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    New Caledonia


    New exotic pure Sativa from the remote Pacific island of New Caledonia that our team has recently reproduced and that has us completely mesmerised with the quality of its sweet and fruity terpenes, and by its powerful euphoric, 'good vibes' and premium psychedelic sativa effects, to the point of being considered the best pure local sativa we’ve offered in many years.

    Extremely vigorous, tall and well-branched sativa that can increase up to five times in size during flowering, easily reaching 3-4 meters in height outdoors when planted in spring with sufficient growth time. The yields are very good when grown outdoors with warm weather and enough hours of direct light, producing long and bulky flowers, with very good density for a sativa, a great flower to leaf ratio and the typically small but highly resinous calyxes of pure sativa.

    The best features of this strain are its aromas and effects, offering incredibly refined terpenes which fuse tropical sweetness with flower petals, lemon and musk. Very clean and cerebral psychoactivity, expansive, euphoric and motivating. It develops intensely, cheerful, playful, creative, enveloping, psychedelic and sensory, very sharp, bringing you back to earth two hours later in an optimistic, constructive, warm and peaceful mood, with good energy remaining. It leaves you smiling and positive, in a placid mood, without negativity or paranoia. This is a sativa of moderate-high potency and duration, with first-rate effects.

    100 % SATIVA
    YIELD / M2: HIGH
    LATITUDE: 0º-43º

    GENETICS: 2nd-generation pure Sativa from New Caledonia.
    STRUCTURE: Pure tropical sativa structure, tall, flexible, with strong branching and large internode distance.
    BOUQUET: Incredibly refined aromas of sweet tropical tutti-frutti (sometimes a little sour), flower petals with a creamy sweet surrounding and a powerful lemony and musky background. When ground up, spicy, herbal and geranium touches come out. The flavour is initially fresh, bittersweet and lemony, slightly minty, then dense, resinous, with sweet fruity, spicy and herbal touches.
    EFFECT: Very clean, clear and cerebral initial psychoactivity (dispelling heaviness in the head, while areas of the brain are activated and massaged and tickled), expansive, euphoric and motivating (making you want to do things in a good mood and with a smile). It develops in a happy, playful, creative and intense way (like a huge inner energy wanting to explode), becoming more enveloping, psychedelic and sensory (it increases intensity and empathy with sensory stimuli). You come back to earth two hours later in an optimistic, constructive, warm and peaceful mood, still with good energy. Some plants can produce effects with a more 'stoned' sensation, as if you were drunk, with droopy red eyes, bringing on verbal diarrhoea and euphoric silliness, with some loss of physical coordination, but without becoming heavy. Although most plants are psychologically very kind, and have a clean and outgoing development, all of them will leave you smiling and positive at the end, with a calm feeling of well-being, with no negativity or paranoia. Overall, a sativa of moderate-high potency and duration, with first-rate effects.


    It can be grown indoors with strong light intensity and with enough space for its development.
    We recommend to switch her into flowering after 15 days from seed, or starting from clones rooted for at least 7 days. We recommend 11 (light)/13 (darkness) photoperiod for the flowering indoors, in order to boost the flowering, and to avoid reflowerings or excessive stretching in early flowering.

    Very suitable for SCROG, horizontal or network growing due to its excellent yield in the lateral branches and its vigorous reaction to pruning.
    Outdoors, it is especially suitable for outdoor cultivation in tropical or subtropical climates, although it can be cultivated with very good results in warm coastal climates of mild autumn (similar to the Mediterranean) up to latitudes close to 43º.

    We recommend soft NPK levels during the growing stage, increasing PK from 3rd-4th week of flowering. When New Caledonia is properly grown, the yield is high, especially outdoors.

    Genetic analysis of this New Caledonian sativa shows that this variety has a rare and unique genotype, with moderate genetic variability. It is an interesting sativa to develop incredibly vigorous and high-yielding sativa hybrids with refined fruity terpenes, and clean, energetic and psychedelic effects of the highest quality.
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    New Caledonia terpene analyses

    Terpene profile: Complex and rich terpene profile. It mainly contains the following monoterpenes: very high amounts of terpinolene and myrcene, followed by high trans-ocimene content, smaller amounts of alpha pinene, limonene and beta pinene, with variability in the presence of linalool and gamma-terpinene traces.

