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    RIP Tom
    your work is still out and loved...
    happy to saved his haZe....
    next year S1 from the best metallic.

    Tom Hill Haze 2020
    life is what you make it!
    if you can read this... then your Screen is to bright or you got it!
    it's you... carpe diem


      rest in peace tom, will miss our chats over the years..
      My therapist says I am a habitual liar and an attention seeker, therefore nothing I say/write is true and under no circumstances should I be believed nor held accountable for anything I say. all photo's are paintings

      People are born with the instinct to fight against their own death, to struggle with their last breath against even the most unavoidable and uncompromising ends.

      admit nothing, deny everything, demand proof


        big time bummer hearing this news. RIP Tom Hill




            Very sad reading this. RIP

            #hammerhead_genetics on IG
            Hammers Perpetual showroom


              Rest in Peace

              In volcanic soil we trust

              Whether your checkin out bud porn or regular porn from 1975, you wont catch anyone trimming thier bush
              BTW that pluton sucked. We grew it outside-looked awesome, smelled great, everything but when dried, it had 0% high.
              I see it as a kind of wonder drug of our time - Dr.Lester Grinspoon
              In 1895, ‘Arabs . . . Armenians
              [and] Turks’ grew Cannabis indica in central California to supply hash
              to compatriots in San Francisco, and to smoke ‘kiff’ themselves.
              Additionally, the u.s. army planted
              marijuana in Panama in the 1920s for testing its effects on soldiers
              The Dutch paid the Khoisan in 1713 with drugs rather than
              food, goods or cash.
              For the purposes of this research, Roger Adams had obtained red oil extract of the plant legally from the United States Department of the Treasury


                RIP Tom hill the legend ..
                Never Tell The Man Who's Doing It That It Cant Be Done.


                  Sad news :( RIP Tom Hill


                    God speed Tom. Condolences to your family.

                    Med Compliant

                    Buy low, sell "HIGH"

                    "I think the big mistake in schools is trying to teach children anything, and by using fear as the basic motivation. Fear of getting failing grades, fear of not staying with your class, etc. Interest can produce learning on a scale compared to fear as a nuclear explosion to a firecracker." - Stanley Kubrick

                    Believe at your own peril...


                      I'm probably up to no good.

                      Terpene Amplification


                        Tom Hill Haze

                        and a friendly reminder...
                        plz buy the last THH from Breeders Retail....
                        before buy any other THH...
                        you do good also to support Tom's family...
                        and it's killer genetics... the last originals...
                        go get it!

                        Tom Hill Haze ... shots from a cured bud from plant above...

                        thank you!

                        and many thx @chimera for putting this up... keep his genetics etc...
                        be a friend till the end...
                        much respect
                        reminds me ... life is not endless...
                        but we keep his genetics alive
                        so that next generation can still enjoy...
                        and they will ask... who the hell did this amazing haZe...

                        all the best
                        life is what you make it!
                        if you can read this... then your Screen is to bright or you got it!
                        it's you... carpe diem


                          RIP Brother
                          Hall Of Fame


                            And the hits keep coming in 2020....

                            I enjoyed reading his posts and even more so the drunk ones.

                            Thank you Mr. Hill for everything you did with the plant and the help and inspiration you gave so many!



                              RIP Tom Hill

                              We never spoke nor have i grown any of his strains but seen and read about the great work he did over the years especially Deep Chunk and Original Haze reproductions and how you was a Canna Legend in our scene.


                                You will be fore ever missed
                                Double Dutch F2's

                                Hooked On Ponics

                                The ReishiArium

                                1K RDWC grow

                                My Double Dutch Grow