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    Hola Dubi,
    como estas?
    I' ve heard great things about Guatemala strains though they're not very known here in Europe. A dear friend of mine who 2 years ago traveled for a long time through Central America told me that Guatemala weed was more potent than a lot of more famous mexican strains he smoked.
    Does Tikal is a hybrid made with all-guatemaltecas or did you use some other different sativas to hybridize it ?

    Muchas gracias

    Good day Syd!

    Guatemala have some similarities with mexican varieties. It grows very relative compact and quite bushy with thin stems.The aromas are woody and sweet, and the high is very clear and funny. The flowering time is around 12-13 weeks, not too long being of tropical origin.

    We crossed the guatemela sativa with a kush/ haze line to produce Tikal hybrid. Tikal is a extremely vigorous sativa with a strong branching pattern. Tikal has thick stems and a strong robust structure thanks to the kush indica influence. The haze/kush improves the taste and aromas of pure guatemala adding more terpene density and complexity. Haze adds her elegant spicy and incense details. The fowering time is also quite short for a sativa dominant plant ( about 10-12 weeks) finishing at mid October in temperate climates of the north hemisphere.

    Some Tikal pics. She was grown organically at 37ÂșN.

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      More Tikal


        Seem succulent


          Originally posted by dubi

          Guatemala have some similarities with mexican varieties.
          I've read somewhere (probably OG or CW) that Guatemala's strains come from the bordering Yucatan
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            here are some pics of the pure guatemala mother.

            She was planted in soil in April/May (can't remember correctly).


              And here's a Tikal female showing the bushy structure of the guatemala sativa.

              She was planted in April.She's growing very vigorous!


                Another Tikal female with guatemala structure.

                She was grown in pot since April, then sexed and planted in soil in June. She's now growing vigorously in July.


                  All the Tikal plants im showing have never recived any external feeding.

                  Only soil, water and sun!

                  A different Tikal female with taller and lankier appearance than her sisters. More related to the kush/haze structure.

                  The last pic is a curious leaf detail with bad eggs.


                    Those look incredible!
                    Your best you try, to harm I and I, Aiming to kill.
                    But I love you still Cause you are here to make prophecy fulfill.


                      Great work, dubi. The bush structure is very particular.


                        Here a pics of my tikal mother starting blooming. Very branchy and vigorous.
                        Will try outside.


                          Originally posted by ker2noir
                          Here a pics of my tikal mother starting blooming. Very branchy and vigorous.
                          Will try outside.

                          Hello ker2noir!

                          Im glad to see you are also growing Tikal! It's not our most stabilized sativa from our catalogue but one of the most vigorous and highest yielder.

                          Your female is showing the balanced sativa/indica traits we like from the hybrid. She likes to produce dense and very long sativas colas. Please, keep us updated with news! We havent had much feedback from Tikal growers yet. dubi


                            We suffered a nasty garden robbery past season, all the Tikal outoor plants i posted mounths ago were violently stolen

                            Fortunatly, komanche, breeder of Tikal saved the parental plants in clone form and made indoor tests and reproductions later in the winter.

                            Seedbay has finaly fresh Tikal seeds for the outdor season! She's perfect sativa structure for outdoor growing in soil, very easy to grow, vigorous and high yielding.

                            We have pollinated selected Tikal females from the original hybrid ( NLHazes X Guatemala) with our 3 best guatemala males to produce the new Tikal version, it's a backcross to the father line (guatemala sativa), she's still very very vigorous and more uniform than our past Tikal offering.

                            Im sure all the outdoor growers are going to enjoy her!

                            Here's the official description:

                            Tikal is a sativa hybrid with new central american genetics, originating from the jungles of Guatemala. It is a high yielding and vigorous sativa which is easy to cultivate. She finishes outdoors with well developed branches, full of sweet flowers of strawberry aroma.

                            Structure: Sativa ramified and equilibrated in size
                            Bouquet: Sweet as a strawberry chewing gum in the flowering. With woody, hazy and sour details when smoking her.
                            Potency: Warm experience of body and mind, without agitation or anxiety.
                            Flowering time: 10 weeks. 1st half of October.
                            Production/m2: Medium-High


                              I didn't select this pheno for the outdoor because it didn't developp many branchs.
                              But the pic show a very good yielder, very resinous. At nine weeks, the first trichs become brown on the top. So i expect ten weeks.
                              I have two other clones outside with the pheno i will show you tomorow because they're sleeping.
                              Good night amigos.