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Killer A5 Haze

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    Killer A5 Haze


    Here at ACE Seeds we’ve done it again with Killer A5 Haze, creating a monstrous new sativa hybrid that has the potential to produce the most potent plants, with the highest amount of THC in our catalogue.

    A5 Haze is one of the rarest mothers (and probably the most powerful one) belonging to the family of Dutch elite clones of Haze hybrids that Nevil Schoenmakers developed at the end of the 80s and that are still preserved to this day. This Northern Lights #5/Haze A mother is characterised by its extremely trippy and devastating potency, high production and by its incensed, organic and meaty aromas of authentic Dutch 'Old School' Haze with a greater influence from ancient Colombian sativas. The rarity of this A5 Haze mother is due to Nevil losing the Haze A male very early on, meaning that seeds were never produced in commercial quantities using this Haze A male.

    With Killer A5 Haze our main goal was to create a sativa dominant hybrid that would maintain (and even exceed) the extreme potency, high vigour and high yields of the A5 mother, and we have achieved this by hybridising her with the killer phenotypes of our powerful Malawi, with which we have increased the THC content even further, reaching as high as 30% (the upper limit that cannabis plants can produce). At the same time we have considerably increased resin production and trichome size, and we have reduced the long flowering time of the A5 Haze to something more moderate (not only indoors, but also in its faster reaction to flowering outdoors) without having to introduce indica genetics. Despite its great sativa vigour and its very high production, Killer A5 Haze grows with a contained and manageable size, making it our sativa dominant hybrid with the highest production per m2.

    In Killer A5 Haze we find 4 phenotypes:

    - Haze dominant pheno: This phenotype is the one that shows the greatest Colombian sativa influence from the Haze A male, producing huge and beautiful colas with an excellent flower/leaf ratio, which mature with elegant and delicate reflowerings. Woody and incensed aromas of pure Haze. The resin production of this pheno is good, but not as extreme as in the following 3 phenotypes. Flowering time: 75-90 days.

    - NL/Haze pheno: This pheno shows a greater indica influence from the Northern Lights, and therefore a smaller size, faster flowering and lower flower/leaf ratio. It is also the most faithful to the characteristics of the original A5 Haze mother, producing rounded and very resinous flowers with a silver appearance, which produces characteristic horn-shaped reflowerings at the end of flowering. Incensed, meaty (liver) and organic (petals of decaying flowers) aromas. Flowering time: 66-80 days.

    - Haze/Malawi pheno: Sativa dominant and well balanced pheno in terms of displaying characteristics from both Haze A and Malawi parents. It produces huge, very dense colas, with an excellent flower/leaf ratio, with the gleaming resin coverage of our Malawi. It produces slight reflowerings in its final stages, although not as pronounced as in the first 2 phenos. Incense and woody Haze aromas, with the oily and resinous background of Malawi. Flowering time: 75-85 days.

    - Silverish Malawi pheno: Monstrous sativa phenotype with a greater Malawi influence. Incredibly high flower to leaf ratio, very high production, with the classic huge trichomes and ovaries of our Malawi, and with a prodigious resin production that lends it an aggressive silverish appearance when mature, bringing the characteristics of Malawi Killer phenotypes to very extreme levels that have rarely been reached before. Flowering time: 75-85 days.

    Killer A5 Haze is one of the first joint projects between ACE Seeds and Yo Sammy, a member of the small group of growers in South Holland who have preserved the elite clones of Nevil’s Haze hybrids for almost 3 decades. These Dutch elite 'old school' Haze clones were the fundamental parentals in the Netherlands of the 90s, used to develop the best Haze hybrids in History. Unfortunately, the best sativa qualities of these legendary Haze hybrids, and their unique incense terpene profile that led them to be globally recognised as the best sativa hybrids were diluted and brutalised (in particular over the last 2 decades), constantly mixed with indica or skunk genetics in an attempt to shorten their flowering time.

    With these new projects, our priority will be to try to raise the bar of Sativa Haze breeding, by crossing these old elite Dutch Haze clones with elite parentals of our most worked sativa varieties, and also in organoleptic terms, experimenting with different types of incense profiles by hybridising elite parents in this regard.

    We’d especially like to thank Karma for rescuing the A5 Haze mother, and for offering it to us for the development of Killer A5 Haze.
    Special thanks to all the growers who helped us to test Killer A5 Haze for the last year and a half: Syd Barret, Spaventa, beanz, deepwaterdude, Buddler, Neiko and many others

    % SATIVA / INDICA: 80 % SATIVA / 20 % INDICA
    LATITUDE: 0º-43º
    THC: 23-30 %
    CBD: Null
    CBG: 0.3 %
    Terpene profile: It mainly contains the following monoterpenes: high amounts of beta myrcene and smaller amounts of limonene. Sesquiterpenes: Only beta caryophyllene.

