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Cult Classics Seeds exclusively at Alchimia!!!

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    Cult Classics Seeds exclusively at Alchimia!!!

    Here at Alchimia we are very proud to announce that we are now an exclusive European retailer for Cult Classic Seeds!!!

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    Based in Northern California’s Sonoma County, Cult Classics Seeds is the brainchild of head breeder Marcus Boarder and is a seed bank dedicated to the preservation, collection and maintenance of elite cannabis cultivars, offering both feminised and regular seeds to the discerning grower.

    These extra-special plants are then used in the creation of unique hybrids tailored to produce specific medicinal effects and terpene profiles, in accordance with the bank’s ethos to better understand cannabis’s medical benefits, unlock new cannabinoid profiles, and thus increase the availability and access to varieties with maximum therapeutic qualities, without forgetting the immense spiritual effects of cannabis and the relief it offers from the stress and anxiety of everyday life.

    Cult Classics Seeds was one of the first seed banks to work seriously with the legendary OGKB phenotype of Cookies, and several of Cult Classic Seeds’ biggest hits to date have contained this highly sought-after elite clone: most prominently their flagship strain Tony Clifton (OGKB x OGKB x Wet Dream) and the hugely popular Cement Shoes (Animal Cookies x OGKB x Wet Dream), but also firm favourites such as Ultra Violence (Jilly Bean x OGKB x Wet Dream) and Animas Valley (Triangle Kush x OGKB x Wet Dream).

    As well as notorious classics like Cement Shoes and Snow Shoes, the latest batch of Cult Classics Seeds releases bring together some of the most famous elite cuts from the Californian cannabis scene like Sherbert, Zkittlez, Wedding Cake or Tropicana Cookies and combines them with exclusive hybrids from Cult Classics’ genetic library. We’re talking about cultivars like Kurple Fantasy, Powder Cakes and, of course, the legendary Cement Shoes.

    The term cult classic is used to define something, usually music, literature or film, that is particularly fashionable among a small, select group of aficionados and held rto be an example of the best in its class. In this same spirit, Cult Classic Seeds offer their own unique perspective on current trends in the U.S. cannabis scene, and their carefully selected range of top shelf cultivars provide all the excitement you’d expect from the latest strains on the market, but with that special twist that makes them stand out from the rest in terms of quality and character.