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Cannabis Business Network
Discuss news, investment opportunities, legal issues involving LEGAL marijuana related businesses.
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Cannabis Jobs (49/512)
USA Cannabis Scene: State By State
Discuss the cannabis scene in each state
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Missouri - (2/24)
Vermont (12/315)
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California (912/26,359)
Colorado (405/22,605)
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Rhode Island (8/39)
Virginia (10/125)
Washington State (175/1,699)
Wisconsin (3/41)
International Forums
Discuss cannabis in various countries and languages
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by IlPablo
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Marijuana News
The latest news items about Cannabis
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Medical Cannabis News (328/6,287)
ICMag 420 Cup
Check here for the latest info about our 4/20 event in Amsterdam!
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821 25,687
The Dutch Experience (174/3,999)
Website Support
Questions, comments, suggestions, problems regarding website functions on
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  • Rembetis
    New page hurts my eyes
    by Rembetis
    Please do something about the contrast. It is way too bright, too much white. I cant find any way to adjust the contrast. For those of us with major eye problems this format is a killer. I cant spend more than a few minutes here before the eye strain kicks in. Or at least make the type a bit larger...
    03-05-2021, 05:44 PM
  • Zeez
    The New Forum Software
    by Zeez
    Curious how everyone likes the new forum software.

    Seems ok, had some bling sounds from the chat room that wouldn't shut off and a bit of the blind man with the furniture moved around.

    Life goes on....
    03-05-2021, 05:28 PM
  • John LOQUE
    This new website is terrible!!!
    by John LOQUE
    why almost all the upgrades are for worse?... Why? Good by, my eyes can't see more of this new design.
    03-05-2021, 12:38 AM
  • Hammerhead
    Most of my albums are gone
    by Hammerhead
    I hope someone can figure out how to restore all of my albums. Most are missing. Some have pic counts as in the hundreds with only a few showing. I cant arrange them to make sense. This is many years of work I hope it's not lost.
    03-04-2021, 07:43 PM
  • woolybear
    New Website Suggestions Thread
    by woolybear
    Please give us the ability to remove the 'Trending" bar entirely. It takes up entirely too much real estate, forcing the other columns to break into multiple rows.

    Right now, you can collapse it.

    03-05-2021, 03:27 AM