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    Originally posted by tjo View Post
    hi all
    about 2 months of curing...
    is very difficult to do smoke report about this wonderfull strain
    in english because i dont have the writing skills ..
    malawi is so great and i feel like i found gold!!!
    strong without stone,head so clear and eyes not closed...
    after a 15-35 minutes of strong influence,malawi comes with energy
    in my mind and im not on my cough any more..i do works without buzz in my head
    perfect for all circumstances and lasts hours...
    finally i smoke less then ever and im high but not stoned...
    has no ceiling and if i smoke some more WOW this word is enough!
    the only neg is the smell and the taste but it doesnt matter
    because the power is all i want from this strain!
    also i had great smell with the #2 purple elusive pheno but
    unfortunately is not strong like the sisters.
    Thank you very much for the smoke report!

    You are right, the killer malawi is not what i would consider a tasty plant for modern standards, but i'm glad you found her effect, potency and duration outstanding.

    We are finding tastier malawis in P3 generation, so hopefully we can improve the flavour. We are working with one early flowering and sweet tasting (sweet carrot) malawi pheno.


      πολύ kαλό!

      Originally posted by dubi View Post
      Your diary really shows how to grow malawi indoors in SCROG almost to perfection!
      Exactly, so why are you advocating microgrows?

      Is P3 generation from 2013?


        This needs to be a sticky..One of the best grow threads I've read.
        Looking for that awesome smoke from Hawaii I purchased from a surfer in 1991.No pun intended.Miss that weed.


          all i can say is wow nice grow and pro work 4 sure =)


            the best grow in ic mag!!
            tjo you are my mentor!!im greek and i learned so much things from your posts..big respect man


              This is an epic thread I agree, tjo is mentor for many people


                thanks a lot fellas for the kind words, but im not a mentor,im just a member who likes good weed..and im happy that the greeks the last couple years trying strains from ace seeds..
                1 malawi ACE

                ???? ?????? ICMag(?.?.U)