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    I already had some soulshine x blockhead oh well, now I’ll have more. Thanks Kal!


      For me, it’s the Mountain Jam #2 that’s elusive.

      There’s also the Mental Floss x Jack and the Master Kush x Jack which BR didn’t retail. They’d be nice to have in the collection for sure.


        Excellent work overall


          Thank you all for trying to clear this up. I have successfully germinated a Blue Satellite seed and one Mountain Jam # 3 seed. Both outside taking in the Berkshire sun this season and besides the fact that I put the Jam # 3 out to early and she started to flower already all is well. If anything she is sensitive and will flower early under normal circumstances . She smells very sweet and is keeping pace size wise with everything else around her. I do still have a question as to what it actually is, I picked them up as MJ # 3 Seed Boutique/RG ...have we confirmed that the Jam # 3 is Soulshine x Sweet skunk or is it a mislabeled MJ#2 in turn being a Soulshine x Jack? I will say Real Gorilla has been great and will continue to give them my business and am looking forward to my next order.


            Hi Orion,

            How many seeds did you get in your packet?

            If it was 5 then I suspect they’ll be the Soulshine x SS. Also if the plants are exhibiting a lot of NLD/sativa traits then I would guess Soulshine x SS.

            I’m not sure if Boutique/RG has the Soulshine x Jack cross. I’ve never seen it on the RGS website but did see it on the old seedbay website years ago. You’d have to ask Panikz at RGS to get him to confirm.


              Click image for larger version

Name:	4C96089B-53FC-4893-A54C-856AE8E57036.jpeg
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ID:	17833227 Soulshine x sweet skunk seedling has the biggest first true leaves I’ve ever seen! Her sister in the back and sweet skunk on the back right. Hybrid vigor?


                Click image for larger version

Name:	image_2039780.jpg
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Name:	046AD4C7-9943-4443-AC85-41F5286803BA.jpeg
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ID:	17904678Click image for larger version  Name:	046AD4C7-9943-4443-AC85-41F5286803BA.jpeg Views:	73 Size:	135.8 KB ID:	17840467 About two weeks old. You can see the Soul Skunk(that’s what I call it) is the healthiest out of these three different cultivars. In fact it’s the healthiest out of four. I have SS, THH, High Biscus and of course Soulshine x Sweet sk.

                Transplanted today into 1gal bags and I will put them outside mid May.

                Hey BR are these in low stock? I noticed they’re the most expensive ss cross(I could be wrong) If they are I might buy more, me like what me see!
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                  Looks great,good job


                    Click image for larger version

Name:	image_2059677.jpg
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Name:	image_2059676.jpg
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ID:	17904676 The two seedlings all grown up. One is more Soulshine leaning and the other more sweet skunk leaning. The soulshine leaner is thic and sweet smelling but not as loud as her sister though both great producers, especially considering they’re in a one gallon container.

                    The ss leaner has great tropical mango papaya terpenes with a background of ss, smells delicious! They are exactly at 8 weeks today but I feel they need one or two more weeks.


                      Wow Chappi, those look incredible! Have they come down yet and been harvested? I’m looking forward to what you think of them at the end


                        Kalbhairav thanks for the love man much appreciated! I just put them in jars today, I have not been able to sample yet. I had them go 10 weeks one seemed done at 8(ss leaner) the other took 10 weeks for sure maybe could have gone another week. These plants are amazing yielders with great structure and good density. The ss leaners have amazing tropical terpenes. I’ll post a smoke report in a couple of weeks with some more decent pictures.


                          Click image for larger version

Name:	BDD8E2E6-40E3-4B45-B72A-07867C27370C.jpeg
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                            All three were easy to grow, vigorous and not too stretchy. I attempted to mainline but they refused to stay even.

                            SS is the most terpy and also the most potent of the three. While growing it had this pine/lime/chemical smell but ended up curing into a straight lemon peel. Like bitter lemon peel but not like grapefruit and not sweet like lemon flavor stays on your lips after vaping. Great high that is all head and brightens everything up! I love this girl!

                            The Soul SS1 grew fat colas and matured the fastest of the three. She has good potency with a mostly heady buzz that finishes really clean, takes after the SS I suppose. Great day time or anytime weed. She has a lemon Jello type smell, like when you first boil the Jello water. It smells fkng amazing but not as intense as the SS. Lemon Jello/lifesaver gummy bear type of smell that translates well into the flavor.

                            The Soulshine SS2 was my least favorite with not much smell, lots of stigmas/hair and fat ass buds. It smokes great though with less potency and not a very defined high almost like I harvested too early. While growing it was very similar to the other pheno with slightly wider leaves.

                            I wan’t to go through the Soulshine SS and look for a dark green leaf pheno similar to the SS I found in the S1’s. I think there’s something magical waiting to be found in these!


                              Great report, thanks for sharing