pm's chimera.


                          I hope Chimera can help you out but I was under the impression he had no more of this strain in his possession. I got mine from sd more than 4 months ago when they were still open. Good luck...


                            Update as of September 1st

                            A brief update for those interested:

                            As you know, I germed only 5 seeds, 4 female one male resulted... I was able to get the sole indoor plant to go 9 weeks before I was forced to take it down... Still, even at this stage, it was silvery with resin.

                            The smoke is none the less fantastic with about a month cure. Like fine tobacco, these buds really do need to cure... I took a doobie to the Labor Day cookout and smoked out 3 of my buddies- two heads and one less experienced- all of us got about 3 puffs... and there was a small argument over the roach!

                            Comments included the wicked wild scent left in the air- even the non-smokers commented, trying to figure out exactly what it smelled like. And "This Shit should come with a WARNING label!!!", "I feel like I'm tripping on acid" (from someone who's never done acid, hehehe)... In all truth, it is very stimulating and I see possiblility of electric results with a better grown plant... Very satisfying smoke, old school richness... Caveat: we all had several beers under our belts at the time of testing

                            I don't think I could possibly do a better job at a smoke report than Martian313 wrote up a few pages back. Well thought out and spot on, my friend!

                            Outdoors, three sturdy girls reach for the sun and are a good 8 or 9 feet tall and rapidly outgrowing the surrounding vegetation giving me some concern... I continue to flower out the male in a secluded spot- it just popped a few sparse flowers... I hope to f2 if all goes well...

                            The females are my main concern. It's clear to me these are heavy Mex dom and there are only a few long pistils popping on the plants! Hey, it's September 1st! All my other plants are well into flower! Yeah, what's going on at the top of the plant I don't know- can't see that far up- hehehe...

                            Plently of budsites, no buds. Am I blowing it somehow? Did I use too much N??? Ten to twelve weeks from now puts me at a Thanksgiving harvest at best- that's a bit late on 40'N... I think all my cover will be dead by then and I'll be standing in a flat brown field with huge green Mex trees waving in the wind from the local news helicopter hovering overhead... I insist on taking these to a proper finish!!!


                              Thanks for the update Ulysses. I'm starting mine very soon. Did you veg more than 7 weeks (as you reported on 23rd April)? Mine will go outside when the monsoon rains quit in October. Were they light feeders or nute hogs? What was the pot size for indoor and what light cycle did ya use?

                              Please keep us posted as to your progress. Is anyone else out there growing these???


                                are any more of these gona be made available?
                                these plants produced the best weed ive ever had

                                chimera any chance these will come around again?

                                by the way your mental floss, red eyed bride & sweetest sativa are also some of my favourite grows and smokes.

                                respect to you!