    Sesquiterpenes: very high content of beta-caryophyllene, high amounts of alpha humulene, with variability in the presence of alpha bisabolol and trans nerolidol in smaller quantities.
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      New Caledonia breeding details

      In 2012 we received from a New Caledonian grower seeds directly from the island in order to preserve and spread the genetics. We received different separate seed lots, being lots A and B the ones that had more seeds and the ones we decided to germinate first to explore the genetics. We started 50 seeds from batch A and 50 seeds from batch B indoors under LEDs. Those from batch A germinated quite well (80%, 40 plants), while from lot B only about 20 seeds germinated.

      Of the approx 60 plants in total that have germinated, most of them (more than 95%, both from batch A and B) showed a pure sativa tropical profile, without indica influence: tall, very vigorous, long flowering, thin-leaved and branchy sativa plants. We were expecting something more tamed considering New Caledonia latitude, but the very strong tropical sativa influence of the plants and their late response to flowering from seed took us by surprise. All the plants were switched together to 12/12 flowering photoperiod as soon as they showed their strong equatorial sativa profile. The plants showed a very high female to male ratio, as it usually happens with tropical sativas.

      We found 20 or so hermaphrodite plants (approximately 30% of the total, both from females and males, and from batch A and B) at the beginning of flowering that were eliminated, leaving 32 non-hermies females of which about 30 were reproduced. Once the hermie plants were discarded, all the sexually firm parental plants are cloned, labeled and preserved in a mother room. All the clones get roots very fast (even in flowering), as it is typical of tropical sativas. We also found 5 sexually firm males which finished the flowering without showing hermaphroditism. Of the 5 males, 2 were much more productive, and 3 are thinner with less dense and more languid flower clusters. They all look good. All the sexually firm females and males are open pollinated to preserve as much as possible non hermie genetic diversity.

      The hermaphroditism in the original seeds was mainly shown at the beginning of flowering (the hermie females showing bananas and not male balls, and the hermie males showing a few female pistils), since later as the plants mature there are no more hermaphrodites. Clones of hermaphroditic and non-hermaphroditic parents were taken outdoors for their evaluation, where the parents with hermaphroditic tendencies indoors also showed the same type of hermaphroditism outdoors and at the same flowering stage, so the hermaphroditism shown by some plants from the original seeds was genetic and not environmental related.

      Coming back to the indoor reproduction, the males were removed once they fully pollinated the females and finished the flowering, the rest of the pollinated females continued to flower under 10/14 photoperiod to boost up their flowering process and ripening of the seeds. Females begin to move into flowering eventually producing denser fully seeded flower clusters, resins and more pronounced terpenes. They bloomed as extreme pure sativas with flowers of a very good flower/leaf ratio, of fine and long pistils, some showing better resins, terpenes, indoor adaptability and yield than others.

      We can differentiate 2 subgroups or phenotypes among the main tropical sativa population: a slightly wider leaf phenotype, not so serrated, among which we find more productive and faster flowering plants, better adapted to indoors (yet 100% sativa), of very rich and more refined terpenes overall, sweet, ripe tropical fruits, floral, musky, lemony scented. There is another tropical sativa phenotype with much more serrated leaves, on average less productive, less resinous, slower in flowering, with much softer woody scents, and not so interesting herbal-geranium type of terpenes.

      During the ripening of the females indoors, we took notes of all of them and selected 12 more promising females, from which clones of the 7 very best ones were brought outdoors for a proper 'sinsemilla' flowering evaluation. The small clones of the 7 different females were planted in pots late (August) outdoors, yet they multiplied by 5 their size after finish their early flowering stretching, and surprisingly they flowered strongly since September, in a much better, faster and abundant way than indoors. On 30th October, the clones of the best females started to show signs of ripeness, pistils started getting brown with the colas filling up greatly under the strong sun, much faster and better than we expected after the first trial indoors where they didn't show much good indoor adaptability and their took their sweet time to reach sexual maturity from seed. Outdoors, on the other hand, the resins are plentiful for a sativa, with very well developed flowers of amazing sweet, fruity, musky refined terpenes at the end of flowering. Clones could have flowered a couple of weeks longer until mid November, but since the weather report informed about an upcoming whole week full of rains we decided to chop them a bit early, nonetheless we got extremely excited during the harvest time evaluating the enticing flower structures, resins and terpenes of the different selected females.

      Samples of these best different females grown outdoors were brought to the lab for cannabinoid and terpene analyses, and to our pleasure we also started to smoke, evaluate and take notes on the different females. At this point, we started to realize we had something very special in hands. This was confirmed in the next weeks when we started to get familiarized with the amazing terpenes and effects of the strain. Meanwhile, we have been testing since late summer/fall the second generation
      produced seeds to ensure we have captured the best traits of the strain with none or minimal hermie tendencies in the released seeds.

