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X18 and Deep Chunk

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  • TP-grower
    I only ve grow DC(Tom Hill+a repro DC called Freak Chunk(Kwikseeds) Indoors
    -they all was very similar (shape/stature,smell), typical Indica,-near zero stretch, slow growing rate and low harvester of dense,round shaped resinous buds with a sweet,earthy,hash smell and taste.
    What i read about (X18) : This sould stretch more (-till about 2,5 - 3+ weeks - after the 12/12h switch ,up to 100% stretch) and the high is first often strong mind blowing,psychedelic,-not so stoned as the Deep Chunk.-X18 tastes vary from a apple cider to a chorizo(spanish sausage/salami) pheno and some other.
    I still ve a small pack of 6 X 18 HP seeds (Reseva Priv) and maybe i wil buy some orginlal X18 seeds next mounth, to grow it together with the X 18 HP s....!?!....-but so many other nice genetics waiting before: Malawi(ACE) Golden Tiger,AOF,Balkh HP,C4DD F2/ VG s Chem-Kit,Blockhead#4 OP++++++.......HMMMMM.....
    Regrads and good luck,peace Terry Preta

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  • sbeanonnamellow
    started a topic X18 and Deep Chunk

    X18 and Deep Chunk

    If you had to choose one, which would you go for and why? Or is it one of those, they're each unique enough in their own gotta get both? From my armchair research, one is a Pakistani and another Afghan. Both are or are as close to IBL as what's offered these days. Is the x-18 going to be more fruit forward apples oranges and berries compared to deep chunk being more earthy and all or is that not very accurate?

    Would love to hear from those who have tried either or both of these varieties! Light and love