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    Cheesy Auto (Auto Line)

    Cheesy Auto by Philosopher Seeds


    Cheesy Auto is the result of crossing the renowned UK Exodus Cheese elite clone and a cannabis ruderalis strain. After seven generations of breeding, we've developed a high-quality ruderalis hybrid with the main characteristics of UK Cheese.

    Cultivation of Cheesy Auto

    Suitable for indoor, outdoor and guerrilla crops.

    Cheesy Auto is an easy to grow hybrid with robust and compact structure and good lateral branching. The distinctive dark green color of her leaves clearly reminds of the UK Cheese. Trichome production once into bloom is awesome, which makes it ideal for resin extractions.

    Outdoors, plants grow up to 1 meter in height, being easily camouflaged. They are ideal for growing off-season, also in areas close to the equator, where the photoperiod remains close to 12 daily hours of light.

    For optimal root development, Philosopher Seeds recommends transplanting directly into the final pot after the germination of the seed. Cheesy Auto will be harvested around 65-85 days later.

    Indoors, a 20/4 photoperiod is ideal to get the most out of her. In small spaces, use a 12/12 photoperiod to limit the stretch of the plants.

    Taste and effects

    Cheesy Auto subtly blends the strong scent of the legendary U.K. Cheese with a particular sweet flavour reminiscent of berries.

    The effect is balanced, offering a very pleasant state of physical relaxation and active mind, ideal for creative moments where some inspiration is needed.

    2015 ExpoGrow Irun Cup, 1st prize Auto category

    Cheesy Auto info:

    Genetics: UK Exodus Cheese x Lowryder (ruderalis hybrid)
    Indoor harvest: 65-85 days from germination
    Outdoor harvest: 65-85 days from germination
    Indoor yield: 400-450 gr/m2
    Outdoor yield: 100-125 grams/plant
    THC: 15%
    CBD: Low

    Please check our website for further info.
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    >>Alchimia Blog<<

    I just finished one indoors.

    1000w HID
    Canna coco and A/B
    Kelp in veg
    Fulvic acid & aminos throughout
    PK days 62 through 68
    Started in 1 gallon nursery pot
    Transplanted to 3 gallon fabric pot on day 17
    Topped on day 27
    Harvested on day 91
    140 grams
    It's been 45 days since harvest, it smokes a bit rough yet.
    I like the stone, good for breakfast.

    I also took a clone which I reversed with STS and pollinated a White Yoda and a Sleepy Yoda. Completely seeded both of them, what a disaster.

    I have 2 Lemon CBD at 65 days both started in beer cups and transplanted to hempy buckets. 97 and 105 cm (both topped). They smell great. They won't reach the weight of the Cheesy auto but should each 80+ grams.

    2 Cheesy CBD at 20 days or so.....

    I've grown out your mixed auto pack twice now. I think it's a fantastic marketing idea. Labelled mix packs, I don't know why every breeder isn't selling them.

    I've got a Sweet Love, a Guava Berry Kush and a Sugar Pop from the Golo mix pack vegging now.

    Looking forward to getting the Classic mix pack once the overseas mail resumes.

    I will grow this again and would like to see it outdoors.