      I don't have much to add that it's not stated in the strain description, and by any means this release pretends to represent the best or the purer older sativas grown in New Caledonia, neither to be a pure landrace since cannabis is not native from this island, although the pure sativa genetics and qualities of this line can not be denied, and all the selected females shared same personality, same kind of terpene profiles, and very similar growing and flowering traits and finishg times, so i consider this line a heirloom more than landrace, probably descending from pure sativas introduced to New Caledonia from other parts of the world long time ago. From where ? Hard to fully confirm, but the expansive sour lemony flavors and the super clear, revitalizing, sensorial and expansive effects without ceiling are like the finest Thais, and the sweet fruity musky aromas and chunky flowering structures for a sativa are more reminiscent of a very good Colombian or Mexican, so if if i had to bet i would clasify this line as some sort of blend of high quality Thais and Central American sativa genetics, so you can get an idea.

      Summing up, this release it's just a specific New Caledonian sativa line of amazing qualities which is totally worth to preserve and spread. The terpenes are outstanding for a pure sativa, and the effects are the best pure sativa effects i've had the pleasure to experience in a decade, and i don't say this lightly.

      I'm extremely happy, excited and proud about this release, and i'm sure it will have an enthusiastic welcoming among sativas lovers.

      In the next posts i will comment in more detail about each selected female used on the reproduction.
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        New Caledonia female #2

        Medium-large buds and good density for a sativa. Decent flower/leaf ratio. High production of sticky resins. The dried buds are not as fruity as the rest, although it still has the sweets wrapping with that lemony-musky background so classic of this strain.

        When crushing the flowers, intense and refined creamy sweets dominate, with strong lemon, and without as much geranium as others, although with herbal touches. When you breathe the joint before lighting, fresh and herbal air enters.

        Bittersweet and lemony flavor, very clean and crystalline, well defined. Very rich in flavor.

        Clean, expansive, cerebral, sensory, euphoric-energetic initial effect, the perception of sight becomes warm and clear, a great contained inner energy is noticed that wants to go out, with peaks of 'rush' and panic for energy, psychologically not as friendly and positive as others, it is colder and less positive in development, but with a very powerful climb. It lands after 2 hours, more placid, warm, positive and still wanting to do things. In general, very powerful and energetic, with a good duration, although without the continuous 'bliss' in the effect and the most complex and scandalous terpenes of the best.

        THC: 15,884 %
        CBD: 0,035 %
        CBG: 0,682 %

        This was not among the best ones in terpenes on the nose so it was not analyzed for terpene content.
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          New Caledonia female #15

          Medium sized buds, not as dense as others, very good flower/leaf ratio. Moderate resin production, although very sticky when crumbling, quite sticky on the fingers, more than most.

          Sweet, floral aromas and tropical fruit juice or candy with a lemon-musky background. When crumbled, sweet, fresh, geranium aromas come out. When you aspire the joint before lighting, fresh air enters (but less than others), herbal and geranium. When the joint is lighted, the flavor is fresh, sour, crystalline (without edges on the palate), herbal. It is rich in flavor but there are better ones.

          Super clean, sensory initial effect, massages the brain, makes you smile happy, playful-silly, warm, pleasant, makes you want to do things but slowly. Mentally, its development is relaxed, peaceful but at the same time energetic. After 2 hours still feels like working, still smiling, placid and warm. It leaves your eyes a little red, although its stoned effects are mild-moderate. I kike this one for its good vibes effects, motivating although placid. Optimistic, constructive. medium-high to high power, very good duration and quality of effects.

          THC: 16,272 %
          CBD: 0,039 %
          CBG: 1,293 %

          This was not among the best ones in terpenes on the nose so it was not analyzed for terpene content.
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            New Caledonia female #18

            Small-medium sized buds of very good density for a sativa. Good flower/leaf ratio, moderate resin production. Sweet aromas and tropical truffle juice or candy, followed by lemon-musky background.

            When the bud is opened, the ripe tropical fruits and sweetness continue to predominate, although aromas of bitter tropical fruit, spicy and geranium remain on the fingers. When you breathe the joint before lighting, fresh, mentholated, herbal and geranium air enters. Resinous flavor, a little sweet and herbal, not as refined as the best in this aspect.

