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***Free 6-pack with Perfect Tree Seeds***

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    ***Free 6-pack with Perfect Tree Seeds***

    Hey folks, here at Alchimia Grow Shop, we're really happy to now have Perfect Tree Seeds in stock at our online and physical stores. To celebrate the launch we're offering a free 6-pack of Peach Tree with every seed pack from Perfect Tree Seeds. The offer will run while stocks last, so don't delay!

    Perfect Tree is a seed bank founded in Barcelona by a passionate team of experts specialising in the selection of cannabis plants with unique terpene profiles.

    Perfect Tree, terpene-rich cannabis
    Despite Perfect Tree Seeds offering its first feminised seeds line in early 2021, this seed bank is not a newcomer to the cannabis world, particularly in Spain where this collective has been well-known for the quality of its selection work for some years now, and has been awarded several prizes at Cannabis Cups such as Spannabis.

    Perfect Tree, before producing its own seeds line, was already well-known for its selections and collaborations. One example is its work with The Backyard Barcelona Cannabis Social Club, where Peach Ozz, Banana Split and Z Cube varieties have become very popular.

    This collective has been growing cannabis for about 20 years, naturally acquiring the experience and curiosity necessary to undertake the pursuit of unique plants. Through research and selection work, Perfect Tree has developed original strains known for their intense and complex aromas.

    Perfect Tree's search for great phenotypes has led it to develop a wide collection of clones with a unique character. The team is also passionate about resin extractions, with strains that offer as high a yield of trichomes as they do of terpenes.

    Perfect Tree, feminised and regular cannabis seeds
    The demanding selection criteria employed by Perfect Tree ensures that only the highest-quality plants are selected, maintaining champion lines to offer the very best elements of this extensive work.

    Perfect Tree strains clearly reflect this quality standard, starting from the cross between clones of different varieties with a single parental line. The resulting hybrids are then cultivated several times, under different environments and by several breeders. This work evaluates the potential of each variety to the maximum and only those that offer the best results are retained.

    Perfect Tree has developed its first seeds line from its Peach Ozz clone (Dying Breed Seeds), crossed with Mimosa, Sunset Sherbert, 33 Splitter, Falcon 9 and Lime Pop Kush. Perfect Tree soon will offer a regular seeds line and then, gradually, new feminised hybrids varieties.