    GENETICS: A5 Haze by Nevil (Northern Lights #5/HazeA) x Malawi Killer.
    STRUCTURE: Excellent vigour. Branched sativa structure with medium internode distance, of a contained and manageable size and stretch.
    BOUQUET: Dutch old school dark incensed Haze aroma, meaty (liver), with a strong organic/rotten background, with final touches of decomposing flower petals, resin and cured wood.
    HIGH: Extraordinarily powerful, complex, profound and long lasting. Psychedelic beginning that completely changes visual, auditory and tactile perception, catapulting the psyche to new dimensions where there seems to be no tangible reality. As the effect develops, it produces an uncontrollable hilarity, later becoming more introspective and physical, producing strong dissociation of mind and body, and a strong final narcosis similar to opiates. Recommended only for the most intrepid and experienced psychonauts. It can cause panic and/or complete physical debilitation to users with low tolerance or without experience with strong sativas of this caliber. Nothing will be ever the same after trying Killer A5 Haze.


    Indoors, outstanding results can be achieved in terms of quality and production with a correct and abundant feeding and strong light intensity. A sativa hybrid that’s very well suited to SCROG culture due to its excellent branching and lateral production.

    Outdoors, it can be cultivated up to 43º latitude, although it is a variety that works best in climates with hot summers and warm, dry autumn weather, due to the density and size that its flowers can reach.

    We recommend high levels of nutrients for the whole cycle.
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    Killer A5 Haze - Haze A dominant pheno

    Killer A5 Haze - Pics of the Haze A dominant pheno.
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      Killer A5 Haze - silverish Malawi pheno.

      Killer A5 Haze - Pics of the silverish Malawi New Killer dominant pheno.
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        Killer A5 Haze stock

        The Killer A5 Haze stock has been sold out, we only had a few dozens of packs from this first batch of seeds produced, and the demand has been so high that it has been sold out in less than 2 weeks at the beginning of the year.

        We have saved just a few packs to offer them in person to growers in the upcoming Spannabis fair in March in Barcelona.

        The good news is that we are in the process of producing more stock, so if everything goes well Killer A5 Haze will be back in stock around second half of 2019.


          Sold! I'm sending the money out today! Thanks Dubi! Hope this will cross over my tolerance issues. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Peace, God bless
          And the award to the conqueror, if he also heeds the works of the Logos; that is, he observes the admonitions of the spiritual mind. He is absolute control and dominion over his lower forces and faculties in which he rules as with a rod of iron. And he receives the morning star, which symbolizes the divine love, that heralds the dawn of the coming day of full spiritual illumination.

          Patience is a virtue and the hallmark of an experienced grower.


            Sorry, I got the super Malawi Haze mixed up with this one. Guess I'm ordering Super Malawi Haze!
            Thanks Dubi
            And the award to the conqueror, if he also heeds the works of the Logos; that is, he observes the admonitions of the spiritual mind. He is absolute control and dominion over his lower forces and faculties in which he rules as with a rod of iron. And he receives the morning star, which symbolizes the divine love, that heralds the dawn of the coming day of full spiritual illumination.

            Patience is a virtue and the hallmark of an experienced grower.


              A couple of 4 day old Killer A5 Haze seedlings....and friends.

              Click image for larger version

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                These seeds will be in my garden this year. Hoping to pop around beginning of April. Keeping my eyes peeled!


                  some Ace a5m


                    What is the estimated restock date?

                    I can't wait to break some of this out behind the bar and watch the millennial man bun terptard's faces melt LMAO!

                    This should be just mind bending cannabis. I see potential for some scary rides for sure.

                    Well done Ace Team!


                      Wow, she looks amazing.
                      Great production for such a sativa.
                      Hope to snag one of those packs at Spannabis.
                      Double OG.


                        I finished this strain in October and it is easily in the top 2 or 3 strains I've grown. The power is amazing! The old hippies absolutely love this stuff. The 3 terpenes in this strain combine to make an old school incensy taste that coats your mouth on exhale. I personally have never had any weed like this girl and she will stay in my garden for a long time. Thank you ACE!!


                          Cannot wait to pop some seeds next month I am very excited about these!
                          I remember 10 years ago I was regularly in Maastricht and Kosbor Coffeeshop had some insane top notch A5. (Their Amnesia Cut was also off the charts) It was one of my all time favourites ever since. Did not find this strain often. Had not smoked this in the last years so it will be awesome to experience it once again.
                          Even more excited about the A5 x Kali China cross in development, sounds even better to me than the Malawi Cross!
                          Thank you Ace Seeds!!