            Super clean initial effect, eliminates heaviness in the head, very cerebral, expansive, motivating, lively, activates areas of the brain with tingling and itching. It gives rise to socializing, contented, playful, it is not edgy, negative or heavy, quite the opposite. It is still very clean, euphoric, bright, super clean, without 'stoned', positive, active mainly, not as trippy as others.

            Very interesting for its super clean and sharp effects, although it is not among the most powerful, psychedelic or longest lasting.

            THC: 16,085 %
            CBD: 0,038 %
            CBG: 1,419 %
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              New Caledonia female #23

              Medium sized buds, excellent density for a sativa, good flower/leaf ratio, lots of resin. Aromas of ripe and bitter tropical fruit, enveloping creamy, floral sweets with a lemony-musky background.

              When the bud is opened, fresh aromas come out, minty but still fruity, also spicy and geranium. When burning fresh, sour-lemony, dense, resinous and refined flavor, very rich in flavor, one of the best.

              Very clean, cerebral initial effect, activates areas of the brain. Powerful, at half joint it's already hard to finish it. After a while he begins to develop more trippy, with an energetic smile, makes you want to do things without really knowing what. At half an hour bright, happy, playful, party, but with a touch as if you were drunk, inciting the sputtering, silly euphoria, physical uncoordination, without being heavy. It's still powerful, psychedelic, and still sharp. After 2 hours it lands clean, serene, without negativity or paranoia, psychologically friendly. Excellent effect and among the cleanest as well.

              THC: 20,244 %
              CBD: 0,051 %
              CBG: 1,049 %
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                New Caledonia female #30

                Medium-large buds of very good density for a sativa. Very good flower/leaf ratio, better than other samples. Sweet creamy floral aromas, with bitter tropical fruit, although not as refined 'tutti frutti', lemony-musky background. Very intense and very well refined terpenes. Moderate resin production, medium sized trichomes.

                When the bud is opened, fresh, spicy, geraniumand vegetable aromas come out. When you breathe the jouint before burning: fresh, mentholated and vegetable (geranium) air enters. When burning the flavor is bitter fruit, sour-lemony, quite dense, resinous and pleasant.

                Powerful initial high, sensory, a bit trippy, euphoric, crazy. Halfway through the joint it's hard to finish it. It's powerful and intense without a doubt. It develops trippy, sensory, very auditive and receptive with the music, slightly introverted, it makes your internal psyche clear without being aggressive with it. During the second hour it develops with a moderate 'stoned' element, which is noticeable in the heavier and redder eyes that it leaves, hilarious laughter in conversation, trippy, positive, pleasant, it leaves you with a smile and a scattered mind, quite clean although not as clean as 33, not as heavy as 39. Psychologically it is neither negative nor paranoid, and it has some energy during development as well. It is very good but not with the best of effects.

                THC: 15,716 %
                CBD: 0,039 %
                CBG: 1,117 %
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                  New Caledonia female #33

                  Flowers of medium-large size, of very good density for a sativa. Good flower/leaf ratio. Very refined aromas of ripe and bitter tropical fruit, with creamy sweets enveloping, with a strong lemon-musky background. Excellent terpenes in intensity and refinement.

                  When the bud is opened, more sour and spicy aromas come out. When you put the the joint in your mouth without burning, a fresh flavor and a geranium type vegetable enters. When burning, the flavor is fresh, lemony, sour, resinous, dense.

                  Powerful initial effect, very clean, expansive, motivating, makes you want to get up and do things. It develops more enveloping and psychedelic-sensory but at the same time very clear, It becomes intense, like an enormous inner energy that wants to explode, the mind flies and goes, a little trippy, musical, creative, definitely cleaner and less stoned than 39 without heaviness or red eyes. Euphoric, good vibes,' shiny ', which leaves you smiling. It is quite intense during the first 2 hours, and then you will still land with energy, but happy, positive, and without anxiety or paranoia. Sativa effect of very high quality and power.

                  THC: 16,333 %
                  CBD: 0,042 %
                  CBG: 0,792 %
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                    New Caledonia female #39

                    Medium sized buds of very good density for a pure sativa. Good flower/leaf ratio. Good resin production in the flowers. Incredibly refined aromas of tropical fruit juice or candy with a lemon-musky background. The tropical sweet is combined with flower petals and musk. Excellent terpenes in terms of intensity and refinement.

                    The joint in the mouth before burning leaves a fresh, minty air, and geranium-like plants. When burning the taste is not as fruity, it is more lemony, sour and resinous.

