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    Tom Hill - Has Arisen -

    ***It sounds like this was a false rumour- it came to me from 2 different unrelated sources so I thought it was true. I’m hoping it’s not. I’m happy to eat crow all day if it means Tom is alive & kicking.*******


    It’s with a very heavy heart I share the sad news of Tom Hill’s passing

    Tom has been out of touch for a couple of years now & I have now had word come from 2 different sources.

    I’m at a bit of a loss for words, but thought you all would want to know.

    Rest In Peace
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    That's terrible news. May he rest in peace and my condolences to his family and friends.


      My condolences.


        Rip Tom


          Fuck, I was hoping to see him on here again. RIP bro.
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            No words. Rip
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              NO! That is something I did not expect. Sincerely remorseful for this loss. I have only known him through his seeds and past posts- but his contributions were more than staggering. His model for selfing was my bible.

              Fuck everything, I can't believe I just read those words. We're down a man, for sure.
              Tell the people you love that you love them.


                Like, I thought there was still time- I wanted to introduce myself and ask questions. There were breeding multitudes on the table. Anyone who comes across this thread in the future doesn't know what they've missed. What I missed. Fuck.
                Tell the people you love that you love them.


                  2020 sucks


                    Long live Tom Hill!!!


                      Rest in peace, thanks for your contributions...
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                      From a protracted war"
                      -Sun Tzu


                        sounds like jason (tom) is alive and well!!

                        JAH Bless

                        2020 is trash

                        he was beyond generous to us folks in the community, i know i was the recipient of many of his genetics... tarantula, ptk, ohaze, etc...
                        the man gave without seeking anything in return other than the joy his genetics would bring to people

                        we were friends, and i've known him since the overgrow days... he will be dearly missed.

                        rip ol friend, i KNOW you will be keeping the grass greener on the other side
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                        Live Peacefully...

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                        people in America, and it continues to be that way.''
                        Source: PBS's Frontline: ''Drug Wars,'' October 2000

                        R.I.P. LMN
                        R.I.P. Medjool


                          God speed and Thank You, Mr. Hill.

                          No women, no kids.


                            Tom from what i remember him was a good guy i remember when he first dropped Deep Chunk his seed prices were low almost what the F2 guys were selling there seed for.

                            I also remember his plant pictures huge out door plants like that you see now in legal states difference was he was not legal when they were taken.

                            RIP Tom fly high friend


                              Rip tom.
                              Wish I had some thh to blaze in his memory
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