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New seed bank in store - GeneSeeds

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    New seed bank in store - GeneSeeds

    Alchimiaweb is proud to introduce a new seed bank to our seed catalog: GeneSeeds - Purveyors of exotic and original seeds!

    GeneSeeds was born with a precise purpose, to offer its customers exclusive and stabilized strains, with unique cannabinoid and terpenes profiles beyond the commercial scene. In order to accomplish this, GeneSeeds carries out extensive selection and backcrossing work to obtain stable first-class parentals. From these already incredible genetics, they then develop the F1 crosses presented to the public.

    Their philosophy leads this seed bank to achieve the very best, using a wide variety of plants to develop these hybrids, from Lebanese and Uzbek landraces or classics like Matanuska Thunderfuck, Grapefruit, or the legendary Skunk. Definitive and unique varieties, many of which are Indica dominant, reborn thanks to the magnificent work of GeneSeeds' breeding team.

    GeneSeeds divides its catalog into three main groups:

    Outdoor Line: A seeds line mainly based on Lebanese genetics, always very vigorous phenotypes. The resulting strains are incredible producers, especially suitable for those who are looking for maximum production outdoors.

    Indoor Line: Strains with a much more compact structure than the Outdoor Line. A series of hybrids specially developed for indoor cultivation, and always offering excellent results. In addition, and because of their medium size, it is possible to cultivate different plants in the same growth tent with no problem. Certainly a great advantage for many growers.

    Automatic Line: These non-photo-dependent (auto-flowering) strains include both new and old school genetics, featuring auto versions of strains such as Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies.

    All Geneseeds varieties are in feminized format and are available in packs of 3 and 5 seeds. Follow this link to see the full range!
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