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        RIP Tom.
        Did a great job in the cannabis World.
        Hope the other spirit in the afterlife
        will burn some nice stuff together with you.


          You are confusing Jason King with Someone else. Jason King wrote the cannabible series. That is not “Tom Hill”.

          Thanks for sharing all of
          your experiences & memories of Tom.

          Please make sure you tell the people in your life how important they are to you- might find yourself in a position where you don’t have the chance one day.

          Nice to see such unity in message during a time of immense division, gives me some hope.

          Respect to you all & thanks for sharing.


          Originally posted by _stix_ View Post
          When he was around my town, he claimed to be the author of the cannabible.

          are you saying he is not the author??
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            A real bro has passed, one of a kind creation, a complicated man with so much kindness. Glad I got to be part of life with you bro.


              Budulero gave me the bad news today. I haven't spent time with Tom in a long time. He has a property here in Costa Rica and I'd go out and visit often back some time ago...then it was like he fell off the map. Lost all touch with him and his family. His son so special and lovely widow I wish them the best and so much love in these hard times. Jejeje stubborn as he was, and gifted at growing he was a great man, with a big heart that I learnd from and can only wish the best for his family and after life. I will miss you my friend.
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              International Farmer

              I am an international farmer,
              Cultivating my good sensimilla.
              I am an international farmer,
              Cultivating my good sensimilla.

              My cultivation is away in the woodland,
              And you should see my irie calli tree,
              How they beautifully grow.

              And when my sensimilla get ripe,
              You can smell the sweet fragrance.
              And when I smoke it up man,
              It gives me a good meditation,
              It give me a good inspiration,
              For I to sing my song to the nation.


                the legacy lives on.

                HERE take the doob..... i got another fuggen fish on <(---<


                  Originally posted by Chimera View Post
                  You are confusing Jason King with Jason F. Jason King wrote the cannabible series. That is not “Tom Hill”.

                  Thank you so much for clearing me out

                  The friend who introduced us told me he was the cannabible author, hence my mistake.

                  I remember his wife, his autistic child, his deep chunk & cripple creek big bud, and his love for surf, sweet baby rays, beers and backcrossing


                    Rest in peace.

                    Sad to see the loss of a great old school breeder. His work and writings have and will continue to influence our plant for years to come.


                      What a loss to th cannabis community. Tom always shared his knowledge freely and was an inspiration to many others that followed behind him.

                      His contribution to community will live on for ever in his legacy with deep chunk.


                        Meangenefrommendocino saying hes alive on instagram? Hopefully true??
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                          ^ Tony already posted. ^^


                            I want the messiah to return.


                              Chimera are you 100% shure ?

                              Meangene just said he is a life, he wouldnt joke about somthing like this.

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                                Yeah some people claims on IG he's still alive.

                                So what's really going on?