                    Powerful initial effect, sensory, enveloping, very cerebral, with a trippy development, but with a strong stoned element that makes you feel almost drunk with a lack of physical coordination, red and heavy eyes. At the hour or so she lands and becomes cleaner, sociable, outgoing, cheerful, positive, fun, with a smile on, although still dreamy. No anxiety or paranoia.

                    Very interesting female for the quality of its terpenes and potency although not super interesting for having that 'stoned' element, otherwise outstanding.

                    THC: 15,444 %
                    CBD: 0,046 %
                    CBG: 0,986 %
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                      New Caledonia II - hybrid version


                      While working on our preservation project for the New Caledonian tropical sativa, we found a very rare (3.5%) and very easy-to-grow balanced sativa/indica hybrid phenotype, more compact and columnar in structure, with a shorter flowering period and excellent adaptation to indoor cultivation. This phenotype displays much more indica traits both in growth and in flowering, so was isolated and reproduced separately.

                      It produces abundant resin with large trichomes both in the bracts and in the sugar leaves around the flower. The rich and penetrating, creamy, sweet aromas of ripe tropical fruit are typical of New Caledonia, but with a much more resinous background and a more hashy flavor. Clean, cerebral, sensory, friendly and well focused initial high, cheerful and playful, with a more hybrid development and 'stoned' sensation than is usually expected with tropical sativas from this island.

                      This would be the most suitable version to grow if you want to enjoy the genetics of these remote islands with a short flowering time, or when you do not have the climate or indoor space to cultivate the tropical sativa version of New Caledonia.

                      A standard (regular) limited edition, available while stock lasts.

                      AVAILABLE IN STANDARD FORMAT
                      HEIRLOOM (P2)
                      50 % SATIVA / 50 % INDICA
                      FLOWERING INDOORS: 9 WEEKS
                      YIELD / M2: AVERAGE-HIGH
                      RESISTANCE AGAINST HEAT: HIGH
                      LATITUDE: 0º-45º
                      THC: 15-21 %
                      CBD: 0,03-0,05 %
                      CBG: 0,7-1,4 %
                      Terpene profile: It has not yet been analyzed.

                      GENETICS: 2nd generation, balanced sativa/indica hybrid from New Caledonia.
                      STRUCTURE: Compact and columnar, very little stretch in flower.
                      BOUQUET: Refined aromas, rich and penetrating, creamy, sweet with the ripe tropical fruit flavours typical of New Caledonia, but with a much more resinous background and a more hashy flavor.
                      EFFECT: Initially clean effect, cerebral, sensory, friendly and well-focused, happy and playful, with a more hybrid 'stoned' development than usually found in tropical sativas from this island.

                      CULTIVATION TIPS

                      Excellent adaptability to indoor growing. Very suitable for SOG crops due to its great yield in the main cola.

                      Outdoors, it is a very adaptable plant that can be grown in hot climates, and in climates with a mild start of autumn.

                      We recommend moderate nutrient levels during growth, and slightly higher doses during flowering.

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                        New Caledonia II - hybrid version - breeding details

                        As i commented previously, of the approx 60 plants in total that germinated from New Caledonia batch A and B, the majority (more than 95% ) showed a tropical sativa profile, and the preservation and reproduction of this pure sativa population lead to New Caledonia permanent catalog pure sativa release shown in page 1.

                        On the other hand, we also found a couple of plants (a female and a male from lot B) that had a different morphology, more compact and columnar than the main pure sativa group, with wider leaf, much faster flowering and much better indoor adaptability, behaving as a hybrid.

                        The only hybrid phenotype female is very resinous, fast-flowering (9 weeks), with huge bracts and trichomes (both on the bracts and on the leaves around the flower), with penetrating sweet and sugary aromas.

                        The hybrid looking male showed exactly the same growing traits, structure and phenotype than the hybrid female, both without showing hermie traits, so they were reproduced separately to produce New Caledonia II hybrid version, which it is only available as limited edition through our website.


                          Excellent, excellent work dubi!!! I'll be sure yo get a few packs of each. So just to confirm, the new caledonia ll, is from recessive phenotypes of a possible hybridization somewhere down the line. Not a hybrid by ACE


                            I´ve never read such a detailed introduciton on a cannabis strain with the whole breading approach. Thank you very much for 20 minutes of reading fun and stimulus of breeding imagination. I wish this were a book with dozens of pages.